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The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore: A hotel on Top of the World


When I first visited Singapore around seven years ago, The Marina Bays Sands Hotel complex didn’t exist. Fast forward to now and the triptych of towers dominates the Singapore skyline…looming high above the water with it’s futuristic facade and innovative design. Though not the tallest towers in Singapore, it is certainly the most conspicuous and… Read more »

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Places I’ll Never Forget and Memories I Can’t wait To Make

DSC_8336 1

There have been times while travelling when I’ve turned to Mr Silver and said: ‘Hold on to this moment, this is a once in a lifetime experience…remember it forever…’ There have been so many wonderful places that I’ve visited, so many great adventures and fantastic memories made…I wanted to tell you about some of my favourite… Read more »

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August Adventures on Instagram


As August was dominated by my trip to Singapore and Bali, I thought I’d do something a little different for my monthly round-up and summarise my trip using some of my most popular pictures on Instagram. I’m having a bit of a love affair with Instagram at the moment, I didn’t mean to cheat on… Read more »

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The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore: A Room With a View


As  I walked into our room at The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore, I feel like I’ve stepped into the future, reminiscent of Marty McFly’s 2015 in the dystopic Back to the Future 2. Ok, there’s no hover boards and flying cars but futuristic architecture shapes the skyline and everything feels disturbingly…well, clean… Our Premier… Read more »