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The Top Ten Most Instagrammable Places in Rome

I honestly believe Italy is most photogenic country that I’ve visited, so there is nowhere more perfect to take Instagram shots than the capital city of Rome. Full of fountains, gorgeous domed churches and majestic columns it’s easy to find plenty of beautiful locations for the perfect shot.

A disclaimer: I’m not for one minute suggesting you visit a city with this much history just to get shots for the ‘gram but if you’ve read this blog you’ll know that I believe that Instagram has changed the way I travel for the better. In this case, I got up early to see some of the ancients sites, researched beautiful restaurants and discovered hidden gems by focussing on getting shots for my grid.

1. The Trevi Fountain 

Now this list is no particular order but I do believe that the Trevi Fountain is the most Instagrammable location and most beautiful fountain in Rome. Last time I visited, the Trevi Fountain was undergoing a huge restoration and of course I was rather heartbroken not to see it again properly. Now after the huge project, led by fashion house Fendi, it is complete and I could once again see the fountain in all it’s glory.
The legend of the fountain states that if you throw one coin into the fountain you will return to Rome, two you will fall in love with an Italian, and three coins and you will marry him! Around 3000 EURO is thrown into the fountain every day and this is collected and given to charity.

Top tip for getting you perfect fountain photo is to get there at sunrise. Laura and I left Hotel Eden at 7am and ran down to the fountain which is about a ten minute walk away. Even at that time there were a few people there but if you go later it’s full of people and there’s no chance of getting your photo. We found an empty spot and just went for it, getting as many photos as possible for each other…oh and if you’re in any doubt about wearing an ‘extra’ dress, just go for it!! How often do you prance around the Trevi Fountain at dawn?

2. The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are another must see attraction in Rome and with 138 steps with combine gorgeous curves and straight lines, they’re utterly photogenic too. Built in 1725 they are an example of Italian Baroque architecture and can be found on the Piazza di Spagna, one of Rome’s most famous squares and near  Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Babuino which are some of the best areas for shopping.

You can also spot the ‘Fontana della Barcaccia’ or Fountain of the Ugly Boat just in front of the stairs. The story goes that the fountain was built on papal orders when a flood carried a fishing boat all the way to the square.

Top Tip: This is another one for your early morning tour but the Spanish Steps are located very close to the Trevi Fountain so you can run there afterwards. And as a ‘behind the ‘gram’ I wasn’t wearing those shoes the whole time, I had flats in my bag! All this running around at 7am may sound a little painful but it was honestly so worth it as not only did I get my photos but we were really able to fully appreciate these beautiful sights as they weren’t covered with people!

This is what the steps looked like last time I visited (before my devotion to the ‘gram) can you even spot Mr S? Let me know in the comments.

3. Roof Top Bars and Restaurants 

I absolutely love a restaurant or bar with a view and honestly what could be better than gazing out at the domes, monuments and piazzas of Rome while you’re enjoying your dinner or drinks. And while you’re at it… getting a photo for Instagram!

Aroma has to be my favourite restaurant in Rome, and it has the perfect Colosseum view for a photo. I had dinner there with Mr S last time I was in Rome and the Colosseum was all lit up and twinkly, and it was just as beautiful going there during the day with Laura. The Michelin-starred restaurant serves the most fantastic food and I’ll be writing a full post of all my favourite bars and restaurants too. 
Another restaurant / bar that I highly recommend is Il Giardino at Hotel Eden. At this gorgeous bar you can get views of the Eternal City stretching from the  Il Vittoriano and St Peters to the Villa Medici and stately Borghese gardens in the background of your photos.

Top Tip: Book in advance! These places are hugely popular.

4. Di Ponte Umberto 

From the bridge that links that links Piazza di Ponte Umberto I to Piazza dei Tribunali you can capture the perfect view! This shot was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Brooke from World of Wanderlust who suggested walking down the stairs to capture the perfect framing. 
Thank you to Brooke as this one of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken.

TOP TIP: Go at Golden hour the bridge is a little crowded but take the stairs down the left to get this shot.

5. The Colosseum

Of course you have to get your photo at the Colosseum, the iconic site of Rome and one of the city’s most visited attractions. The awesome sight will take your breath away, originally built in 72AD for gladiatorial duels, the amphitheater is the biggest in the world!
Top Tip: Despite the Colosseum being such a popular site, we got here at around 3pm (after lunch at Aroma) and managed to get a clear view from this ledge which was quite easy to find. I think because we visited during November everywhere was a little quieter anyway!

6. The Vatican

St Peter’s Basilica is located in Vatican City  and as one of the world’s biggest churches, it makes a very dramatic backdrop. Though you can’t take photos in the beautiful Sistine chapel there are plenty of other beautiful art works that make a gorgeous backdrop to a photo. You’ll also find the Vatican Gardens as well as stunning views from the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. For this trip Laura and I were very short of time and visiting Vatican City is quite a time commitment so we decided not to this time especially as I’ve been twice before. But here are some of my old pictures to give you an idea. 
TOP TIP: Buy queue jump tickets in advance, the queues here can be insane!

7. The Garden at Hotel di Russie 

I stayed at Hotel di Russie, the first time that I ever visited Rome around ten years ago and it made a lasting impression as I’ve revisited twice now. The most Instagrammable part of the hotel is the gorgeous Le Jardin de Russie. It’s the perfect place to grab an al fresco drink and the gardens or the courtyard itself make the most stunning backdrop.

TOP TIP: The hotel is located between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, the best place for fashion shopping, making it ideal to take a break from a busy day of exploring.

8. The Pantheon 

The Pantheon is actually on the of most well-preserved site of Ancient Rome despite this actually being the building’s third incarnation after fire destroyed the previous two. 
The elegant columns of the Pantheon make a beautiful back drop to a photo and I would suggest taking one in front of the fountain too.

TOP TIP: This was another location on our dawn tour and we found it nearly empty! Make sure to get lots of angles on this beautiful building as it’s quite a gorgeous sight. When you look at the photo on my grid you’ll see I used a little Photoshop to clear up those messy cigarette butts!

9. Trastevere 

The Trastevere is a bohemian area of Rome and one of the most charming places to visit. It’s the kind of place that you can get those pretty photos of cobbled streets, rustic Italian walls and buildings covered in ivy. It’s well worth spending an afternoon here just walking around and enjoying the charm but again short on time Laura and I didn’t visit so excuse the old photo! This isn’t a photo I’d use for Instagram but hopefully it gives some idea.

TOP TIP: Stop at hidden gem Le Mani in Pasta for lunch and some pretty spaghetti photos!

10. Piazza Navona 

Piazza Navona is one of the most popular squares in Rome and includes three fountains and the dramatic Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone and the Palazzo Pamphilj which look stunning in a picture. 
TOP TIP: Time to take a break! This is one of my favourite places in the city as the atmosphere is just so alive!! There are lots of restaurants and bars fringing the square so take a moment to have a slice of pizza or a glass of prosecco!

Those are my top ten most Instagrammable places in Rome. Have you been to Rome? Is there a location that you know that is perfect for Instagram?