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My Favourite Little Treats

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I’m definitely a ‘treat yourself kind of girl’ and I think it’s lovely to try to do so every day, no matter how small. I think there so many ways to make life a little better and you don’t always need to spend money to do it.

According to new research by American Express**, Brits treat themselves to a little treat, on average 3 times a week, with one in six (17%) doing so at least once a day.  The top treat is ordering a takeaway (30%) followed by the less costly reading a book (27%). It goes to show that sometimes, it really is the simple things that make us happy!

So here are my favourite #EveryDayPerks – in other words, the little things that I do frequently to enhance my life. Enjoy!

1. But First Coffee… 

OK, so I’m definitely not unique in starting every day with a coffee… but it’s one of those little luxuries I can’t live without. Rather than make my coffee, I always buy it locally so it’s a really good, barista-made blend – perfect to get you going in the morning.

2. Read my Favourite Blogs.

Once I have my coffee and porridge all ready to start the day, I get settled in to my home office and read some of my favourite blogs. As a full time blogger this is my chosen way to get the day going, gaining inspiration from my blogging friends and their beautiful content, to get my brain in gear. I don’t think there’s as better way to start the day than by feeling inspired.

3. Exercise 

I like to do some form of exercise every day… being a food blogger, I’m very mindful that I could easily get out of shape with all the delicious food I get to taste, so I really am a big advocate of exercise. I don’t spend on gym membership as I like doing exercise videos or online workouts to get moving and my heart pumping. Any time I’m feel demotivated or tired, I find a good burst of exercise really helps. I genuinely see it as a daily treat.

4. Weekend Brunches with Mr S 

Mr S sometimes works late and I’m regularly out at events or dinner, so often we don’t get to see each other much during the week. That being the case we really value our weekend breakfast / brunch or lunch and we especially like exploring some of the places in our local area.
When we were planning our wedding, this was the time that we’d go through our to do list…a bit of ‘us’ time with our phones put away so that we can reconnect and catch up.

5. Planning To redecorate my flat 

I’ve lived in my flat for nearly 12 years and in all that time, I’ve never changed up the interiors. Recently I’ve had so much fun planning the new bathroom that it’s inspired me to start thinking of ways to change up the bedroom. Of course, the Pinterest board has started, and rose gold fittings and pink velvet upholstery are making their way on there. I don’t think this will ever become a blog dedicated to interiors, but I’ll be sharing some of the changes I’m making on here when they become more real!

6. Buy myself a bunch of flowers…

As much as I love receiving flowers from Mr S, sometimes I don’t want to sit around and wait for that to happen so quite often I pick up a bunch for myself. I seriously think it’s one of the nicest small things that you can do for yourself – brightening up your room with some fresh blooms and evocative fragrance.

7. Travel Planning

I reckon Mr S thinks that sometimes I prefer the actual planning to going on trips. It’s not true (however much I love spreadsheets) but I do very much enjoy piecing together our trips. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes our choice of destination is determined by the number of frequent flyer points that we have, or the availability of flights and I love the thrill of deciding where we’re going to go and building an itinerary around it. Checking out hotel websites and my favourite booking sites is a hobby in itself and I can get lost for hours being inspired by beautiful destinations.

8. Getting a blow dry

Honestly there’s nothing that makes me feel better than getting a good blow dry for a night out. It’s a small thing but when my hair is curled, I feel so much more ready for a night out with the girls or a date night with Mr S.

I find it even simpler and less expensive now that there are so many apps that you can use – I even feel like I’m having a luxurious salon experience in my own home.

9. Spa time!

I used to find going to the spa a little boring but as I’ve got older, I’ve valued that me time and opportunity for self-care more and more. There are some beautiful spas in London and I love the full experience of visiting a gorgeous plush hotel and being pampered. The feeling of emerging with clearer skin from a facial or relaxed muscles from a massage is something that can really elevate you for the whole week. 

10. Spending time with my nieces and nephews

Regular readers will know that my sister just had a baby and we couldn’t be happier to have little Jackson here. My older nephew Charlie’s especially happy to have a little brother.

I’m trying to see my little nephews once a week as I don’t want to miss a thing as they get bigger.

These are my #EveryDayPerks I’d love to know yours! Let me know in the comments below.

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