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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Blogging

It started casually enough…a simple space on the internet where I’d record my travels, restaurant visits and the important events in my life…but soon blogging became so much more to me than that… it became unescapable…It took over my life as I became absorbed in my writing, obsessed with Twitter, hooked on Instagram and mad on Pinterest

It’s got to a point where I’ve had to admit to myself….I’m addicted to blogging…social media is my substance abuse and fellow bloggers are my enablers … At this point of self-realisation I’ve noticed ten clear signs that I’m addicted to blogging. Do any of them apply to you? It’s time to seek help…

1. You can blog anytime, any place, any where…
….all I need is wifi…

2. You become totally absorbed in your writing and the real world fades insignificanceDSC_3784
A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of writing a blog post…

Mr S: ‘I’m just heading out’

Two hours later I get a call from him..

Mr S: ‘Have you been worried about me? I know I didn’t say I’d be out for so long’
Me: ‘Oh are you still out, I thought you were in the living room’

I was so lost in writing my post that I was totally oblivious to what was going on in my flat or my husband whereabouts….

3. You start to see every pretty scene / dish / coffee / flower as a possible Instagram picture…IMG_47941
Nothing can stop you from sticking you phone into a cake display, you’ll risk your iPhone for a pool selfie, you’ll stand in the middle of the road for the perfect perspective…
…nothing…I repeat…nothing…is more important than capturing the perfect instagrammable moment… On the same note, I no longer order the food I like the most but what I think will look the prettiest on Instagram.

4. You start to narrate your life in your head…

Now whenever I’m out for a meal, exploring a new place or arriving at a hotel, I think in my head, how would I write this…And I start narrating other people’s actions…

‘Mr S perused the menu…’

‘The waiter poured a glass of wine’

‘I gazed at the cakes…’

5. You will do things that absolutely fill you with terror for the sake of the blog…DSC_4995
I can honestly say what got me up Table Mountain was Mr Silver repeating, ‘Come on, it’ll make such a good story for your blog…’ As I’ve said before travel (and blogging!) makes you face your fears

6. When you’re not blogging, you’re reading other people’s blog…

Mr S: ‘What are you reading?’
Me: ‘Someone’s blog’
Mr S: ‘Will you ever get bored of reading blog posts?’
Me: ‘Will you ever get bored of watching football?’

Nuff said….

Though I’ve mentioned before a sad side effect of this addiction is that I don’t read books very often. For someone who grew up a total bookworm and studied English Literature at University, this is a rather sad state of affair….

7. You panic when there’s no wifi while on holiday…DSC08836
How will I check Twitter / Instagram / Email / Write blogs / read blogs? You might be in the middle of no where on your honeymoon. But. There. Is. No. Internet….

8. You sleep with you iphone / notebook / paper next to your bed

Just in case you get 3am inspiration to write a blog post about breakfastsDSC_8865
9. You develop repetitive strain injury in your finger…

Or as I call it…Twitter finger…

10. You come to realise that your IRL (in real life) friends don’t understand half the things you’re on about…

This is because I now talk in BlogSpeak, a language honed by my friends who I refer to as a hashtag of bloggers.

If you’ve answer ‘yes’ to most or all of these, like me  you’re addicted to blogging!

This post is part of a link up with Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and Anna, my fellow bloggers, addicts and enablers… Are you addicted to blogging? Have your family accepted that they will forever have to wait ten minutes for their food while you get the perfect picture? Has your partner come to accept holidays are more about getting the ideal Instagram pic than actually enjoying yourself? Do you preface every word with a hashtag? We want to know! Just add your post to the link up widget on one of the host’s blogs and we can support you in your addiction.