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Beach-side dining at Fifteen Cornwall

In 2002 celebrity chef Jamie Oliver opened his restaurant, Fifteen, in London. He recruited fifteen young apprentices from disadvantaged backgrounds, hoping to give them new skills and a career by teaching them to have a love of food and a passion for cooking. The scheme wasn’t intended for any financial gain for Jamie himself and he also set up a charity, The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, that would receive all the profits from the restaurant to fund the training scheme and other food education.
In 2004 with the success of the restaurant in London, local council woman Betty Hale recognised the benefit of setting up a Fifteen in Cornwall to help with youth unemployment in the local area. With Jamie Oliver on board, Fifteen Cornwall was set up in this gorgeous beach location in Watergate Bay, just a fifteen minute drive from The Scarlet Hotel.
The venue on the beach was converted into this gorgeous bright, 120 cover restaurant with cool grafitti on the walls, bulbs like droplets hanging from the ceiling and best of all…DSC_9181
Large floor to ceiling windows with a view of Watergate Bay. As in London, the apprenticeship scheme was a huge success with 80% of the graduates still working as chefs.DSC_9185
And just like the London restaurant, Fifteen Cornwall give all the profits back to its registered charity, The Cornwall Foundation, helping to keep the scheme alive and give opportunities to local young people. I love the story and the success of the social project and I was keen to check out the restaurant for lunch on our last day in Cornwall.
As with many of Jamie’s other restaurants, there’s a big Italian influence at Fifteen Cornwall and the menu includes a selection of antipasti, salads, main courses and dessert. After tucking into some delicious bread with a perfectly chewy crust and fluffy centre served with a fruity olive oil, our selection of antipasti arrived.
A big juicy ball of mozzarella di bufala.
My absolute favourite, marinated artichokes which went very well with Fifteen’s own prosecco.
And two thick hunks of bread slathered in a delicious spicy ‘Nduja. There’s also the option to choose a good value set three course menu, which Mr S chose and received a beautifully cooked lamb dish with rainbow chard, rosemary and anchovies as a starter.
At Fifteen Cornwall care is taken to use local produce and the restaurant works closely with local farms, small holdings, fisheries, artisan bakers and distilleries so that everything is of the highest quality and flavour; you can really appreciate the care and passion that’s put into every aspect of the business. Sustainability and waste reduction is important too – they reuse as much as possible and recycle where they can.
Fifteen is also supported by the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and makes careful use of Cornwall’s marine resources. With seafood being so beautifully fresh here, we both chose fish main courses; a perfectly cooked plump piece of line caught salted pollock served with a tasty stew of chickpeas and swiss chard and a huge dollop of aioli for Mr S.
DSC_9210 DSC_9214
And a delicious seafood pasta with a light oil and wine sauce and packed full of mussels and mullet roe for me. While Fifteen is pricey, you’re paying for great quality and the portions really are huge!DSC_9225
Feeling full we shared the dessert from Mr S’s set menu, a honey panna cotta with some gorgeous seasonal rhubarb and a delicious contrasting crunch pine nut crumble.DSC_9229
We really fancied a walk on the beach but with the tide coming in, the staff at Fifteen warned us that it wasn’t a great idea and suggested we pop to the Watergate Bay Hotel next door to take in the views. The owners of the Watergate Bay Hotel, local businessman Will and Henry Ashworth actually helped to set up Fifteen Cornwall and the two venues still work closely together.

The hotel itself is a large glass building with view of beach from every angle and a bar that feels like a sunny conservatory decked out like a beach house. All the beautiful glass and views reminded me a little of The Scarlet but this hotel is family friendly and provides a whole range of activities for children and a Kid’s Club.
Or you can just sit on the terrace and admire the view…
At this beautifully unspoilt little piece of heaven.


Restaurant review: Jamie Oliver Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen Cornwall
On the Beach
Watergate Bay

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  • This is the kind of place that I really don’t mind if it’s pricey because it’s going to a good cause! x

    • Exactly! It’s guilt free dining, so you might as well have a dessert 😉

  • What a fantastic, fantastic cause Fifteen Cornwall is. Combined with stunning views like those – I could hardly believe you’re in England! Just goes to show how little I know about local geography – and what must be amazingly fresh seafood, that makes it a restaurant to splurge on and then some!

    Henry wants to take me to more destinations in the UK (he says it’s to support my studying for my Life In The UK test, haha!) ever since I told him how much I loved Edinburgh. I’m definitely going to ask him to bring me to Cornwall! x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Exactly, you really don’t mind spending the money when you know all the profits are funding the charity. You must go to Cornwall and I insist that you stay at The Scarlet and eat here at least once.

  • I’m a fan of Fifteen London so I’m sure I’d love this place, what with the fabulous views and great ethos

    • You’d love it Suze, it’s casual yet elegant and the food is amazing!

  • Okay seriously, Cornwall is topping my staycation list now. What a great cause and what an awesome view! I love those chairs by the terrace and can just imagine an awesome summer arvo soaking up some bubbly and sun!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • It is the perfect place for summer bubbles! Bit chilly in March but who cares with those views!

  • What a gorgeous restaurant – so bright and with beautiful views. I’ve never been to Cornwall but if I ever find myself there, I will HAVE to go here!
    Elle Bloggs

  • Angie thank you so much for this fantastic review – as I’m in Devon I’m seriously considering going to Fifteen for my birthday in the summer…! I think I would need to book early as it’s on a Saturday and the height of the holiday season!!

    Catherine x

    • I love reading comments like this, I’m so glad my review inspired you! Have an amazing birthday.

  • Right, that’s it, we need to get to Cornwall…

    • #BloggersdoCornwall – right well we have a hashtag so we’re nearly there already!

  • Lucy

    I really like Jamie, he is a bit like marmite for some people but for me I love his passion and genuine love of food. What a vista for a restaurant. The food looks lovely and gets my vote as it is locally sourced. The artichokes and fish would be my choices Lucy x

    • I know! And his casual restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian aren’t outstanding but this one is amazing!

  • The food looks bloody fab and I love Jamie for Fifteen too much! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Sophie Casha

    I’ve been going to Watergate Bay Hotel for around 12 years now, and I’ve just recently come back! It truly is one of the most gorgeous beaches in the UK, did you check out the pool in the hotel? It’s totally divine. Spa treatments are also fabulous. I’ve previously stayed at the Scarlet and much prefer Watergate! My sister vlogged our recent trip – do check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OklNWlQ5Wq4

    Love, Sophie x

  • I recently had a visit to Fifteen for lunch and have to say I was impressed! I was a little worried that it would be like Jamie Italians and just be based of his name but the food was incredible. I would certainly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

    I had some Padstow ales with lunch, would give them a try too 🙂