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A BIOTECH Elemis Facial at the Intercontinental Park Lane Spa


There’s something about hotel spas that just radiates calm. Luxurious surroundings, pretty flowers and the staff just always seem so relaxed! The perfect place to pop down to if the stresses of every day life start to get to you, and to show on your skin. It was my first time visiting the spa at… Read more »

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A Feast of Italian Food at Amaranto at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

London restaurant review: Amaranto

Can there really be a better ways to spend lunch time than enjoying good food in the opulent environs of a luxury hotel with a good friend? Today Lauren and I were meeting at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane to sample the delicious Italian food on the menu at Amaranto, the hotel’s main restaurant…. Read more »

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Five Things That Characterise My Travel Style


Years of travelling gives you a firm understanding of what you like and your favourite ways to travel. Like many experienced travellers, I’ve tried lots of different styles of travel and by now I think I’ve found what works for me. 1. Luxury Travel As you know, this blog focuses firmly on luxury travel but… Read more »

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The Simplest Pleasures are The Best


Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best. And so are the simplest blog posts… Like enjoying a comforting bowl of hearty porridge for breakfast in a beautiful hotel…. With an avocado-loving, sausage munching Girl Next Shore. And an eggs benedict-eating Adventurous London Kiwi.

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Everything’s Right at A. Wong: A Modern Chinese Restaurant in Victoria

London Restaurant Review: A Wong

Located just around the corner from my flat in Victoria, and much lauded by bloggers and critics alike, I’d been meaning to visit A. Wong for a long time. One sunny lunch time the opportunity finally arose and I made the short ten minute walk to the innovative Chinese restaurant on Wilton Street. At lunchtime… Read more »

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Top Ten Luxurious Things To Do in Hong Kong

10 Luxurious Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is easily one of my favourite Asian cities and with fantastic shops, bars and restaurants it’s a luxury lovers heaven! The British Colonial past is evident throughout but the strong Chinese identity is inescapable and makes the city unique and fascinating to explore as there are contrasts to be seen everywhere. Unfortunately both times we… Read more »

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The London Lifestyle Awards and a Meat Feast at Smith & Wollensky


What I’ve always loved the most about London is the diversity. With so many restaurants, bars, hotels, cultural attractions and events, Londoners are absolutely spoilt for choice for what to do, see and eat. That’s why I love the idea of the London Lifestyle Awards, a celebration of the people and companies who have contributed… Read more »

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Champagne and Sunsets at Hutong


Lauren and I have become such good friends over the past year and we thought it was time to introduce the blogger boyfriends / husbands to each. A double date where they could commiserate together over the downsides to dating a blogger; cold food, social media addictions and macaron obsessions… Actually Mr S and Andy… Read more »

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A Celebratory Afternoon Tea at The Delaunay

Afternoon Tea at The Delaunay

Though I absolutely loved my time at university there was one thing that I hated: exams. Finals meant months of revision, holed up in solitude and surrounded by books, no going for the drinks at the union and definitely no socialising. Even now, years later, I have bad dreams about exams and visions of sitting… Read more »

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The World’s Best Chinese Restaurant: Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

Restaurant Review: Lung King Heen

Any meal that starts with a champagne trolley is sure to be good, and that’s just what kicked off our experience at Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Lung King Heen is first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, making it the best Chinese restaurant in the world! The restaurant… Read more »