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Travel Plans and Wanderlust Wishlist for 2018

Its that time of year again and every 1st of January as part of the travel link up I publish a list of my upcoming plans plus the places fuelling my wanderlust. This will be my fourth post of the kind and taking a look through the last three years of wish lists I’ve so far ticked off the following: St Lucia, The Maldives, Japan, Iceland and Budapest and I’m set to tick off a few more this year!

So let’s take a look at what’s already on the agenda:

1. January 2018 – A Snowy Surprise

When Theresa turned 30 last year, my present to her was a special girls trip abroad. As it’s still a surprise I can’t reveal too much but here are a few hints I’ve given her…it’s cold, it’s in Europe, it’s beautiful and it’s quite remote. It’s also somewhere that neither of us have been to before. Can you guess? Though obviously I can’t guarantee snow, I’m hoping we’ll see some just to make all the more beautiful.

(Picture from last year’s trip to Iceland)

2. April 2018 – The Big One! Argentina and Chile 

Its been a while since our last epic adventure but the next one is booked and planned! I put Argentina on my 2016 wish list and it’s finally happening! When I saw flights to Buenos Aires available on my British Airways airmiles, I quickly snapped them up. It’s actually one of the lengthiest non-stop long haul routes offered by the airline but with the flight leaving at 10.30pm, I hope to sleep most of the way.

We have a couple of days in Buenos Aires, dancing the tango, eating steak and drinking red wine before flying to Mendoza for a few days. Next stop will be Chile with time in Santiago, a visit to the Atacama Desert and ending in Patagonia. In the latter we’ll be staying Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most scenic places in the world.

Nearer to the time I’ll publish a more detailed itinerary including some of the planned accommodation for what will truly be a once in a lifetime trip and my first ever visit to South America.

3. May 2018 – An Italian Anniversary 

2018 marks our four year anniversary and we’ve spent two out of three anniversaries in our favourite European country – Italy!! I’m looking to spend our fourth anniversary in the land of pasta and prosecco too! Our wedding anniversary date is 18th of May but as I’ll be planning a party for the royal wedding on the 19th (congratulations Harry and Meghan), I think our anniversary plans will be delayed this year. Which actually works out well as we return from South America on the 25th of April. 
The Amalfi Coast has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I think this is going to be the year. Watch this space and I’ll let you know once it’s booked!

4. September 2018 – A Birthday Surprise!!

It’s a big round number for Mr S this year and I already have my thinking cap on for a fantastic trip to celebrate this big birthday! I have lots of ideas but nothing yet confirmed – suggestions are much appreciated!

Wanderlust Wishlist 

Looking back at previous wishlists there’s still some outstanding places that I want to visit that I’m putting on  this year’s list.

1. Sweden – City and Country

Stockholm is still very much on my list for next year – it’s a place that Mr S loved but I’m still yet to visit. I have my eye on a stay at gorgeous boutique hotel, Ett Hem.

As well as seeing Stockholm, I want to  then fly up to  Northern Sweden for a stay in the Treehotel which looks like an incredibly unique property. It’s basically a collection of tree houses in all different and unique designs – think Mirror Cube and Birds Nest! The original rooms didn’t have showers but a ‘7th Room’ has just been added to the property that can accommodate five people and includes two bedrooms, a lounge and bathroom with showers.

Perhaps this could be my festive break for next year?

2. Exploring Family Roots in Russia and Poland

Russia is another place still on my wish list with visits to Moscow and St Petersburg on the agenda.

I’ve mentioned before that my family roots go back to Russia, but I haven’t mentioned that my family also orginates from Poland. I’d be interested to visit for the first time, to find out more about my heritage and the turbulent Jewish history in the country.

3. Man Made and Natural Wanders in Brazil and Peru

Regular readers will know that I had a whole trip to Brazil and Peru planned in 2015 but when Zika was at the height of it’s epidemic we ended up cancelling our trip. I’m still very keen to visit Peru, partly for my obsession with ceviche and partly to follow the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu.

Additionally the place I most want to visit in Brazil is Iguazu Falls, the world’s largest waterfalls are very high on my bucket list but I just couldn’t fit in a visit for my upcoming South America trip.

4. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

As most of these places have appeared on my lists before I wanted to add something new to the mix. After seeing Mashpi Lodge on Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby on BBC2, I immediately added this wonderful and unique property to my list. High up in the cloud forest of Ecuador, a stay at Mashpi Lodge allows you to truly get close to nature seeing the beautiful flora and fauna, the birds and the animals, swimming in waterfalls, visiting the hummingbird garden and riding a gondola through the forest canopy.

A visit to Ecuador pairs perfectly with the Galapagos Islands, an absolute heaven for nature lovers. Here my eye is on Piakaia Lodge, a hotel which offers an itinerary based around both land and yacht excursions. A place that allows you to channel Charles Darwin and encounter giant tortoises, sea lions and ‘blue-footed boobies’ whilst enjoying incredible five star service.

Ok, so it’s pretty unrealistic that I’ll go to South America three times next year but let’s say some of these are on my 40 before 40 list rather than actual plans for next year.

Those are my plans and my wanderlust wish list for 2018 what are yours? 

  • What a wonderful 2018 already planned Angie!

  • What a fun year ahead! Stockholm is a fantastic city – I hope you make it there this year! I’d love to do a stay at that Tree Hotel too!

  • Patagonia will be amazing! It’s lucky there’s a few bits of South America zika free! Have you found any glamping, that would be incredible!

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m so jealous of your trip to Argentina and Chile – my fiance spent a month in Chile last year and absolutely loved it, the pictures were stunning too!


  • I’m so jealous of your South American adventures. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Poland this year- I’m sure you’ll love it! x

    • Thanks lovely I’d actually love to make Poland a family trip, I’ll have to get some recommendations.

  • The Amalfi Coast is definitely on my list for this year. My best friend’s parents live in a village not far from the coast and we were hoping to go during a trip last year but didn’t have time in the end. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures, I’m sure I send more of your blog posts onto friends with suggestions of where we need to eat or visit than any other!

    Happy New Year

    victoria x


    • Oh thank you so much Victoria that’s really kind and so good to hear as you never really know if your suggestions are going anywhere!

  • Love it. Can I just add all of these to my bucket list? Cheers to a well travelled 2018!

  • Ooh oh have some fantastic sounding adventures coming up this year! Argentina and Patagonia sound especially amazing and I cannot wait to follow along on your journey 🙂

  • The Galapagos Islands is on my hard core Bucket List! I look forward to seeing your photos and blog posts for 2018! I hope you have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

  • I love that you’re having a party for the royal wedding! I get so excited by the Royal’s haha! Also sharing a lot of your wishlist – mostly all of South America and Sweden is another European country I haven’t ticked off yet! x

  • Rowena Masakayan

    Love all the destinations. There are so many very beautiful places in the world and you inspire me to visit as many as I can. I’m still watching that one day you will venture here to Canada. The Rockies in the west. Either way, love your site and posts.

    • Oh thank you Rowena, that’s so kind and really means a lot to me. I went to Canada when I was 14 so I’m well over due return – between you and I, it’s on the short list for Mr S’s surprise trip.

  • This is such a fun list – I hope you love Argentina and Santiago in Chile, it sounds like it is really going to be a unique trip and unlike ones you’ve done in the past! As for the Galapagos – whether you go this year or another in the next decade, I think you will love it. I haven’t been myself, but my friends went a couple years ago and looooved it (especially those blue footed boobies!!).

    • Exactly!! I wanted something really different, there’s lots of travel but I don’t mind that too much. I think Galapagas sounds like the once in a lifetime type of trip I’m dreaming of!

  • Angie I’m so excited for your Argentinian trip!!! I would love to see you and Charles in a tango lesson!

  • Ecuador is my favourite country, I absolutely loved it. And quit a job so that I could stay there for longer! I can recommend you some cloud forest hotels that aren’t quite as luxurious but I actually think are nicer!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

    • OMG that is so interesting to hear and I’d love so recommendations.

  • You’re going to fall in love with Argentina, I can’t wait to follow your trip. And I can’t recommend Stockholm enough we had a great time last summer.

    • Thank you love!! I definitely need to book a mini break to Stockholm.

  • The Amalfi Coast is perfect for a wedding anniversary. Your Ecuador trips sounds amazing and I hope you get to Peru too. If you do you must take the Hiram Bingham train from Cusco to Machu Picchu – one of my all time favourite experiences!

    • OMG I had this all book for my ill fated trip that I cancelled! I really hope to make that great train journey one day.

  • Hayley Rubery

    Lady I loved reading this list – your travel list sounds so exciting this year (cannot wait to see your content from South America!), I also love that you’ve managed to cross off some of your wanderlust destinations from the past few years too – so nice to put dreams into action! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you!

    Hayley xo

    • I know it feels so satisfying to tick off the places that you want to go! I can’t wait to finally go to South America.

  • I loved reading this, what a great list of adventures! xxx

  • Miu

    I’m guessing that your surprise is going to Finland 😉 (How off am I? 🙊)

  • So many exciting places lined up Angie! Patagonia is literally the most beautiful place I have EVER visited!!! No words for it!

  • What an amazing, globe-trotting wishlist! I can’t wait to follow your adventures, particularly in South America. And I can’t wait to see what amazing places you find on the Amalfi Coast!

  • Wow what an amazing wishlist!

  • You should absolutely make a long, epic trip out of South America AND the Galapagos, not just because I want to live vicariously through your photos (the region has been on my bucket list for far too long)! If not South America then you should absolutely go to Moscow and St Petersburg in September. I went in summer and it was unbearably hot (yeah, not an adjective you’d associate with Russia) but I imagine Autumn would be perfect! x

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  • Always love reading your travel wishlists! Happy travels in 2018 :))

  • What an amazing list Angie – mine’s also very hopeful. Although you never know you may get to South America 3 times! Birthday trips are the most exciting thing to organise – I’m very intrigued to find out where you’ll take your friend and Mr S for his trip too. I planned a trip to Lisbon for Iain’s 30th last year and I had such fun planning it and keeping it a secret. As for Sweden – Stockholm is a must – it’s such a great city. I think we walked 15 kms one day whilst exploring. We stayed in Miss Clara which was a lovely hotel, although I have to say I haven’t looked at the one you mentioned.
    Look forward to following your adventures as always.

    • Lol! You never know!! I think Stockholm is a definite for this year!!

  • Your 2018 is already looking fantastic, Angie! So many exciting places lined up. Cannot wait to hear what the secret destination is. 🙂

  • So excited for you to get to South America!! Love this blogger share, such a fab idea!