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My Travel Super Power

If I had a travel superhero name it would be ‘Super-Organised Girl’ with my super powers being the ability to create spreadsheets within the blink of an eye, x-ray vision that allows me to see straight through reviews and find just what I’m looking for on TripAdvisor, I have super human endurance when it comes reading every single blog post I can find… I even move at light speed… when it comes to booking flights that I find available on air miles…

Here are some of my powers of organisation explained… (ps obvs this is tongue and cheek post created as part of our travel link up)

1. Super Human Intelligence to Create Excel Spread Sheets

Every trip that Mr S and I take starts with an excel spread sheet… I now have this down to a fine art with columns listing dates, hotels, activities, restaurants and costs in order to enable me to know exactly what we’ll be doing at every hour of the day… even how many minutes we’ll spend relaxing.

2. Mind Manipulation

Specifically Mr S’s mind… I’ve managed to convince him on several occasions to take trips that he had no idea that he even wanted to take (genius). The secret to my power of mind manipulation is knowing my husband well… that usually involves showing him how amazing the pool is, telling him about a weekly barbecue or the hotel’s complimentary boat trip. Oh ..and if it’s a ski hotel very little mind manipulation is actually needed. 

3. X-Ray Vision to Read Between the Lines of Reviews and Cut to the Chase on Trip Advisor

Over many years of travel planning I have fully honed my X-Ray vision to read between the lines of reviews… When it comes to bloggers I’m well aware of the ones well versed in luxury travel who are honest and know what they’re talking about versus the ones who’ll say anything cos they’re happy to have scored a freebie. You come to learn the language that people use and how people dress things up… does rustic really mean shabby? Does intimate mean tiny? And is a ‘good location’ actually just right by the airport?
Similarly I can see-through the toughest TripAdvisor review… does this person know what they’re talking about or do they never regularly visit hotels and have little to compare it with?

4. Healing

If I don’t like something… I’ll fix it… often within minutes… if you follow me on Instagram stories you’ll know when we arrived in Geneva, I didn’t like our hotel. But never fear I used my healing powers to fix it and get us to a new hotel ASAP. The same happened in Sicily when we decided to move rooms…

5. Endurance

When trying to decide on a hotel or restaurant for a trip I literally read every single blog post or review I can find on that place to ensure that I’ve picked the right one. My endurance can last hours, days… even weeks…

6. Time Travel 

Would you believe I can actually travel in time? Simply by choosing the correct hotel or restaurant, I can travel back to 18th century Italy, 1930’s Buenos Aires or forward to the future where every building is made of glass…

7. Lighting Speed

I have this incredible ability to book flights within the blink of an eye… so fast that it’s imperceptible to the human (Mr S’s) eye. Like when I booked Kenya, Argentina and Iceland… 

8. I Can Fly!

Perhaps the most sought after super power of them all… I can fly!! Oh what you can too? Never mind then…. 

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