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Ten Reasons Why The Maldives is the Ultimate Destination for Luxury Travel Inspiration

It’s nearly two weeks since I got back from The Maldives but I’ll be forever dreaming of that powder white sand beneath my feet and the sound of the Indian Ocean in my ears. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever visited, it’s no wonder that it was a place that provided inspiration for me.

It’s totally unique, made of twenty six atolls it is the world’s most geographically dispersed as well as being the smallest Asian country and the world’s lowest country. I have lots of posts coming up about my time here but I thought I’d start with a taster of why this incredible country inspired me so much.

1. Over Water Villas

There are actually very few places in the world that are ideal for this one of a kind accommodation. Volcanic islands surrounded by still lagoons an as every island is completely flat, The Maldives is the perfect location for over water villas.

Mr Silver absolutely loves the water, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier than when he was totally surrounded by that gorgeous lagoon and he could take a dip whenever he fancied it.

2. Your Own Private Island

Though there are over 100 resorts in The Maldives pretty much all of them has their own private island. And isn’t that level of privacy the ultimate when it comes to luxury travel? Perfect for romance, families and even me time!

3. Sunsets

The sunsets in the Maldives are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I’m not even sure why they’re so good but the sky is tinted with a beautifully pinky purple colour and it’s just utterly wonderful!

4. The Food!

Of course…the food… The Maldives is 99% ocean so seafood is always on the menu and it’s incredibly fresh. You honestly can’t go to the Maldives without trying the tuna! With Indian and Oriental influences, the food that we tried at the resorts was just a dream – I don’t think I had one bad meal!
Though the Michelin man doesn’t actually come and inspect at The Maldives, some of the restaurants that we tried definitely deserved a few stars!

5. The Beach

There are beautiful beaches and then there are *beautiful beaches* and the sand in The Maldives is brilliant white and so powdery soft that you never need to wear shoes!
See what I mean? These beaches are seriously pristine!

6. Marine Life

Regularly readers will know I’m scared of swimming in the deep sea…but you barely need to leave your room to find Nemo! In amongst those gorgeous coral reefs are beautiful fish of all colours, shapes and sizes.

You may also see sharks, rays and turtles too!

Glass panels in the floor of the rooms and spa also allow you to see right into the lagoon from inside!

7. Transfer By Seaplane

Is there anything more rock star than arriving at your hotel by private plane? With some of the atolls lying far from the main airport in Malé, the most convenient way to arrive is via a seaplane. 
And you won’t be bored on the journey either as you’ll be treated to beautiful scenic views of the islands below. 

8. The Service

At both of the hotels that we stayed we were assigned a butler to our room. This Man Friday offered utterly exceptional service that exceeds all expectations, his job is to make sure that your holiday is wonderful and that your memories will last a lifetime!

9. Spa Time!

Of course many luxury resorts have spas…but few have spas over the water or even under the water! At the hotels we stayed in the massages beds had glass panels underneath them so that we could watch the fish swim peacefully beneath us as we enjoyed our massages. 

10. Complete and Utter Peace and Tranquility

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such incredible peace and tranquility than during our time in The Maldives. This paradise is truly a place to forget all your troubles and stresses, relax and get inspiration for writing blog posts…oh and it’s quite possibly the world’s most Instragrammable location too.

Have you been to The Maldives? What did you love about it? Did you find it inspiring? 


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