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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I’ve discovered that there’s a certain kinship about having a blog…whether you were born miles apart or come from completely different cultures or backgrounds having a blog can bring you close to someone, transport you into their world and give a sense of empathy and understanding to someone else. There are so many wonderful bloggers who I’ve met over the last couple of years, some who I physically meet up with on a regular basis and others who have become ‘virtual friends’ either way I’m grateful to be part of this amazing ‘sisterhood.’ To celebrate the sisterhood a blog tag is going around and super talented writer and luxury travel blogger Anna Parker from Penelope & Parker’s Travels was kind enough to invite me to write a post based on a set of questions.

What’s your all-time favourite travel destination? 

My favourite trip of all time was my five week holiday around Australia with Mr Silver. We started off in Melbourne enjoying great restaurants, cafe culture, wine-tasting and a trip along the Great Ocean Road. Next we visited Sydney with trips to the beach, great bars and incredible views of the Opera House. It was also amazing seeing the mighty Uluru, the Daintree Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and staying in the Whitsunday Islands. We finished our trip back in Sydney where we got engaged.

Which post are you most proud of? 

I tend to be most proud of my more personal posts, particularly the way travel intertwines with my personal life. PIC ONE
So one of my favourite posts was why Mr Silver is my ideal travel companion in which I explained how our contrasting personality types meant that we complemented each other well. I also really enjoyed writing about how travel has made me face my fears; I’m quite a phobic person but I’ve already faced my fear of heights, creepy-crawlies and the ocean.

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead? 

Definitely Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George and Princess Charlotte. I’d have to get someone to help me with the cooking though…

Do you have a favourite travel app? 

I’m not sure if it’s counted as a travel app but I’m definitely addicted to Instagram. It’s only in the last year that I’ve felt that I really got the hang of it but now I love posting my photos along my travels, I only post my very favourites and I’m pretty proud of my little Instagram gallery now. IMG_5773

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’m an absolute blog addict. There are so many things that I love about this little hobby of mine; meeting new friends, stepping out of my comfort zone, developing my photography skills. It sounds cheesy but starting a blog really has enriched my life in so many ways. And my least favourite thing? All those events, cocktails, afternoon teas and desserts can seriously play havoc with your waistline 😉 #bloggersproblems.

Is there anything that you like to do anytime you visit somewhere new? 

You may have noticed I have a *minor* obsession with food…ok a *major* obsession. So when I plan a trip, it’s pretty much structured around where we’re getting our next meal. When planning I try to include a fine dining restaurant, a more local one and a restaurant that has an amazing view. DSC_5319
I also plan some spontaneity too…

Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of but ended up loving? 

I don’t think you ever expect to think much of ‘stop over cities’ for example Hong Kong on the way to Australia or Singapore on the way to Bali. But Mr S and loved both these cites for the gorgeous luxury hotels, amazing restaurant and bar scene and of course the shopping.
Hong Kong in particular, I’d love to go back to one day and see that incredible skyline, eat dim sum and explore the markets.

What is your pet peeve? 

In a restaurant I can deal with mediocre service but I can’t stand bad food. In hotel I find it so annoying when there’s no socket near a mirror with decent light for me to blow dry my hair. Also no socket by the bed to charge my phone at night.

What is you most treasured possession? 

Well apart from Mr S, I’m going to have to go with the obvious and say my camera. Earlier this year Mr S and I invested in a Nikon D750 DSLR camera. Having such an incredible camera has really inspired my love of photography as the results that it gives are just amazing. I’ve taken a few lessons this year and I’m so proud of seeing my improvement. Of course, it’s not the camera itself that’s the most important thing it’s the photos – I always take my laptop away with me and I’m careful to back up the pictures – I’m terrified of losing the camera and all those memories. DSC_1836-2
And finally to nominate four of my blogging sisters to keep the chain going…

Catherine Lux from Lux Life whose posts always make my smile with plenty of adventures in London, Australia and around the world.
Polly Byles from Follow Your Sunshine, a girl after my own heart who adores food and travel.
Jasiminne Yip from Posh, Broke and Bored whose beautiful photos and amazing wit always inspire me.
Frankie Winter from The Mayfairy whose blog make me laugh out loud.

The questions are:

  1. Where is your all-time favourite destination?
  2. Which post are you most proud of?
  3. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party, alive or dead?
  4. Do you have a favourite travel app?
  5. What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?
  6. Is anything you like to do any time you visit somewhere new?
  7. Where is somewhere you’ve been or something you did that you didn’t expect much of, but ended up loving?
  8. What’s you pet peeve?
  9. What’s your most treasured possession?