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A Visit to Daylesford Organic Farm

When staying at The Wild Rabbit, it really is a must to go and visit Daylesford Organic Farm! Both are owned by the Bamford family and situated only about a five minute drive apart or a leisurely 25 minute walk. It’s impossible not to be tempted anyway as our cottage (called Dove after the local wildlife) was full of produce from the farm shop, homewares by the brand and gorgeous toiletries from Bamford the estate’s skin care brand.

So what is Daylesford Organic? Primarily a farm shop, there are branches of Daylesford Organic in central London (Pimlico, Brompton Cross, Notting Hill and Marylebone), but the flagship location is here in Kingham. The founder of Daylesford Organic is Carole Bamford who has championed sustainability for 40 years and has a strong belief in working in harmony with nature. She founded Daylesford Organic marrying the idea of farming and retail to help nurture her family’s health and today it have grown into one of the UK’s most sustainable (and famous!) organic farms. The Kingham farm shop is surrounded by pastures and organic reared animals and inside there is an absolute heaven of organic food and produce.
Recently opened is the Organic Garden, a place for garden furniture, accessories and seasonal plants where customers can also experience gardening and floristry workshops.

The shop is huge and honestly I could have spent a whole day browsing the meat, fish, bread and cheese that’s on sale there.

There’s also¬† a ‘Zero Waste’ pantry where your bring own containers and fill them with loose fill items such as nuts, oats and seeds.

The homeware section is dreamy and I really want everything for my home once we’ve finished the build stage of our renovation

The kids stuff was so cute that I really had to hold myself back as I already buy Oscar too many presents!

Another element to the estate is the Bamford Spa. Carol Bamford believes that the products we use on our body are as important as the food that we eat and with that in mind she founded Bamford which encompasses natural beauty products and sustainable clothing. The Bamford Spa follows these guiding principles with a focus on mind, body and spirit and it looks to be the perfect place to unwind. I wish we’d actually had time to use the spa! Next time I will book a baby sitter and spend the day there. There’s a herbal steam, crystal sauna and wellness pool and there are holistic treatments on offer using Bamford products.

The Trough Cafe is the main dining room at Daylesford and features a menu using ingredients fresh from the organic farms in the Cotswolds and Staffordshire.
The food served is all the comforts of home. From the fresh bread and butter…

To pizza from the pizza oven.

I had salmon…

And Mr S had chicken. There were also plenty of options for the kids…

As well as vegetables served family style.

A trip to Daylesford Organic Farm is a truly unmissable experience when staying in this part of the Cotswolds – I highly recommend it!