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The Ten Commandments of Travel Blogging

We always see those oh-so-perfect colour co-ordinated Instagram feeds, the life of a travel blogger always seems so ideal. But things can sometimes go so horribly wrong…follow my ten commandments of travel blogging to avoid sticky situations…

1. Thou Shall Not Work with Animals or Children…

And if you do, never get in the way of them sneezing.

2. Thou Shall Keep a Firm Hold of Your Valuables

Or face the consequences…read about the time I *almost* lost my wedding ring whilst travelling First Class with British Airways.

3. Thou Shall Find the Right Travel Companion

I’d be in trouble if I didn’t say Mr S was my perfect travel companion, read my top tips for travelling as a couple to avoid unnecessary fall outs.

4. Thou Shall Travel to the Right Place and The Right time of Year
Avoid fog in San Francisco, the rainy season in the Caribbean and the crowds in Rome by checking out my guide of where to go, and when.

5. Thou Shall Always keep Spare Underwear in your Hand Luggage…
Read all about how I had to spend days wearing Mr S’s underpants after my luggage didn’t turn up.

6. Thou Shall Not Give in to FOMO

Never try and see so much that you end up feeling exhausted! Read my tips to avoid encountering the dreaded Fear of Missing Out!

7. Thou Shall Plan Meticulously to get the Best out of you Trip 
Read my tips on how to get your spreadsheets in order so you don’t end up missing out on the best a destination has to offer.

8. Thou Shall Read other Blog Posts to find the Best Things to Do
You know your favourite bloggers so check out what they did in order to avoid making mistakes… Read my favourite travel resources

9. Thou Shall Always Get the Best Deals…but Never Compromise
Read my advice for travelling in luxury for less, whilst still staying in the best places.

10. Thou Shall Get Some Relaxation Time

Don’t kill yourself with creating content make sure you get some pool time! Here are my top hotel pools
And my top private pools

Those are my top tips for avoiding travel disaster! What are yours? 

  • So glad you got your ring back – and your luggage on your other trip too!

  • Lol, the first photo with a giraffe is epic!

  • Ha ha that giraffe picture made me chuckle! And you are so right about the spare pants in the hand luggage. I felt so bad for you reading about your lost luggage, that’s my worst nightmare.

  • Hahaha that giraffe photo is hilarious!!

  • I’m stuck on the first class picture. Hot damn that is a nice setup.

  • Georgina

    That first photo has me laughing out loud at my desk! Great post as always


  • Melissa Beare

    Love the giraffe picture!! I’ve got one – thou shalt give thyself enough time to make a connecting flight. I never book less than 60-90 minutes layover now after one time stupidly trying to get through customs, change terminals and make a connection in less than 40 minutes…with a broken toe. Agony.

    • OMG!! Yes, I’m not a fan of connecting flights and usually leave 2 hours at least.

  • Brilliant idea for this month’s travel link up Angie! That giraffe picture will always crack me up

  • Amazing tips! The lost luggage and Mr S’ underwear debacle still makes me chuckle (with a good dose of sympathy of course!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Great post! Although I’m not a travel blogger I do sometimes share my travel adventures on my blog and since I’ve been blogging I’ve noticed I can get a little annoying to travel with as I’m trying too hard to cram everything in and take a photo of it and can end up forgetting to relax!! Have had to check myself on that one and remember to enjoy my holiday!
    Love the tip about spare undies in hand luggage! That’s actually a really good idea that I hadn’t thought of before.
    Louise x

    • I feel exactly the same, you get so carried away that you really get lost in the moment!

  • I love, love, love this post. The joys of being a #travelblogger

  • Beware of sneezing giraffes, got that! Great picture, perfect timing! Hopefully our upcoming trip to San Francisco wont be foggy :/ Awesome Post

  • Love your ten commandments….some really great advice here too and I love the pools!! I still can’t believe you got sneezed on by a giraffe!

  • great rules!:) #travellinkup

  • Mehreen A

    I’m all about commandment 10!

  • Gary J Berry

    That photo of you and the giraffe made me lol out loud! Deffo going with commandment number 1!!

  • Oh my God, if these commandments were gospel (and they bloody well should!) then pray for my soul because this travel blogger is going straight to internet hell. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve brought unto myself an attack by the local wildlife (got my photo, worth it) among various other travel crimes. My personal favourite? Forgetting that Montenegro is not in fact in the EU and hence being slapped with a £2000 phone bill because somebody *ahem Vodafone* did NOT send me a “You are roaming – get off your phone and look for some wifi!” notification…x

    Bucharest, Romania: Lost Footage from Caru’ cu Bere – Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Lol! Praying for you Jasiminne! I’ve done the phone bill thing too!

  • Brilliant post! Definitely some commandments to live by (and an epic giraffe photo…)

    I’ve also just read the post about how you almost lost your wedding ring – how lovely of the airway and the engineer to put all that effort into finding it again! And the lost luggage one – once again great customer service to rectify it, but what a nightmare! Lucky Mr S’s pants fitted!

    • Lol!! I think we’ll do the clothes swap thing next time…though the pants fitted I wouldn’t be keen to wear them again.

  • I love this post! I especially agree with finding the right travel person!

  • Haha yeeeeees Ange, some brilliant commandments here!!! Love AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Always time for RnR – couldn’t agree more! At the end of the day that is what it is about and one of the main reasons people travel

  • Haha love these – especially the giraffe shot! Getting that balance of chill out time and seeing all of the things is SO hard.

  • That giraffe shot is an absolute classic! Somehow you still manage to look oh-so glam though!!
    Polly xx

  • I am SO on board for #5 – my hubby always laughs when I pack 5 spare pairs of pants but I know if our suitcases go missing I’ll be happy!