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Switching off at The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

I think it’s a combination of my Type A Personality, busy London life and an addiction to social media but for some reason I find it so hard to just to switch off and relax. Even on holiday I’m always dragging Mr S here and there, attempting to see everything and keep my FOMO in check. Mr S on the other hand loves nothing more than kicking back and allowing the world to go by – sitting on the beach or by the pool – he’d happily read his book for hours! And a relaxing visit to The Scarlet Hotel was the perfect opportunity to indulge Mr S, away from distractions and just enjoying the gorgeous landscape of Mawgan Porth in Cornwall. The-Scarlet
As soon as we walked in to the hotel, I was in love…there’s no reception area just a light and modern lobby with comfortable patterned sofas….The-Scarlet
And stunning modern artwork; gorgeous paintings and unique sculptures by local South West artists.
But your eye is immediately drawn to the floor to ceiling windows and an incredible infinity pool…
The-Scarlet The-Scarlet
Which seems to melt right into the ocean and sky beyond….
A harmony of blues which sets you at ease straight away. The Scarlet is always a hotel I’d dreamed of staying in but it always seemed so far away for a UK break. However, Mr S and I decided to bypass the six hour train journey and flew from Gatwick into Newquay. It was so easy and the flight was less than an hour, with the hotel being only five minutes from the airport.

With no reception desk there’s not too much rigmarole over check-in just a warm welcome and we were taken immediately to our room. Straight away it struck us how friendly the staff were and the lack of formality made us feel as if we’d been welcomed into someone’s home.
Our room was categorised as ‘Just Right’ which implied it would be rather cosy, but actually it was very spacious.
The architect had clearly optimised the space that he had with an open plan bathroom that was still semi-private as the shower and loo are behind frosted glass in a sort of wet room. The-Scarlet
The bathroom was decorated in zen-like neutral tones with gorgeous sparkling mosaics on the wall and Oula products made with local Cornish ingredients; the soap is also locally sourced and handmade and the tissues are made from sugar cane.DSC_8568 DSC_8570The-Scarlet
The bedroom interior is also neutral with a few scarlet splashes and lots of wood and accents that hark back to nature and wildlife highlighted by the light flooding in through floor to ceiling windows…
The-ScarletDSC_8579 DSC_8580
Best of all we had our own terrace leading out to the cliff top…
…Mr S couldn’t quite switch off yet as Tottenham were playing an important game…Actually though we were in a remote area and I had trouble getting signal on my phone, the wifi was still excellent and I didn’t have to go cold turkey on my social media addiction.
DSC_9113 DSC_9122 DSC_9123
But actually Twitter was the last thing on my mind as we admired the incredible view and rugged Cornish cliffs.
And I noticed that every room at The Scarlet has it’s own outdoor space.
I was also able to admire the unique architecture of The Scarlet Hotel. As you can see plenty of glass was used in the construction so that views can be seen from everywhere in the hotel and the structure itself is far from the usual English country retreat. The Scarlet is also totally eco-friendly and dedicated to sustainability which is clear in the make up of the room – for example towels are made with organic materials and only changed when requested, all guest rubbish is recycled, key cards reused and there is no fridge or coffee-making the facilities in the room. At first glance this may seem against the norm of luxury hospitality but actually it saves a lot of energy and tea and coffee is free of charge in the public areas and made fresh at any time. Every night filtered water is placed in the room in reusable glass bottles so you won’t go thirsty either.
And there’s lots of areas where you can hide away or sit by an open fire for your tea and coffee such as the light bright reception lounge.
Or whilst taking a shot of pool in the library.
Or the Cloister Garden in warmer weather.
The-Scarlet The-Scarlet
But our favourite spot for a coffee was the Retreat lounge which was kind of like a crow’s nest at the top of the hotel…The-Scarlet
With the most incredible view from the adjacent terrace…
And more stunning artwork. Once again throughout the hotel the eco-friendly ethos is hugely evident, lights have movement sensors and only come on when necessary, a biomass boiler heats the hotel and aerators reduce the amount of water used.
There’s also a cosy bar which serves cocktails and Cornish coffees. With our flight arriving just after 2pm, Mr S and I were definitely peckish for some lunch and with the restaurant closing at 2.30, the bar is another option for a light bite. DSC_8614
With a glass of Sauvignon Blanc ordered for me and a Cornish lager for Mr S we soon got cosy in one of the bar’s booths. DSC_8618
Honestly, I think we were smiling from ear to ear the whole weekend, we really thoroughly fell in love with Cornwall. The hotel is completely adult-only and as it is mostly couples on romantic breaks, the atmosphere is so quiet and tranquil. However, if you don’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home, they are totally dog friendly or you can ‘borrow’ the hotel dog Jasper to take for a walk locally.
With salads, soup, pastas and sandwiches available, and a big meal planned for the evening we both went for smoked salmon sandwiches and crisps – just look at how thick that butter is, a proper English sandwich. DSC_8697
Followed up by a selection of home-made ice creams and sorbets.
After lunch it was a ten minute walk down the hill and to the beach…
DSC_8670 DSC_8671
There’s not much in Mawgan Porth other than a local shop, a cafe and a pub but the landscape is just stunningly beautiful and totally unspoilt. And if you’re looking for more life the bigger towns of Newquay and Padstow aren’t far away or there’s Watergate, just a fifteen minute drive.
DSC_8673 DSC_8676
Beats the crowded beaches any day!
And as stood and watched the few children playing and dogs gamboling, I thought just for a moment, what if we escaped the big smoke and lived here one day with our own family. Mr S throwing sticks to the dog and the children splashing in the shallow water…

Anyway enough dreaming as we had an appointment to get to back at the hotel’s spa.
I’ll tell you a bit more about the spa in my next post but tonight we’d planned a very special experience for before we went out. We hurried back to the room to get into our swimwear, robes and slippers before checking in with the spa reception. Just outside from the spa is the outdoor pool, it’s completely natural and filtered by a reed bed. Now, though it was totally stunning, it’s not heated and in the chilled March air there was definitely a more appealing option…DSC_8718DSC_8715
The hotel’s gorgeous wood-fuelled hot tubs which sit right on the cliff edge. There’s only two hot tubs servicing the hotel, so make sure you book in advance as there’s limited availability. It’s £20 but you get full service and someone to bring you drinks from the bar.
There’s also the sauna on the other side which we used the next day.
There’s something so wonderful about taking a dip in a hot tub when it’s cool outside.
With your shoulders safely under water as you sip a chilled glass of champagne.
DSC_8690 DSC_8692 DSC_8695
As the sun sets on one of the world’s most beautiful places…



The Scarlet
Mawgan Porth

01637 861 800

Our stay at The Scarlet was complimentary.

  • Ahhh Angie I’ve been so looking forward to these posts! Looks like a really wonderful experience and a lovely romantic getaway. Definitely confirmed that The Scarlet is on my dream wishlist!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • Lauren you should go! It’s so wonderful and you won’t want to leave!

  • I absolutely loved following your trip on Instagram! The photos are stunning and the views are so gorgeous. It’s easy to forget that places like this exist in the UK! I’ve heard other great reviews of The Scarlet and am adding it to my list.

    • Thanks Jaime! I loved the views and I think you definitely will too. I can’t wait to go back to Cornwall soon.

  • I am seriously in love! I’ve been to Cornwall before so know that the landscape is incredible but those views and that hotel are something else!

  • Oh wow, that hotel looks amazing, and those views are spectacular. What a fabulous trip!

  • I went to Cornwall so many years ago and remember it so fondly. We stayed at The Watergate Bay hotel and I loved it, I’ve always wanted to return and explore more. This hotel looks amazing.

    Victoria x


    • Oooh we went in there for a drink, I’m going to include it in another post.

  • That view! x

  • Cornwall has been on my visit list forever – but the long, long train was putting us off. However, I blame you for the flurry of flight searching I’m about to start…

    • Do it Emma!! The flight was super easy, we were in the air for approximately half and episode of Pretty Little Liars.

  • The Reader’s Tales

    Another wonderful suggestion. It is going to be difficult to choose. Too many magnificent
    places to visit, so shooooort trip. Tks Angie ; -)

    • I would highly recommend it! Probably one of the most beautiful areas of the UK

  • You can borrow their dog for walks? OMG yes please.

  • perfect! I too find it hard just to relax:) what a beautiful place!

  • God I love Cornwall and the Scarlet is such a unique hotel! I really love all that glass and omg I want to be in that hot tub with a glass of champers watching the sunset right now! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • JVLondon

    Great post! Love The Scarlet and have been many times, but never had the courage to use the hot tub – the thought that the hotel guests could see me in my swimsuit (even from that distance) was just too much! You’re a braver woman than I! 🙂

    • Ahhh, I took my robe off and quickly hopped in! It was gorgeous 🙂

  • OtherSomewhere

    This looks incredible! Bookmarking now…

  • That outdoor pool looks fabulous and I love all the artwork. Impressed that you used the outdoor hot tub!

    • Honestly, you could hardly tell it was a freezing cold March day 😉

  • Kelly Michelle

    I can see why Mrs D and yourself are raving about the hotel, it’s gorgeous! xx

  • That infinity pool is so gorgeous! Cornwall is one of my favorite places that I have ever visited, but I have only been to the south coast so far and would definitely love to see some other places in the future. Can’t wait to see what else you got up to! 🙂

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  • TravelWithNanoB

    I have very hard time deciding what to comment on – that gorgeous interior design with its artwork, modern furniture and woodwork; the stunning landscape that surrounds the hotel or that amazing hot tub!!! Loved it all, Angie! What a marvelous couple’s retreat. xoxo, nano

    • I know it’s a lot to take in 🙂 Everything was just so amazing.

  • HandLuggageOnly

    Looks amazing!!! Definitely a huge fan of that hot tub! 🙂

  • Just breathtaking! I love Cornwall and this hotel looks gorgeous, that hot tub!!!!

  • Wow! I think if Cornwall wasn’t so far away I’d actually consider here for our Mini Moon after the wedding, it looks absolutely stunning .. and that hot tub! WOW!

    • I wonder if you could get a flight? It really was very easy and not too pricey.

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  • Wow, your hotel looks amazing – and those are such gorgeous photos! I wasn’t overwhelmed by Cornwall when we last visited, but I was 13 and it was rainy and foggy the entire two weeks we visited – maybe I should give it another chance?

  • Cornwall steals your heart enormously, so glad you loved it. I haven’t been to the Scarlet but it’s very high up my list, our lovely dog walker keeps going with her hounds and telling me how phenomenal it is. Beautiful photos Angie. And extra points for using the word rigmarole, I think it’s one of my all time favourites.
    M x Life Outside London

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  • I love the scarlet! My in-laws live a few doors down from the hotel so we often pop in for lunch when we visit them! Have been meaning to book in for a spa day for ages- the hot tubs look so divine! 🙂 x

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