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UNI: Rather special sushi in Belgravia

Mr Silver and I count ourselves are very lucky to live in central London, so when we fancy a last minute dinner we can simply walk out from our flat to many different wonderful restaurants. Dining Victoria and Belgravia has really improved in recent years and now it’s so much more than just Pizza Express and Wagamama and it’s so exciting to see more and more new places pop up.
It was Saturday night and I fancied some sushi, when do I not fancy sushi! I love Japanese food and I could easily eat it everyday. A great sushi restaurant had been seriously lacking in our local area but that was until Uni opened up in Belgravia.
The restaurant is small and intimate and they sat us in the perfect little nook for two!
With sexy low lighting made from drinks bottles…
And pretty gold leaf walls. Cool counter top dining was also available upstairs but we were very happy with a cuddly cubby hole!
Cuisine at UNI is on-trend, being Japanese-Peruvian fusion or Nikkei. I have to say this is one of my favourite food trends to hit London of late, and I love Chotto Matte, Sushi Samba, Coya and Lima who all do it so well.
As usual it was hard to make a choice with a menu of such fantastic options from former Nobu chef, Rolando Ongcoy. So we obviously had to have some edamame beans to nibble on while we made the difficult decisions.
Three salmon tartare tacos just weren’t enough…


…but we ordered plenty more food.

Yellowtail sashimi salad was my favourite dish of the night! I loved the sharp, tangy dressing. My husband and I can’t get enough of yellowtail so we ordered the tiraditos too, which had a explosive dab of wasabi on every slice.

Don’t you just love how pretty Japanese food looks on the plate?

And in SilverSpoon style we had to have a bit of lobster…

Served the Peruvian way, as a ceviche! The dish was spicy with chilli and zesty with lemon…just totally packed with flavour.

And I can’t go out for sushi without having some of my favourite spicy tuna rolls…

And as you can see, UNI piles the juicy chunks of raw tuna onto divine pillows of rice.
For our hot selection we chose more favourites:

Rock shrimp tempura served with creamy spicy sauce and ponzu dressing…

And a totally delectable black cod.

We then cooled things off with a sorbet and ice cream selection…


…including a wasabi flavoured ice cream. Mr S wasn’t a fan but I loved the contrast of heat and ice in the unusually flavoured ice-cream.

Mr S and I totally loved Uni and we pronounced it our new favourite local. Watch this space as Victoria and Belgravia is continuing to grow and become a bit of a foodie hub and I hope to post some more reviews of restaurants in my local area soon.

18a Ebury Street
020 7730 9267


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