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Driving A Rolls-Royce Wraith to Soho Farmhouse

I don’t think that there is any brand that is as synonymous with luxury as Rolls-Royce. The cars are the epitome of elegance, style and quality – a best of British brand that has been manufacturing cars for over a century. We were fortunate enough to be loaned the Rolls-Royce Wraith to take on a weekend away to Soho Farmhouse, the perfect way to arrive in absolute style! It’s a brand that means a lot to us, having had a Rolls-Royce Phantom as our wedding car, Mr S couldn’t wait to test drive the more sporty Wraith. 
Beautifully sleek in shape and unprecedented in craftsmanship, the Wraith is the fastest and most powerful model in the Rolls-Royce fold. With that iconic front grill and curved roof, the design is both dramatic and elegant.

I haven’t driven in years and I certainly wasn’t starting again in a car this expensive…so Mr S took the driver’s seat.  
For the most part anyway…

Mr S found driving the car smooth yet it was incredibly powerful. 
It’s a two door car but the back seat is still incredibly spacious (I mean at 5.3 metres long this is a big car) with luxurious seats made from hand-stitched leather and lambswool under your feet. One of my favourite things was the starry ceiling which just added another element of style. 
A totally bespoke car can be made…think one off paint colours, or a monogram stitched into the seat. 
The dashboard has a cool retro style with traditional analogue dials.
And this wouldn’t be a Roller without the Spirit of Ecstasy on the front, but this folds in when the car is parked so it doesn’t get stolen. 
Some parts are imported but the car itself is hand assembled at the Rolls-Royce factory in Goodwood. It’s truly a quintessentially English vehicle.
Every detail has been thought of, there’s even pop out umbrellas with the Rolls-Royce logo. 
When you factor in traffic it’s about a two hour journey there and back to Chipping Norton, the location of Soho Farmhouse, and the ride couldn’t have been more comfortable for me in the passenger seat. We also stopped at the village of Woodstock for some reminiscing about a previous mini break back when we first got together!
You may remember my visit to Soho Farmhouse last year – I fell in love with this little bubble in the countryside with all my heart and I was so happy to return with Mr S and my parents.

This time we were in cabin 7, a large studio cabin with the most gorgeous wooden interior and perfect little retro touches. A wood burning stove, a kitchen filled with treats, comfy sofas and cosy blankets made this rustic abode a real home away from home. 
My parents had a bigger cabin, which was absolutely perfect for them, and they soon fell in love with the place too. 
It struck me that Soho Farmhouse is a totally different type of luxury to Rolls-Royce. One is the epitome of manufacturing skills and the height of technology the other is cosy and rustic, with the true luxury lying in getting away from the city and spending time with your family in a relaxed environment. There’s definitely room in my life for both 😉 
We had the most fantastic low-key weekend, with country walks, exploring the garden, admiring the locals and playing crazy golf!
Our first night dinner was in the Main Barn restaurant, and we enjoyed a feasting table in the Hay Barn, dinner at Japanese Pen Yen and a Sunday roast before we left. 
We didn’t have time to enjoy the Cow Shed spa, go for a ride on the horses, watch a film at the cinema or a spin in the boating lake but I did get a fab blow dry in the Parlour. 
Plus we had a wonderful game of Scrabble, one of the board games included in the room. 
Just like the Rolls-Royce Wraith, you cannot fault the attention to detail at Soho Farmhouse. From the bottle of milk delivered to your room every morning, the perfectly sized wellies outside your room to the float that delivers cocktails. 
The service is friendly and personable, making you feel right at home rather than anything stuffy and overly formal. 
And just like the first time I stayed at Soho Farmhouse, a few tears were shed before I left, but at least we had the spectacular Rolls-Royce Wraith to take us home in style.


The PR team at Roll-Royce bravely loaned us the Wraith for the weekend but this post is NOT sponsored by them.