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Five Fantastic Restaurants Around The Amalfi Coast

Not only did I fall in love with the beautiful hotels of the Amalfi Coast, but the restaurants were also exquisite. With fresh seafood, the aroma of lemons everywhere and simply the best pasta, I was in seventh heaven! Here are the restaurants that we visited and places that I would recommend.

1. Zass 

Located at luxury hotel Il San Pietro di Positano, Michelin-starred Zass serves the most divine food in an absolute gorgeous location. 
By day it’s the most elegant lunch venue with flowers trailing down the archways, pink tables clothes and views of the coast line. I think this restaurant invented what was Instagrammable before that was even a thing!
For us lunch wee had fresh pasta, fresh fish and rosé wine in an atmosphere that was utterly elegant but also fairly informal.  
By night Zass turns into one of the world’s most romantic restaurant, lit up by candles and with songs from an Italian opera singer.  
The menu is pretty much the same from lunch to evening with a few additions such as a whole sea bass to share. Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker has been cooking for over 30 years and is dedicated to fresh and local ingredients, many of which are sourced from the hotel’s own garden.

For me, Zass is an unmissable experience while staying on the Amalfi Coast.

2. La Sponda

La Sponda is the Michelin-starred restaurant at Le Sirenuse, the other hotel that we stayed at while on holiday in Positano. Zass and La Sponda are the two restaurants that I would most highly recommend. We had two lunches at La Sponda, both times making the most of the incredible fresh pasta and fish and rose wine while enjoying a spectacular view of Positano…

By night the restaurant is lit up by 400 candles and we enjoyed the most romantic atmosphere and utterly exquisite food. The lunch and dinner menus are different and both include the best local produce with the dinner menu offering more refined dishes.

3. Ristorante Il Refettorio

I was very keen to check out Monastero Santa Rosa on recommendation from Polly so a visit to the Michelin-starred restaurant Il Refettorio was the perfect opportunity. Monastero Santa Rosa is a bit of a drive away from where we were saying in Positano but it was well worth it!
Located on the hotel’s beautiful terrace with a view of the famous infinity pool, Il Refettorio was so beautiful and romantic. Executive chef Christophe Bob had a wealth of Michelin-starred experience under his belt (including three star La Pergola and Alain Ducasse at Plaza Atheneé) before taking the helm here. Originally from Germany, Christoph married a lady from the Amalfi Coast. He says, rather romantically “I not only fell in love with my wife, I fell in love with the destination and its food.’
Using the freshest ingredients from the surrounding Campania region, the dishes are simple yet elegant. My starter was seasonal spring salad featuring asparagus, broad beans, and peas and dressed with a winter truffle vinaigrette – made with ingredients from the hotel’s own garden.    
Fresh pasta and seafood followed with a whole sea bream to share! We followed with beautifully made desserts and petite fours. 

4. Next 2

Mr S and I always like to try the ‘hot’ restaurant in town and Next 2 was a restaurant that kept coming up in my research. I was warned that Next2 didn’t have a view and I was a little disappointed to find out that not only did it not have a view but it was right on the road with cars whizzing past. However, I was soon won over by the incredible food, warm service and buzzy atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant itself is in the centre of Positano and you can take a seat on their terrace or enjoy the sleek white interior of this contemporary restaurant. The cuisine makes the most of the abundant local ingredients and the menu is made up of traditional yet modern food. 
I enjoyed a selection of  three traditional starters: a small pizza, stuffed zucchini flowers and aubergine parmigiana for starter while Mr S chose marinated tuna carpaccio, puff pastry cannolo filled with tuna tartare and guacamole.
We had a whole sea bass each which was one of the best fish dishes we had during the trip. 
I also love the story here as the restaurant was opened in 2004 by Tanina Vanacore and was passed down to her daughter Carmela who now runs the restaurant.

5. Il Riccio

Il Riccio is one of the best restaurants on the beautiful island of Capri and is easily accessed by boat from Positano. Located at the luxurious Capri Palace hotel, the restaurant is actually carved into the cliff side, hanging right over the sea!  
The captain of our boat booked Il Riccio for us and I didn’t realise until later that it had a Michelin-star though this didn’t surprise me as Mr S and I both raved this place. We loved the blue interior and the sights and sounds of the sea coming from the window. The atmosphere is more beach club vibes than super fancy restaurant, and it was the perfect choice for our excursion to the island.

Chef Giovanni Bavuso really makes the most of the local ingredients plus you don’t need to worry about small portions despite this being a Michelin-starred restaurant.  
We enjoyed tuna tartare, seafood pasta and fresh red mullet while others around us enjoyed huge shellfish platters topped with lobster. 
The hotel also houses two-Michelin starred L’Olivo if you’re looking for something even more refined.

Those are some of the best restaurants in the Amalfi Coast. Have you been to the Amalfi Coast? Which restaurants would you recommend?