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Saturday Night at The Movies: Film and Fizz at One Aldwych

Mr Silver and I love our dates and we especially love a night out at the movies.
I will always choose a comedy, particularly a romantic comedy, generally something starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston or Jim Carrey. Mr Silver prefers a thriller or an action movie and really is a sucker for a political drama.
Generally, however, in the Silver household, I get my way…otherwise Mr S has to face a SulkySpoon….
Anyway it was Saturday night, date night, and Mr Silver and I were off to the stylish One Aldwych Hotel in Covent Garden for an evening of Film and Fizz, followed by a three course dinner.
The Lobby bar of the hotel is hugely spacious and filled with gorgeous seasonal floral displays and funky sculptures. It was the perfect place for Mr S and I to show off our outfits. I was incredibly pleased with my new dress from the Kooples and I’d been looking forward to showing it off!
Mr S was once again modelling one of his new purchases, an Armani blazer.
But I wasn’t paying him much attention as I had a new friend!
The Lobby bar’s comfy sofas were a great place to cuddle up to each other while enjoying our date and as we were a little bit early it gave us the chance to order a cocktail!
I ordered a Red Valentino which was champagne and Italian bitters with cool molecular spheres floating inside. Fortunately, Mr Silver has learnt that since I started the blog he must choose a cocktail based on how pretty it looks rather than the taste.
His champagne cocktail was topped with sprinklings of gold…
There were lots of other cool concoctions on the menu which I will definitely try when I return. I particularly like the idea of the Smoked Sour which contain vodka, lime and a hint of absinthe and comes with a smoked salmon blini on the side.
Beverages in hand, we headed downstairs to the screening room.
It’s a very intimated boutique cinema with space for only around 30 people, making it feel very exclusive and luxurious.


Check out the girl in front taking a selfie šŸ™‚
As you walk in boxes of popcorn are lined up and you have a choice of salted or sweet to munch on while you’re enjoying the film.


Though with a three course meal afterwards I wouldn’t over indulge too much, as you don’t want to spoil what’s to come!
After you’re seated the waiters comes round with a glass of fizz each!
The fizz in question being a chilled glass of Champagne Lallier Grand Cru Grande Reserve.


The cinema chairs even have a little pull out table for you to perch your glass on!
The films begins at exactly 6.30 so if you’re heading down make sure that you have your seat in time and as I sank back into the comfortable leather cinema chair, the film began.
Ā As usual I’d won in terms of film choice and we were watching The Other Woman. It was a kind of anti-romantic comedy about a woman named Carly, played by Cameron Diaz, who discovers that her boyfriend is actually already married. After meeting his poor wife, Carly embarks on an unusual friendship with her and when they discover another affair the women become a trio and plot revenge on the unfaithful man. I love female buddy films such as Bridesmaids, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and Clueless; and The Other Woman really was my kind of film. I laughed out loud all the way through, and the plot, which could have been cliched, actually seemed very original. Mr Silver was also chuckling away throughout and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t just the effects of the champagne and the cocktail.
After the film the audience are led down to the hotel’s main restaurant, Axis. I loved the contemporary design of the room.
High ceilings meant it felt very spacious and modern but the low lighting meant that it retained an intimate feel.


Bamboo partitions gave it a slightly Asian feeling that was rather unique and it definitely felt like more than your average hotel restaurant.
The Film and Fizz offer comes with a three course set menu and the restaurant offers a choice of three different options for each course. The starter and main include meat, fish and veggie options and for dessert you can have a sweet or a cheese. So hopefully there’s something to please everyone.
Smoked salmon was on the menu, so my choice was obvious. It was a lovely portion of salmon and the topping of beetroot, creme fraiche and salmon mousse were great accompaniments.
And for the day after Halloween, Mr Silver’s pumpkin soup was a delicious seasonal option.
Served on the side of these was fresh bread with the choice of butter or a garlic dip. The chef at Axis is Dominic Teague who adds a twist to British classics with his carefully sourced ingredients that include a selection of foraged food.
Because we are VIBs (Very Important Bloggers), the waiter gave us a bonus course. A scallop with squid, sesame, seaweed and crisp rice. The extra dish turned out to be my absolute favourite as I’m a big lover of shellfish and the sweet scallop was cooked perfectly and very slightly rare in the centre.
Main course for me was a very tender piece of pollock with celeriac, samphire, shrimp and clams. I don’t like heavy, buttery sauces but this one was light. delicate and highly enjoyable.


Mr Silver was equally pleased with his bavette of beef served with carrots, kale and a mustard sauce.
We decided to share the two sweet options for dessert. As everyone knows sharing desserts means they contain half the calories.
A chocolate mousse with an orange drizzle was so delicious that really it should have been more photogenic, so you’ll just have to trust me, it was pretty awesome!


As was the floating island actually more of an archipelago including a meringue surrounded by blackberries. Both desserts were fairly small and light and a great way to round off the meal.
And finally a bowl of marshmallows and Turkish delight. Why do I always get the voice of White Witch from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in my ear at the thought of Turkish delight…
We were having such a fabulous time on our date night that we didn’t want it to end…
So we headed upstairs for one final cocktail…
Mr S and I absolutely loved our night of Film and Fizz at One Aldwych. It’s the perfect equation: A Luxury HotelĀ + A Great MovieĀ + ChampagneĀ + Fab Food = The Ideal Date night.
Film and Fizz is Ā£49.50 per person and can be enjoyed every weekend at the hotel with either a three course dinner or brunch. Cocktails are not included.
One Aldwych
020 7300 1000
Mr S and I received our Film and Fizz night complimentary for the purposes of the review but it was sooo fab and I must return both for brunch and afternoon tea!
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