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A Letter to my Son on His First Birthday

Dear Oscar,

Happy birthday to my darling son! I can’t believe it was a year ago today that you came into our lives bringing us so much happiness. You are the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen, making friends where ever you go and spreading so much joy. Though we’ve been looking forward to this day, it is bittersweet – I love seeing you flourish and grow yet I’m so sad to be leaving behind the baby days and approaching toddlerhood. I wish I could bottle the feeling of having you as a baby and sample it again every now and then but as that’s impossible I will just have to drink it in as much as I can, take all the photos and videos and relive this time in memory.

Having you has changed me so much as a person, I didn’t think I’d be a ‘mumsy’ mum but my love for you has meant throwing myself full throttle into motherhood and loving every moment of it! Some of my favourite days were early on, those quiet moments at 2am when it was just the two of us feeding and cuddling like we were the only two people in the world.

The day we had you was by far the best day of my life… The days leading up to it were scary when I discovered complications in my pregnancy, and we had to visit the hospital nearly everyday to check you were ok. Even on the day we had you I was so scared that something would go wrong and terrified to have an operation – I’d never had one before! The moment you were placed on my skin all the fear melted away and your sweet face looked up at us. I couldn’t believe that you were mine. Born at 4.28pm, weighing 6pounds and 6 ounces, you were tiny little thing but so so strong and healthy!

Our four days in hospital with you were quite magical, caught in a bubble just the three of us for the majority of the time with all the help we needed to get you feeding beautifully until we were ready to take you home. Taking you home was an amazing day too, showing you where you would live, sleep and where you would be growing up for the foreseeable future.

Once daddy went back to work, our days felt a little lonely but we soon made lots of friends who I hope you will grow up with and know forever! You are always so loving and gentle with the other babies and always have a smile and a cuddle for everyone!
It’s been incredible watching you progress through your milestones, we cheered when you began to be able to hold your head up at around three months, we loved it when you could sit unassisted at eight months, you started crawling at eleven months and now you are standing and walking with assistance. You are always hesitant and want something to be perfect before you try it and then when you do, you’re so proud of yourself and make sure everyone can see! My favourite milestone has been when you first smiled and soon you were laughing… you’ll laugh hysterical… you love to laugh, it’s your favourite thing! Everyone that meets you describes you as chilled out and such a relaxed and happy baby, even if something upset you, you’re soon smiling again!

You started eating real food at six months and again you were hesitant and it took you a while to warm up to it but now you are a totally foodie and will happily eat anything. As long as you are feeding yourself! You have quite the independent streak! Getting your first tooth at 9 months was another exciting moment and now you’ve got a few more coming through!

We absolutely love travelling with you and we’re so lucky that you love to travel too! In the UK we took you to Soho Farmhouse and Manchester, abroad you’re visited Ibiza, Austria, Oman and Dubai. These trips meant so many wonderful firsts, such as staying in a hotel, seeing the sea and beach, seeing snow, swimming, going on a boat… I was hoping you might see a few more places by end of the year but even if we don’t four countries by one year old is still a rather epic achievement!
Doing things with you just makes everything better and more special. It was the best Christmas we ever had, my favourite birthday ever and Mr S’s best birthday. Having you in our lives enhances every moment!
In March when you were eight months old, the Corona Virus pandemic hit the world and you will be forever a ‘Corona baby’. I was sad that we couldn’t see your grandparents go to our baby groups, see our friends or actually do any fun activities at all. Even your birthday party won’t be what I envisioned. But fortunately you won’t know the trouble that faced the world in 2020, you were just happy to have your daddy home, daily walks in the park and lots of mummy’s home cooking! Now we’re coming out of lockdown, you’re seeing your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends and you’re still just as socialable as you ever were!

I can’t wait to see what this year brings and watch you blossom even further. I know you will be kind, good, brave, handsome and clever. You will always love your mummy the most and I will always love you with all my heart. Happy birthday to my darling boy.