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The Luxury Experience at The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The thing I love most about travel is when dreams really do come true! Iceland is a country I’d been wanting to visit for years and after lots of research on the perfect places to go I finally booked my dream trip to Iceland. One particular item that I was keen to tick off my bucket list was a visit to the world famous Blue Lagoon Iceland!
We flew to into Keflavík International Airport with Icelandair landing at around 3pm in the afternoon. Regular readers will know that we’re British Airways Executive Club members and usually fly with our home airline but on this occasion timings mean Icelandair was a better choice. We flew Saga (Business Class) and I was super impressed with the comfortable seats, entertainment and food during our short two and a half hour flight. 
The Blue Lagoon is around twenty minutes drive from the International Airport so it makes sense to go there when you arrive in Keflavik or when your on you way back. They’re very used to this at the Blue Lagoon and there’s a big luggage storage area so no need to worry about that. There are also scheduled transfers from Reykjavík and Keflavík International Airport but we got a taxi which was very easy too.

As we stepped out of the airport, a brisk chill hit our skin but in August, Iceland isn’t freezing and the cold felt pleasant and refreshing. Driving through the country, I already felt like I was on another planet and I eagerly anticipated our arrival at the Lagoon. 
After dropping off our suitcases we headed down the rock lined path to the main visitor centre where we picked up our wristbands. As the Blue Lagoon had been such a major part of the trip for me, I decided to book the Luxury Experience, the top tier offering for entrance. 
Choosing this option meant we had our own private changing room for the two of us which only opened using our wrist bands. In the room was a towel, bathrobe and slippers that we could use for the duration of our three hour time slot.

We were also given a Spa Journey Product set as a gift to keep as part of the whole experience. 
The Luxury Package also includes entrance to the Exclusive Lounge which features comfortable seating, a fireplace, fruit, coffee and water.

The Exclusive Lounge also has a special entrance so that you can get into the Blue Lagoon without having to step outside into the cold in your swimwear. 
The VIP area also has a balcony with views across the lagoon…
Or you can walk right out to the wooden platform.

Now as you can see it was pretty busy and I do warn you, the Blue Lagoon is touristy but I had managed my expectations and honestly it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. Plus it’s so big you won’t be bumping into people when you’re in there. 
Getting into our robes and flip flops we were all ready to go! You’re advised to put conditioner in your hair if you’re planning to get it wet as the minerals in the water can be very drying on the hair and skin.

Obviously we left the big camera behind and just took the GoPro but they do sell waterproof cases for you phone if you want to get pictures that way.

Dipping our toes in, the water felt lovely and warm, it’s 37-40 degrees so feels just like bath water. It’s not too deep either at around 0.8-1.2 metres and 1.4 metres at the deepest point.

The Lagoon Bar is in the middle of the water so we headed straight there (obviously) and a drink is included on the luxury package. If you want to purchase extra drinks you can do using your wrist band and then pay after. There’s prosecco, wine, beer and soft drinks available but they don’t allow more that three drinks each for safety reasons.

The lagoon contains nine million litres of geothermal water which originates 2,000 litres below the surface. Freshwater and seawater combine at extreme temperatures and it’s harnessed via drilling holes at a geothermal power plant.

As the geothermal water comes up it picks up important minerals. There are three active ingredients in the lagoon; silica, algae and minerals. The blue colour actually comes from the silica and the way it reflects the sunlight. If they water was poured into a cup it would actually look milky white, not blue. That being said, you can skip the underwater camera and googles as you can’t actually see under the water.

Interestingly the water is also self cleansing and renews every forty hours!

There’s a spa area in the Lagoon and here you can get a silica mud mask which is included in all packages. The luxury package also includes an algae mud mask, both being great for your skin. There are also facilities to have an in water massage using Blue Lagoon mineral massage oil. There’s a sauna and steam room too, a man made waterfall and a little cave where you can relax and hear a little about the history of the lagoon. The lagoon complex is actually expanding and soon there will be a new luxury hotel in addition to the current Silica Hotel, a new restaurant and an underground spa.

Despite the crowds, the spa experience is seriously relaxing and we didn’t want to get out but someone was booked into the private room after us so we had to pack our stuff up. On the way out we stopped at their skin care shop to pick up some products made from Blue Lagoon minerals and as my skin was seriously dry from two hours in the Lagoon, this was much appreciated!
There’s a couple of options for food at the Lagoon and the Blue Cafe serves sandwiches and take away meals while Lava is more fine dining option.  
Having seen photos of Lava on the website, I had high hopes for the restaurant which is built into a lava cliff with views of the Blue Lagoon. However, the atmosphere was a little like a canteen and the views from the restaurant itself wasn’t amazing, it would have been better on the upper level. 
However my disappointment faded when I tried the food by Head chef Ingi Þórarinn Friðriksson which really was excellent!
Dining at Lava is optional as part of the luxury package but if you choose to, a glass of sparkling wine is included. 
Excellent bread and salted, whipped Icelandic butter on a lava rock is provided complimentary before the meal. At Lava, modern dishes using Icelandic ingredients are served and the food is really very good.

My starter was birch and juniper cured sea trout with horseradish foam, cucumber, pickled mustard seeds, Arctic char roe and rye bread. 
Mr S warmed up with langoustine soup, with seaweed. 
I chose cod with cauliflower, barley and demi glace sauce for main course – the fish was cooked beautifully. 
Mr S had the fish of the day with potatoes, lobster sauce and spring onion. Desserts looked super tempting but we decided to skip them so we could spend a little time exploring Reykjavík and maybe get dessert there.

Heading back across the rocks we picked up our luggage and grabbed a taxi to take us to our home for the night, 101 Reykjavík!

Some final thoughts on the Blue Lagoon, yes it’s touristy, busy and probably quite overpriced but for me it was an absolute bucket experience which I loved! The Luxury Experience made it even better for me and while pricey it really did elevate the experience. If you don’t want to go all out the Premium or Comfort package will still add a touch of luxury to this totally unique experience or take it to the next level and book a night at Silica for a private piece of lagoon!

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