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A Taste of Spring with BLOOM Gin cocktails at One Aldwych

Us Brits do love to complain about the weather but when warm weather hits, London is a completely different place… rose in the pub garden, Pimms in the park and champagne on a roof terrace. Yes, spring and summer in London is all about drinking…not that autumn and winter isn’t 😉

Anyway, one of my favourite hotels, One Aldwych, is celebrating spring with four limited edition cocktails in partnership with BLOOM GIN.

Mr S and I have had a few fab date nights at One Aldwych before, once enjoying the Film & Fizz night and secondly a romantic staycation a Christmas time.

I love how the bar is always perfectly decorated to reflect the season, at Christmas the most glorious tree filled The Lobby Bar and now at spring time pretty purple blooms add colour to the gorgeous space with it’s fabulous high ceiling.

The hotel’s own florist, Mark Siredzuk was inspired by the floral notes in the cocktails to create installations made up of foxtail lillies with almond twigs, aromatic lavender, agave plants and chamomile daisy flowers. You can almost smell the sweetness of spring time just in those words!

Anyway, enough of flowers I’m pretty sure you’re more interested in cocktails…

G & J BLOOM Gin was created by the world’s first female distiller, Joanne Moore and she has curated a sweet floral taste reminiscent of an English country garden. 

Head bartender Tiago Mira has invented a cocktail collection to reflect those floral notes of honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo that are already present in the gin. 

Now fortunately being married to me Mr S knows that there is a prerequisite for me to try everything of his and with a flight of four cocktails I was able to try all of them. First up was definitely the prettiest of these floral potions: alongside the gin the Blooming Tea contained apricot brandy, ginger and lemon grass cordial, Kamm & Sons, chamomile tea and fresh lemon juice. For me the ginger and lemon grass notes gave a little taste of Thailand which I loved. 

The Lavender Cloud saw the gin paired with rhubarb liqueur, black raspberry liqueur and honey infused with lavender, the drink was slightly sweet but not too sweet as it was off set with a twist of lime. I loved the gorgeous presentation in a chilled martini glass with a sprig of lavender on the side.

The  almond bouquet was both fruity and floral containing Amaretto liqueur, fresh pineapple juice, orgeat syrup, fresh rocket and fresh lemon juice. 

Finally, the Smoked Flower included Mezcal, grapefruit liqueur, elderflower cordial, agave nectar and fresh lemon juice. As I’m not a huge fan of overly sweet cocktails I loved the slightly tart flavour notes coming through from the grapefruit and lemon. However, as I’m one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor type person I had to tred a little carefully! 
I must say, I really love the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych, the atmosphere is always fun and buzzy, the decor fresh and the cocktails delicious and innovative. It’s also perfectly placed in London’s theatre land and close to Covent Garden if you’re shopping. 
PS I totally resisted the urge to say these cocktails are blooming marvellous! 
The limited edition cocktails are available until the 14th of July and priced £13.50. 
What drinks remind you of springtime? 

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