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Oscar’s First Christmas

I can’t tell you how excited I was to celebrate Oscar’s first Christmas, and though he’ll never remember it, I always will and I’ll be able to show him these photos and he can see the love that surrounded him on that day.
On Christmas morning we rushed to the Christmas tree in our matching pyjamas – yes Santa had been and there was a huge sack full of presents for Oscar and a stocking too.

With a little help Oscar opened up his presents and though he was far more interested in the wrapping paper, he received lots of clothes, books and toys. Mr S and I had obviously gone overboard but we really couldn’t help ourselves! I got Oscar into his Christmas outfit and got myself dressed too and soon it was off to meet the rest of the family.

A couple of years ago, we’d decided we’d had enough of cooking and cleaning up on Christmas day and instead we started a tradition of going out for lunch on the day. Fortunately our families blend really well on Christmas Day and so we met my parents, Mr S’s parents as well as both our sisters and their children.

It was so lovely for Oscar to be surrounded by both sets of grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins on Christmas day!

Our restaurant of choice was the Savoy Grill and we were presented with a beautiful menu wrapped up with a red bow!

Champagne was poured as we pulled crackers and tucked into canapés – I’m not usually a big fan of oysters but these deep fried ones were great!

The first course was a light broth with tortellini – a really delicious way to kick things off.

One reason we’d chosen the Savoy was there was plenty of choice for starters and mains and I opted for a plate of smoked salmon – simple but classic and so good!

A few people on the table chose Beef Wellington but Mr S and I stuck with the classic Turkey dinner. Those that like a Christmas plate piled high would be pretty disappointed with the single pig in a blanket, thin slices of turkey and two brussel sprouts on the plate – there was a separate dish of potatoes and roasted veg but still the overall Christmas dinner was a little thin on the ground.

Though it didn’t quite make up it, we did have a damn good yule log and Oscar and I had loads of fun taking selfies together. There was also a slight disappointment that there was no Santa coming around giving the children presents – ok it’s a total first world problem but it’s something that would have added to the festive atmosphere.

Though having said that, my nephews and I really enjoyed the Savoy’s fun collaboration with Lego, especially the Lego dragon Christmas tree. After lunch we headed back to my sister’s flat where there were more presents for Oscar to open. 

As both our families are Jewish, we also lit candles for Hanukkah. Personally, I’m not religious but I’m keen to keep Oscar aware of our culture so that he can choose how and what he wants to observe.

But it was getting late and time for the boys to get the pyjamas on. How cute is this? It wasn’t easy to find matching PJs for all ages but we managed to find them at Next!

And all too quickly we were packing away Trivial Pursuit and getting Oscar’s things together to go home… Oscar’s first Christmas was totally magical. I can’t wait for his second.