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All Aboard Beauty: Setting Sail at Petit St. Vincent Private Island

Her name was Beauty and she would be our ride for the day… A 49 foot sailing sloop equipped with everything that we needed for a day riding the ocean wave and navigating the islands and reefs surrounding Petit St. Vincent Private Island
It was our first day at Petit St. Vincent and after an evening of heavy rain, I rushed out to my balcony to see what the day would hold for us. 
The perfect curve of a rainbow emanating from the clouds and ending in the sea was like an omen of optimism…it was going to be good day!
A day of water sports or sailing at Petit St. Vincent will start out at the dive centre where the expert team will be able to kit you out with everything that you need. As non-motorised water sports are included in room rate, guests are welcome to help themselves to kayaks, Hobie Cats, Sunfish, windsurfers and snorkeling gear.

The renowned ocean conservationist and son of diving pioneer Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel Cousteau, is the partner for the Petit St. Vincent Dive Centre. He chose the island after extensive research and examination of the reef, concluding that it was the perfect place to educate and raise awareness for ocean life. There’s a program available for PADI certifcation at all levels too.
A dinghy took us out to Beauty where we met our charismatic crew, Simba and Donnelly, who would be looking after us for the day. 
Soon the sail was hoisted and we were on our way!
Which gave me a chance to have a nose around the cosy inside of the sloop where owner Jeff Stevens actually lives!
As we sailed, I admired the shifting blues as we ploughed through the Caribbean sea. There’s something so magical about seeing the different shades everywhere we looked.     
‘Ok, we’re there!’ Announced Simba. Not quite sure where ‘there’ was, I left the sturdy confines of Beauty, leaving the big camera behind as I climbed into a dinghy with my fellow passengers. Regular readers will know I’m scared of the ocean and deep water, but I’m also a big believer in nothing ventured, nothing gained so with Go Pro in hand, a snorkel and fins I slide into the water.

Ok, so a nervous swimmer is never going to get the best photos but I managed a few pictures of the coral in between Donnelly lifting me back into the dinghy to assuage mild panic attacks! However, the water was reassuring warm and actually not all that deep – I’m just a bit of a wimp.

He took us to another destination where I was able to get a few photos of star fish..

It was also the perfect location for swimming with sea turtles, I did see one but sadly it was too far away to get a decent picture.

Out of the sea and on to dry land, Donnelly led us on to an island paradise, totally free of any other visitors and home to native animals…



Donnelly also showed us aloe plants and how to use the gel to sooth any mosquito bites.

Back to Beauty, and Simba had already cooked up a storm on the boat’s barbecue…
With tuna, chicken, steak and delicious cheesy bread – I also smothered it in extra-hot spicy sauce…well, when in the Caribbean. Simba also produced a homemade rather potent rum with cinnamon grated on top. A cocktail that went down a treat with our group!

Than it was upsail again and we sat on the front of the boat happily drinking in our cocktails and taking in the cool ocean breeze. 
Soon our paradise emerald island came into sight again and it was home to the beautiful Petit St. Vincent Private Island. 
A fantastic day on the good ship Beauty and an unmissable treat whilst staying on the island.

Rates at Petit St. Vincent start from $1,100 (£841) per room per night, based on two sharing a one bedroom cottage. Includes three meals daily, all non-alcoholic beverages, the use of non-motorised water sports and all facilities at the resort. For further information, visit www.petitstvincent.com | +1 (954) 963 7401 | info@petitstvincent.com or contact your local travel agent.

I was a guest on Petit St. Vincent as part of a press trip.