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The Midnight Suite at Four Seasons Spa

I’m not a great sleeper and never have been. My mum will often tell my tales about how for many years I kept her up at night and today I’m still not someone who can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Not a great quality for a travel blogger who is often faced with overnight flights, new beds and jet lag! That being the case, I loved the idea of the new selection of treatments at the The Spa at the Four Seasons, designed to prepare the body and mind for a relaxing and restorative sleep. 
The Omorovicza Midnight Suite at Four Seasons featuring La Perla is popping up in the 10th floor spa from 7th to 14th of September to celebrate the luanch of the Omorovicza Midnight Treatment menu. You may remember my previous visit to The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, and one reason I love it so much is that’s it’s not tucked away in the basement. The top floor location means that the spa is filled with light and has fantastic views over London. 
Settling down with a carrot juice I filled out a form that would help the spa therapist customise the treatment for me and I was given the opportunity to choose what type of facial I wanted. From the choice of The Dextoxifier, The Restorer, The Revitaliser, The Hydrator and The Brightener, I chose the latter because who doesn’t what brighter skin? I actually choose my skin care and make up with the intention of giving my skin a glow. You can also select two add ons or enhancers, I opted for the eye cooler and face soother but scalp retreat, neck lift and foot relaxer are all options too.

After changing into robe and slippers, I headed into the beautiful Midnight Suite. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how much I love blue and it’s the colour I wear the majority of the time. Not only do I think blue suits me but I associate peace and tranquility with the colour as well as blue skies and the ocean. 
So it’s no surprise I loved the look of this room adorned with beautiful Midnight Blue silks. 
The luxurious boudoir feel mimicked a beautiful bedroom or a hotel room making it even more relaxing and the perfect prompt for a good night sleep.  
The hotel’s own floral designer Rosalind Ackerley has decorated the suite with beautiful blooms to further enhance the experience. The delphinium, hydrangea and lisianthus are mostly white and provide a stark contrast with the midnight blue. 
And isn’t there something about wearing beautiful sleepwear that makes going to bed even better? Well the spa suite also featuring beautiful pieces from luxurious lingerie brand, La Perla to tempt you.

The Midnight Menu is only available late afternoon and evening from 4:00 to 9:00 pm in order to coincide with the body’s Circadian Rhythm and aid a restful sleep. Lying on the bed face first, the massage therapist started with a ten minute soothing back and neck massage before I flipped over to rest my head on a fluffy pillow and she got started on the facial. 
I had experienced the Omorovicza products before at the Spa at Four Seasons and if you don’t know them, they’re a Hungarian brand based in Budapest. The founders were inspired by the mineral rich thermal baths of Budapest and alongside Nobel-prize winning scientists they developed their skin care brand based on the transformative effects of the healing water. The most well-known product, Hydro Mineral Transference system, has achieved cult status as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory secret weapon.
Starting with a refreshing spray, the therapist soon got to work on my thirty minute facial. A lactic acid copper peel is applied all over the face, but it’s not one of those harsh peels that stings your face it’s actually very gentle. Next she massaged my face with careful strokes to exfoliate, rejuvenate and brighten my skin.
Next came the eye soother and I was told to be prepared for something very cold like ice on my skin. The cool derma globes are actually a very pleasant sensation around the eye and Arnica and Vitamin K are also used to reduce puffiness and dark circles. You could almost fake eight hours sleep with the fantastically firming and brightening treatment. The face soother was another cooling application this time using rose quartz wands to strengthen, repair and promote lymphatic drainage. 
Feeling seriously relaxed after my sixty minute treatment, the therapist prepared me a cup of midnight tea containing a long list of herbal remedies. Even the tea was blue to coordinate with beautiful environment of the Midnight Suite. Taking my tea to the relaxation room I put my feet up in front of the fire for a final few moments of enjoying the comforts of the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. And did I get a more restful night sleep? I certainly did! Can I have a Midnight Treatment every day?

The 60 minute treatment is priced at £150. 

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My treatment was complimentary.