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Five Restaurant Hot Spots in Amsterdam

During my research of restaurants in Amsterdam I discovered that I was seriously spoilt for choice. From Michelin fine dining, to trendy hot spots to Instagrammable cafés, Amsterdam really takes it to the next level. With very limited time on this last-minute trip, I didn’t have a huge amount of time to plan but I would highly recommend the blog  website Your Little Black Book which really helped me out in my research.

1. Jansz 

Located in the beautiful, luxurious Pulitzer Hotel, Jansz is not only interior goals but the food is excellent too. 
The cuisine is modern classics with a Dutch twist and it is perfect for a more upscale lunch or a date night dinner. The restaurant is named after 17th century craftsman Volkert Jansz who loved luxury and decadence but believed everything was better and most enjoyable when shared. Mr S and I do love sharing and there’s a really reasonably priced set menu for lunch.

The restaurant also had marble tables and pink curtains … er sold!

2. Lotti’s 

I wanted our trip to Amsterdam to include more relaxed and casual meals in cool places rather than high-end Michelin dining. With that in mind someone on Instagram recommended Lotti’s at The Hoxton Hotel to me. Regular readers know I’m Soho House member and a big fan of the group and as the Hoxton Hotel group is run in partnership with them I knew it would be a winner. 
We chose to have dinner there on a Saturday night and the bar and restaurant were packed and super buzzy. I loved the interiors which have the same cosy comfort that is the signature style of Hoxton and Soho Hotels. It’s the kind of place you could pop to for a drink but end up staying the whole night. Food wise, it’s pretty simple with grills, pastas, burgers and salad – admittedly it wasn’t the best we tried in the city (my fish was a little cold) but the atmosphere more than made up for it!

3. Wyers Restaurant 

Wyers Restaurant at the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam has a cool urban look and buzzy atmosphere. Food is American with a Dutch twist (the chef SammyD hails from Brooklyn) and you can expect classic comfort food elevated to more fine dining levels. Basically think luxury hot dogs, burgers and Caesar salads some of which are cooked on the wood fired grill to give than barbecue flavour.

It’s also a great place for breakfast as an à la carte menu is served and ingredients are often locally sourced meaning the quality is exceptionally high.   

Caveat: I realise these last three are hotel restaurants but they are far from being bland and boring as that label usually suggests. I worked in partnership with the Kimpton De Witt and Wyers restaurant and the other restaurants I visited were independent visits paid for ourselves.

4. Ron Gastrobar 

Ron Gastrobar is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in this list but still a place with the relaxed and casual vibe that we were looking for. Of all the restaurants I’ve mentioned, it was certainly the most romantic with a quite, relaxed atmosphere as opposed to a loud and buzzy one and the conservatory-style location was gorgeous. Chef Patron Ron Blauuw converted his two Michelin star restaurant into this more relaxed place but it wasn’t long before it received a star too. 
Food is a choice of small sharing plates and specials or steaks and despite the star, it’s actually a very wallet-friendly place.

5. Mook

One time I saw Zoella went to Mook….so I went Mook. Yes, I saw the pancake place on the YouTuber’s feed and I couldn’t help popping in when I walked past it.
I didn’t actually eat anything as I’d just had breakfast but I popped in for a coffee to get out of the cold and I thought Mook was worth mentioning as it was super Instagrammable and the sweet and savoury pancakes looked amazing!