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10 Reasons Why Mr S is the Perfect Instagram Husband

As social media rapidly continues to take over the world, the phrase ‘Instagram Husband’ has entered our vocabulary and has become a common phenomenon. So what exactly is the somewhat elusive Instagram Husband? He’s the man behind the lens, the one getting in awkward positions as his wife or girl friend demands the perfect photo. The man who’s come to accept he’ll never eat a hot meal again or enter a hotel room without a million pictures being taken before he can relax. Fortunately Mr S has come to reluctantly take on the role of the Instagram husband behind the SilverSpoon blog as well as my most constant travel companion. But it’s ok cos he loves me really…

1. We Compliment Each Other

I’ve written before how I’m a total type A whereas he’s type B with our contrasting personalities, I always make sure everything is organised perfectly and he’s happy to go with the flow. Ok it did take a while to find an equilibrium but now we’ve found the perfect balance of of activities and sight seeing versus relaxation time. He’s agrees that while he’ll help me take the Instagram photos, I’ll also let him chill out for a bit too!

2. He’s over six foot tall and I’m only five foot 3…

Every blogger knows that the perfect flat lay can be incredibly popular on Instagram and breakfast shots are a foodie’s favourite.
However being petite in stature I can’t always get the perfect flatlay in frame…fortunately I have Mr S to come to my rescue for overhead shots.
He’s even started to say, ‘Are we going to make a flatlay?’ at any given hotel breakfast.

Also tall men have longer arms for those all important couple selfies…

3. He’s not afraid of heights

Useful in many travel blogger situations, partly cos he makes me feel more at ease with my fears but also because he is able to capture photos of me during these precarious times. For example while I was clinging on for dear life during our Drangey Island climb he was able to shoot a few ‘candid’ photos of me…
I think he captured the fear in my eyes rather well here…
And here…

Or my recent first time in a helicopter.

4. He’s happy to drive in foreign countries…

As I haven’t driven in years, Mr S is always the designated driver on our trips... he’s come to realise that part of this means searching for perfect Instagram spots and frequent stops in beautiful locations…

5. We have different tastes in food…

Part of being a food blogger is photographing a diverse range of food so that your readers can see lots of different options on the menu. Whilst I’m a fish eater, he’s always prefer meat which works very well for my Instagram and blog photos…

Though of course he’s had to come to accept that we need to take about twenty photos to get the right one so he’ll never have his steak hot again…

6. He’s a strong swimmer and loves getting in the sea

While I’m scared of deep water and terrified of jelly fish and what else lies beneath, Mr S is a very happy water baby.
Which is why he’s able to get shots like this places like The Maldives…

7. He’s Learnt How to Give Direction

Ok, so this wasn’t always the case in our Instagram relationship…at the beginning my eyes would be half shut, my back hunched over and a bra strap inching down my shoulder. But now Mr S has learnt how to give direction like a pro, getting me to stand straight, find the most flattering way to stand and the right angle to make my nose look small. 
We’ve perfected the looking off into the distance pose…(a great one if you haven’t done your make up).
The ‘plandid’ not looking at the camera casual stance…
And the playful circling in fields look.

8. He helps me seek out the best spots…

Mr S isn’t the type of Instagram husband that will literally plan the day around getting Instagram shots but he does help me get photos even at the most crowded of tourist attractions. 
You’d never know there were swarms of people around me at this Oia hotspot…
Or here at the Arashiyama bamboo grove in Kyoto. `

Or on the busy bridges of Florence.

Though one thing he won’t do is get up at 6am to avoid the crowds…

9. He has a better tolerance to alcohol than I do…

Being a food blogger I’m often faced with situations involving multi-course menus and matching wines – it’s not unusual to have a twelve course menu with a wine pairing for every course. Of course as the meal goes on dishes get blurrier and blurrier with every sip…fortunately Mr S has a higher tolerance to alcohol so can still get that sharp shot even when I’ve had a few too many!

10. I’m a pretty good Instagram Wife too…

Let’s not pretend my Mr S doesn’t like having his photo taken…I think I make a pretty good Instagram wife too…
There’s no definitely no doubt we’re each other’s perfect companion!! A huge thank you my human selfie stick for always being there when I need him.

Are you in an Instagram relationship? What does your Instagram husband or wife do for you?


  • Awww I really relate to this Angie! It’s so nice to have someone to travel with who really complements you and your travel style! x

    • So true!! Of course we don’t agree on everything but life isn’t really a perfect Instagram grid!

  • He does take great photos of you, and isn’t it great when they start learning how to give good direction instead of just pointing and shooting?

  • You guys compliment each other so well – he put the husband in Instagram husband! x

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  • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

    Love this Angie! I think it’s so great to travel with someone that can deal with your travel fears but also guide you along the way and make special memories together!

    • That’s so true. I seriously don’t think I could have got in a cable car without Mr S.

  • Love this – good ol’ Mr S! And you’re definitely an excellent Instagram wife to Mr S (and to your blog husbands and wives too!)

  • This made me chuckle! But that photo in the Maldives, now you being a blogger I had just assumed he was floating on a unicorn to get the shot 😉

  • Harpreet Acharya

    Love this! And the whole plandid shot thing…so true! My husband is my instahusband and the genius behind all my photographs…and you’re right, we have perfected the art of taking those plandid shots over the years!

    • Lol! It certainly takes a while but when you nail it, it feels great.

  • Really great post Angie. hahah about the flatlays.

  • I love this post! found you from the link up and it sounds like mr. is the perfect travel companion! My husband honestly cant take a picture to save his life. these photos are gorgeous, are you taking them on a phone?

    • I’m so glad you found me!! Around 90% of the photos on my Instagram are taken on the camera, I do occasionally share phone photos though.

  • Hayley Rubery

    Welllllll this is quite possibly the cutest post EVER! You guys are so good together and I love that you travel so much (and that he’s a babe for taking your pictures!), Ben is so good at pictures too which I love, so nice to have the support!

    Hayley xo

  • Mr S sounds very much like Mr A 🙂 we’re complete opposites too, he puts up with a lot I can tell you and being new to blogging, I feared that he’d kind of get fed up with the constant photo taking but in fact, he obliges, if he feels I haven’t taken a good photo, out comes his iphone! you’re both so cute together, long may it continue 🙂

    • Thanks you so much Helen. Of course he does get frustrated and refused the early starts but most of the time he’s happy to go along with it.

  • Wandermust Family

    Can Mr. S send my hubby some tips please? #travellinkup

  • Haha, I will email your article to my other half, he is a good partner in crime when it comes to pics but still could improve certain angles and taking pics when swimming 😉 thanks for sharing such a comprehensive list of tips!

  • This is so funny – Theo gets so fed up with me asking to do blogger boyfriend duties!

    Sophie – http://www.sophiessuitcase.com

  • This is the cutest “A huge thank you my human selfie stick for always being there when I need him.” Awww!

  • drsolly

    There’s nothing wrong with the Solomonic nose.

  • Luckily Lenny

    I am smiling while reading your post Angie! Our Instagram husbands really saves our day in our content for the blog and for the feed!

  • great companion indeed:)

  • Suze

    One of my favourite posts of yours, Angie! Made me smile and realize all the good things that Paul does for me too

  • Binny Shah-Patel

    LOVE this! Amit has also become a good instagram husband and even tells me to sort out my hair lol

  • Hahaha Angie this is perfect! Maybe he should start Instagram Husband lessons … I’ll sign Dan up! He needs to learn how to give direction hahaha

  • Instagram husbands are just the best aren’t they?! 🙂

  • This whole article made me smile because I feel the exact same way about my husband! It isn’t his favorite thing to scout and take Instagram pictures but he does it without complaint.

  • He is soo well-trained, bravo Mr S! I love that he’s prepped for flatlay taking at breakfast! Might have to get Mr Sunshine to have a read of this post 😀 xx

  • Hahahah that flatlays really made me laugh. Here’s to the Insta-men!

  • Love you guys, you’re indeed a perfect couple! <3