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No. 11 Pimlico Road and A Chocolate Shop Stop

Mr Silver and I love where we live, there’s so many great foodie areas to explore. I’ve previously mentioned a few places in Belgravia, our fabulous little sushi find, UNI, and also delicious seafood restaurant Oliviomare which are both very close by.
If you walk a little further up the road from here you’ll find yourself in Mozart Square, on the borders of Pimlico and Belgravia, a lovely little foodie mecca. It’s only a tiny place but every Saturday you’ll find a small farmers market, there’s a gorgeous branch of Daylesford Organic plus several lovely little independent restaurants.  While there’s lots of restaurants in Westminster, many of them are ‘old man’ pubs, and not very SilverSpoon-worthy but there’s also a couple of very lovely restaurant / bars that are worth going out of your way to visit.
Having been away with the girls for the weekend and wanting to spend some quality time with my husband, Mr S and I headed on down to one such place for a Sunday lunch…
Mr S had secretly been on a shopping spree while I was away for the night and was very pleased with his new cardigan / jacket which he was keen to feature in my photos!
We’ve visited No. 11 Pimlico Road several times before, both as it is now and in it’s previous incarnation as the Ebury Pub. It’s a place that never disappoints especially as Mr Silver is very particular about his Sunday lunch.


I really like the restaurant interior, its large, bright and airy with a high ceiling, unlike some of the claustrophobic little places in the area. The furniture is an eclectic mix of mis-matched chairs and differing table tops giving it a modern and fresh feel.
Beer and bellini ordered we settled down to catch up after a weekend apart…


For starters there were some great options to share and we chose a few nibbly bits to munch on before our main course.
Smoked salmon crostinis


And salmon fishcakes. I really liked the fishcakes, there was no hint of dryness or undercooked potatoes which you can often find in this dish. And everything was completely home made as is everything at No.11.
On Sundays the restaurant specialises in the roast dinner or brunch options. I eschewed both, as I spied one of my favourite dishes on the menu…



Steamed mussels in a white wine sauce served with a crunchy toasted sourdough and a portion of chips. I think you can see why I couldn’t resist. The wine sauce was very light, with tomatoes, onion garlic and parsley and the bowl was totally clean by the end as the crusty toasts soaked up all that delicious sauce.
Mr S, of course stuck with tradition and ordered the Sunday Roast:



A rib of beef served with root vegetables and a massive Yorkshire pudding. He loved the roast which he’d been craving though he regretted not stipulating he likes his meat very rare. He still very much enjoyed the lunch and it’s generous portion size.
Though pretty full, we couldn’t resist sharing our favourite dessert, a fruit crumble made with apple and blackberry.
As well as a beautifully fluffy chocolate mousse served with raspberries.


I thought serving cool chocolate dessert in a wine coupe was very pretty presentation. Again both desserts were completely homemade and very tasty.
Though we were full, I am a food blogger and I’m always thinking about where my next meal is coming from so we had a little wonder around the square. Just around the corner from No.11 is intimate French restaurant La Poule au Pot, which is one of Charles and Camilla’s favourite haunts.
We also noted a Chinese restaurant and a rustic Italian to add to our to-try list.
But it was this place that drew us in…




William Curley is a gorgeous boutique chocolate shop and dessert bar.


We were obviously far to full to have a third dessert but Mr S couldn’t resist a purchase of a bespoke chocolate box with a mixture of unusual flavours, including rosemary and olive oil, and ginger and lemon grass.
He was also keen for me to include one last picture of his new clothes and smiling face!
Do you know any great restaurants in Pimlico or Belgravia?
No. 11 Pimlico Road
020 7730 6784
Disclosure: Our meal was complimentary for the purposes of the review but I was honest about the meal and I have been there several times before. 
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