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The Birthday Party

As much as I enjoy writing restaurant reviews and travel recommendations, my favourite part of blogging is being able to keep a personal diary. The chance to look back and remember fun times shared with friends, family and loved ones. The pictures maybe less than perfect, poses not quite ‘grammable and not every hair in place but it more about recording those special moments in time and the emotion behind the eyes. When I was younger I used to have a big party every year for my birthday but as I got older, friends grew more disparate and responsibilities changed plus you become less inclined to celebrate after the age of thirty…

But this year I was bringing the party back! Ok things have changed somewhat and there are lots more kids around…
And my dress sense is somewhat more…er…subtle. But hair is still the same and my camera is much better!! In fact when I put this Kate Spade dress on Mr S said, ‘you look like an adult’… I’ve thrown lots of parties through the years and I’ve discovered there is no better caterers than Rhubarb, they are consummate professionals and leave you with plenty of time to do your hair and make up while they pretty much take care of everything. 
Are you even a blogger if you don’t have a photo taken in front of the Peggy Porschen shop? The gorgeous pink cake shop in Belgravia was made famous by Instagram, but I’ve been a fan for a long time and we actually chose them to make our wedding cake. So much than just a pretty shop facade, Peggy Porschen cakes are utterly delicious! I also ordered some personalised biscuits from Biscuiteers.

My old parties were definitely Saturday night affairs which always ended around 3am in a night club.
But this year, I chose a Sunday daytime, mostly so that this little man could make an appearance!
I’ve always been a collector of people and I’ve made lifelong friends with people at every stage of my life. Some I’ve been friends with since I was five years old. Soon people started to arrive…friends from school…

And university…

Plus the dear friends I’ve made in four years of blogging. 
There was even an appearance from Pepita the Pom!
The canapés from Rhubarb were absolutely impeccable, they bring a chef who made them freshly in my kitchen! I also have to give a big shout out to Dominic who was the manager on the day, and absolute legend. Everything is served really creatively and they bought along some beautiful glassware too.
At 5.30 it was time to cut the cake and of course I did it with Mr S by my side! Though it did take considerable effort to blow the firework out – I didn’t even manage it!
All too quickly our day of fun was over and I could say goodbye to my birthday for another year!! A huge thank you to everyone who came, I felt very loved and spoiled!!

I thought I’d end this post with three things I would tell my twenty year old self:

  1. Travel as much as is physically and financially possible in your twenties.
  2. The number on the scale does not define you – when you’re lying on your death bed you will look back at your great adventures and you won’t really care that you never lost that last five pounds.
  3. Don’t bother with the f*k boys ultimately they’re not that into you. When you meet The One, he’ll be good and kind and he will adore you.

I always have and always will worn sun screen.

PS Have you seen my competition to win your own Peggy Porschen cake and a £300 from Net-a-Porter?

  • The happiest of birthdays for the loveliest of ladies! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there but I am SO happy you had such a wonderful birthday, Angie! xx

    • You were much missed lovely and I’m sure we’ll be celebrating birthdays together for years to come!

  • Ahh, lovely, Happy Birthday again Angie xx

  • Binny Shah-Patel

    Sounds like so much fun – so sorry I couldn’t be there but definitely lots more excuses to celebrate xx

  • These are such good, good lessons for anyone in their Twenties – and also a ‘how to throw a fantastic party’ piece of advice or two!

  • Suze

    Very wise life lessons and looking as glam as ever!

  • It was so great to spend yet another year celebrating with you Angie. You sure know how to throw a good party, that’s for sure. I hope you had lots of fun! X

  • This looks like such a fun day – I love your dress! Happy birthday again 🙂 x

  • Happy birthday girl! 🙂

  • Oh I loved this post so much Angie! It looks like you had a fab party, that cake looks AMAZING!

    C x

  • Happy birthday Angie, what a treat to be surrounded by such great friends 🙂 and your Kate Spade dress is gorgeous! xx

  • Gary J Berry

    Such a fun evening! x

  • Happy Birthday Angie, I hope you, Mr Silver and your Blogger friends had a great time celebrating. You must be a Scorpion with the f*boy comment no…? When’s your next Blogger glitter-rati meetup I’d love to start blogging like you professional’s. Give me hard dates to connect again in Central or Mayfair area!

  • Ah what an amazing party! Glad you had the best time lovely. Xx

  • Jake Terrell

    I hope that all coming birthdays are HAPPY.

    Jake Terrell | activitylife.info

  • Looks so fun and I love your words of wisdom. Very true!

  • Arrr looks like you had so much fun! x