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10 Reasons Why Victoria (London) is a Great Place to Bring up A Baby

I’ve lived in my flat in London, Victoria for many years and I absolutely love it. A few people asked whether we’d consider moving when we had Oscar but honestly I hadn’t even considered it. Living in Victoria, in Central London has for me been the ideal place for bringing up a baby (even in lockdown) and here’s why!

1. I Can Walk Everywhere

I haven’t driven in years and getting a baby on and off public transport can be such a faff… thankfully living in Central London means I can basically walk everywhere that I need to take Oscar. Easy, great exercise for me and fresh air for O – a winning combination.

2. The Beautiful Parks

We’re so lucky to have several parks and green spaces in Victoria, my favourite being St James’ which is so pretty and easy to walk around. Mr S, Oscar and I love having picnics there!

3. Lots of Great Restaurants

Victoria is full of incredible restaurants from the high end (A Wong, Quilon, Kouzu) to mid range (Sticks ‘n Sushi, Hai Cenato, Timmy Green) to the more affordable (Market Hall, Pizza Pilgrims) all great for a family-friendly meal, date night or drinks with mum friends. 

4. And Takeaways too 

And for those days when you can’t get out of the house or you’re too tired to cook, there’s plenty of takeaway options too. Mr S and I usually order from Deliveroo but we’re loving the Supper app at moment too.

5. Making Friends 

The first few months as a new mum can be incredibly lonely but I’ve made a solid network of friends through social groups at the local community centre. I also highly recommend taking NCT classes which will introduce to a group of local mums.

6. Baby Groups 

Oscar and I absolutely love baby sensory classes (admittedly I probably love them even more than he does) and we’re lucky to have some really great groups near by such as Monkey Music and Hartbeeps.

7. Baby Cinema

Just before lockdown was announced, The Curzon in Victoria started advertising baby cinema (ie baby-friendly cinema where it’s ok for your baby to be noisy during a film) and I’m excited to go when this is all over. 
We used to absolutely love going to baby cinema at The Electric when Oscar was tiny.

8. Culture 

There is so much history and culture in the Westminster area to show your baby on walks. There are also lots of museums, one I would particularly recommend is the National Army Museum which also has a soft play area for babies. Though I can’t vouch to what extent this will be open and running after lockdown.

9. See the Animals

Living in Central London may mean not always getting close to nature but there are a few ways of having animal adventures around Victoria. I would really recommend Vauxhall City Farm for very little ones and also Battersea Children’s Zoo which is home to smaller animals.

10. Easy to Get Out of London

As Victoria is such a major hub (easy motorway access, coach station, train station, the gateway to Gatwick express) it’s so easy for us to travel. We can be at Gatwick airport in half an hour and it’s such an easy drive to some of our favourite hotels such as Soho Farmhouse

What do you love about where you live?

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