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Travel Plans and Wanderlust WishList For 2017

Every year as part of our travel link up I look to the year ahead to tell you what my current travel plans are and those that I hope to add. In 2016 year I visited six new countries: Japan, The Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, Kenya and Tanzania and I revisited France (several times), Italy (twice), Spain and Hong Kong. There’s not many definite plans yet for 2017 but here’s what I have so far:

January 2017: Vienna, Austria

As a child the Sound of Music was my favourite film by far, I must have watched it about 100 times and I know all the songs off by heart. Having said that I’ve always wanted to visit Austria and though I don’t have time to visit Salzburg where the film was actually set, I can’t wait to take in the culture and history of Vienna.

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As well as admiring the beautiful architecture, exploring churches and palaces, I’ve definitely got lots of foodie plans up my sleeve. I’ll be exploring the Viennese coffee culture, sampling some schnitzel and finding the best apple strudel. Vienna is also the city of wine, and the only capital to produce a large amount of wine within the city itself, that said I’ll be sampling local wine and I have some cellar visits in my plans.
Tips for places to see and where to eat are hugely welcomed. 

February / March 2017: The Maldives / Dubai

I honestly don’t know how long the Maldives has been on my bucket list but I’ve pretty much wanted to visit for ever and ever! Mr S and I decided that this will be the year that we finally tick the paradise destination off our bucket list. As I mentioned in my Top Ten Travel Moments of the Year, I’ve become more and more inclined to enjoy relaxing holidays rather than madly trying to see everything, *Mr S breathes a sigh of relief*.
Not being someone that’s hugely into watersports, I’m looking forward to some warm weather, enjoying lots of great food, cocktails and spa treatments while we’re there.
Images of Huvafen Fushi are provided by the hotel 

Owing to the nature of the flights and the availability of air miles, we’re thinking that our trip to the Maldives will involve a stop over in Dubai so I’d love any hotel or restaurant tips for our time there.

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May 2017: Lake Como, Italy / Milan

A few years ago, Mr Silver and I visited Lake Como for a day trip whilst staying in Milan. We totally fell in love with the beautiful place and it seemed the perfect destination for our three year wedding anniversary.

I’ve booked to stay in Hotel Grand Tremezzo which has been on my hotel bucket list for years; here we’ll enjoy some of the best modern Italian cuisine, boating on the lake and visits to nearby historical villas.

We’ll also have one glamorous night in Milan, celebrating our three years together in style with dinner somewhere special.

On my Bucket list for 2017

Every year I create bucket list and tick one or two things off, this year I’m going to focus my list on the parts of Europe that I’ve always dreamt of seeing and aim to cover them all with weekend breaks.

1. Stay in the Gresham Palace in Budapest 

Budapest was on my wish list for last year and it’s still firmly on there! I will make it there this year and finally live out my dream of staying in the Gresham Palace, one of the world’s best hotels.

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I’m also keen to bathe in the thermal baths, see the view from Fisherman’s Bastion and take a cruise on the river Danube.

2. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Iceland is another country that remains on my bucket list from last year, I’m still keen to see the glaciers and geysers of Iceland, take a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon and perhaps a glimpse of the Northern lights.

This is happening this year, I promise!

3. Drink Vodka in Russia

I actually have family roots in Russia so I’ve always wanted to visit, and not over discover the history but also find out more about the background to the literary history which I studied at university. But Russia is huge, where should I begin?

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4. Go for a ‘fika’ in Stockholm

When I was deciding on my January trip it was a close call between Vienna and Stockholm but I’m now planing to pay a visit to the capital of Sweden before the end of the year.

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As well as going for fika, I’m keen to explore the fashion and design in Stockholm and experience Scandinavian cuisine.

Those are my plans and my wanderlust wish list for 2017 what are yours? 

I’m also excited to announced that Polly from Follow Your Sunshine will join Emma and I as co-host for the monthly travel link up. I’ve been a huge fan of Polly’s blog for a couple of years now, originally from the UK, she now lives in Doha with her husband and baby Sophia and has all sorts of luxury travel and gastronomic adventures both at home and abroad.


  • Iceland and Russia are also on my (ever growing) lists – there are just so many wonderful places in the world to explore!

  • Ooooh all the destinations you have set in stone sound so good. Cannot wait to travel to Maldives through your blog, it looks just like a paradise! I have a few tips for you: we really enjoyed the tasting dinner menu at Nobu in Atlantis Dubai and if time permits I’d recommend a desert tour. In Vienna, visit the Spanish Riding School as well as Belvedere Museum to see Klimt’s original paintings. Obviously, Schonbrunn Palace is not to be missed either. As for Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg are both NOT to be missed, I was blown away each time I visited. I’d recommend going there in summer or fall. My cousins live/work in Moscow, so if you need some more tips from locals I’ll gladly put you in touch 🙂 xoxo, nano

    • OMG I’ll definitely put Nobu in the list. I can’t wait to see the beautiful palaces in Vienna too! Thank you so much, I might have to take you up on the offer 🙂

  • Eeeeeek that’s going to be an amazing 2017 if you make it to all these places!!!

  • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

    Definitely want to visit Austria during Christmas time, so I will be collecting tips from your visit. Iceland is on my list, but I don’t think i’ll make it this year. I’ll just live it vicariously through you! Super jealous about the Maldives. Can’t wait to read about all your travels this year.

    – A x

    • I think I’ll do the Christmas markets again this year, I loved going to Berlin.

  • I actually don’t get the love for the blue lagoon – I really enjoyed Iceland, but the BL was definitely not any part of my reasoning for that! Although it was a good way to pass some time as I had a 2am flight…!

    I’m looking to see your posts on the Maldives though!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

    • Ahh! That’s really interesting to know, I think I’ve just always thought it looked so pretty. I may have to get some Iceland tips from you.

  • So many great places! You’re going to LOVE Vienna! Bummer about not being able to squeeze Salzburg in. Hopefully you’ll get there soon, it was my favorite! Budapest is also one of my fave cities! You might want to consider staying at the Aria Hotel though, it’s one of my favorite hotels in the world!

  • Sarah

    I’m loving all the Travel Link Up posts this month Angie! Lots of lovely ideas for travel floating around, I’m getting a serious case of wanderlust. I managed to visit Stockholm and Iceland LAST year! Both are great. I’d definitely recommend having as long as you can in Iceland as we only managed to see a little corner of it really. I’ve still got another post to write on Stockholm really. But there’s one up on the blog about our lovely hotel.

    Happy New Year x

    • OOoh, I’ll look forward to your Stockholm post and getting some tips. I imagine it’ll be a big year for you.

  • So excited to read all about these adventures Angie!

  • Great choices! Don’t miss dining at Figlmuller in Vienna for possibly the world’s best schnitzels! (reservations a good idea) Vienna is excellent in the winter – so much to do (indoors) and such great cafes to while away a frosty day in! Your wish list includes some of my favorite places :))

    • I’ve heard some great things about Figmuller! Where will you be going this year, Cynthia?

      • Haha, that’s a good question – I was purposely vague in my travel predictions this year because I haven’t the slightest, although I’m planning on a long trip back to the U.S. this summer at the very least 🙂

  • What a fantastic travel wishlist! I would love to visit Vienna at some point – I’ve heard it’s an incredibly romantic city! The Maldives is stunning – you will love it…it’s somewhere I would return to over and over again! I’ll actually be in Dubai next month so you’ll have to let me know your dates once you’ve finalised your trip incase our itineraries cross paths 🙂

    • Oooh, that’s exciting!! Yes, I need to get the flights booked asap.

  • It looks like another amazing year ahead!! I’m heading to Budapest for a couple of days this weekend, so excited! (Not staying at the Gresham Palace sadly haha). Iceland is also definitely firmly on the wishlist, I might just have to bite the bullet and book it (hello overdraft..)! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Ooh eeek! Looking forward to your Budapest trip. Yup I’m itching to book Iceland.

  • Russia and Stockholm are both on my wishlist this year! Excited that you get to go to Maldives – and excited for your anniversary trip with Charles too! x

  • great plans! Munich is on my list for 2017! and many more…

  • MissLilly

    You’ll love Vienna, it’s such a beautiful city and you will love Budapest!!! For this year want to go back to Japan or visit friends in San Francisco. Maybe revisit Barcelona and visit Poland and go more often to Portugal

    • That’ll be an excited year for you. I’ve never been to Barcelona and I’d love to see Poland.

      • MissLilly

        Barcelona is such a gorgeous city, so much to see there and with loads of great food to explore. I remember the squid ink paellas, so yummy

  • Love the sound of the trips you already have planned! I’d love to visit Vienna in winter so can’t wait to see your pics from there. Also planning on visiting Dubai for the first time this year so I’ll be following along on your travels 🙂

  • I visited Grand Hotel Tremezzo a while back and WOW was it stunning! You are going to absolutely love it. The whole of Lake Como was so magical too. Be sure to get out on a few boat trips while you’re there! Cx

    • It’s been on my wish list for ages! When we went to Lake Como before we didn’t get to do a boat trip as we were on a driving tour.

  • So exciting, Angie! Will look forward to following along on Instagram. Happy New Year!

  • Looks like a great year ahead! I want to go to the Maldives soon.

  • Looks like a great year ahead! I want to go to the Maldives soon.

  • We spent a night in Vienna on a Christmas market cruise down the Danube, as well as took a side trip to Salzburg and of the two, I vastly preferred the latter. You should definitely try to fit it on your itinerary if at all possible. On our flight to SF in November, we did a 48-hour stopover in Reykjavik as Iceland had been on my bucket list *forever.* It was a quick trip but we managed to pack in so much, including seeing the Northern Lights and visiting the Blue Lagoon. I hope you love it as much as we did.

    • Ahhh… I really don’t think we can as we have only three nights. I’m so so keen to go to Iceland!!

  • Clare Thomson

    Great to read about your fabulous travel plans, Angie. Vienna is stunning and we loved the Maldives. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  • I really hope you get to the Maldives, would be great to tick it off and see how it compares to Zanzibar and the Philippines. Sparkling wine recommendation for Austria – Brundlmeyer, see if you can go visit, its fantastic and tastes delish!

  • Such exciting plans and dreams!! It’s always good to have a balance of both 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your Vienna posts!

  • 2016 is a difficult year to beat after all the places you went to, but if you manage to pull off all or even some of the above in 2017 you’re going to be close! I’m looking forward to following along (and actually finding the time to comment on all of the posts of yours I read this year!!). I have lots of Dubai recommendations for you so will have to drop you an email at some point. Very exciting!

    Thanks for welcoming me to the travel link up. I was so honoured that you two thought of me! It’s going to be fun.

    Polly xx

    • We are so, so happy to have you!! Thank you so much for your help and I’ll let you know when we book Dubai!

  • Ah I’m jealous of Vienna and Stockholm! Those two are still on my places to go list. So far for 2017 I have a few new US cities on my travel horizon. Thanks for hosting the linkup, I’m going to participate later in the week 🙂
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

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  • Cariemay

    We made it to Innsbruck this summer and love it (we spend several weeks each summer travelling around Europe with our three little kids and the tent) so Salzburg is definitely on the list, but then so is Switzerland and Scandinavia so I don’t yet know where we’ll end up this summer! The Maldives look incredible mind you, but we might have to wait a few years for that!

    • I’d definitely love to see more of Scandinavia, I’ve only been to Denmark so far!

  • I had no idea you had Russian roots, well then you definitely Moscow (must go)! I definitely recommend starting with Moscow and then moving on to Saint Petersburg, which I personally found to be much more impressive. x

    10 Travel Destinations for 2017 – Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Thanks lovely!! I’ll definitely go back to you for some tips for Russia!

  • What lovely plans! Stockholm is in my sights for summer – I may arrange a little Claire trip during the summer holidays!

  • Russia is high on my wish list too, though I don’t have any specific plans for it this year. As for the Maldives, can’t wait to see your photos!

    • Thanks Suze!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to too!

  • Franziska Mueller

    Your travel plans sound nice! Regarding Maldives, I have been to Huvafen Fushi as well, although when the resort was newly opened. A beautiful place, you will love it! As to Dubai, I recommend staying at One & Only Royal Mirage Residence & SPA (I was there already three times!) and dining there at Celebrities. Another good restaurant is Stay by Yannick Alleno at the sister hotel One & Only The Palm. I would not stay there as it is a bit isolated and you need quite a lot time to get to other spots on the mainland.

    • That’s so good to know about Huvafen Fushi! I love the look of the One and Only in Dubai, thank you for the recommendation.

  • What great plans for the new year! Always happy to see Budapest make the list 🙂 The Gresham Palace is GORGEOUS! Let me know if you do make it there, and i’ll give ya some tips!

    • Eek! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be pestering you for some tips.

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  • Awesome plans! I loved Budapest and Stockholm, and can’t wait to follow along with the Maldives trip – amazing!

  • I think you and the Maldives are made for each other. I’m sure we’ll be treated to some epic posts and Instagrams when you visit 🙂

  • I adored Budapest. I always wanted to stay in the Gellert Hotel because Michael Palin stayed there and I’m such a fan. Moving on… I’d recommend the chairlift. I can’t explain, just try it! http://visitbudapest.travel/activities/fun-things-to-do/budapest-chairlift/

  • Such a great list! You must dine at Opus in Vienna, and obviously check out my blog for Dubai and Budapest recs 😉

    C x

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  • You’ve got a great year planned. I loved Vienna. I went eight years ago and would love to go back.

  • I am DESPERADA for Iceland, have been reading more and more blogs on it and it just looks insanely beautiful. Simply cannot wait for your reviews of Vienna and the Madlives <3 Love AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

    • I think that Iceland will be the next thing that I book, so desperate to go!

  • Asma

    wow travel envy at that Maldives resort, looks AMAZING!!! and you should always make time for fika 🙂 Nothing beats a Swedish cinnamon roll x

    • Doesn’t it look amazing!! I love the ideal of villas on stilts.

  • Love all these! Sweden is definitely on my list this year, and year after year Budapest and Iceland also are. Here’s to all of it happening to both of us 🙂

  • Miu

    Oooh, in Vienna you should definitely also eat Schokopalatschinken! (Like chocolate pancakes) It’s my mother’s and my tradition whenever we are in Vienna 😉
    And I would recommend starting with St. Petersburg in Russia. Admittedly, it’s the only Russian city I’ve been too, but it is great!

    • Now THAT sounds amazing!! Yes St Petersburg is definitely on my wish list!

  • Wow you got to visit SO many amazing places last year! I’d love to go to Hong Kong, Japan and Kenya! They look so beautiful!
    It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good year of travel this year too! Dubai and the Maldives looks incredible and I hope you get to visit Iceland! It’s one of my favourite places.
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Ooo you’ve got a lot of places on your list I’d like to go! I’d love to get back to Iceland, especially on a norther lights trip. Vienna has been at the top of my list for ever but keeps getting bypasses, might try to squeeze it in at the end of the year. Looking forward to reading about another year of your adventures 🙂

  • I can’t wait to hear about your travels this year, especially Dubai. My friends and I are currently trying to see if we can work out another trip as I’d really like to stay at the Madinat and we’re still talking about the brunch we had there and want to repeat it!

    As for me I’m off to St Lucia in March which should be an amazing trip. The rest of the year, who knows!

    Victoria x


    • OOh let me know if you have any tips for Dubai, I’d love to hear them. eeek! We loved St Lucia!! Anjoy.

      • My favourite meals/nights out were at the Sass Cafe and Madinat Brunch. I loved the Madinat and that’s where I want to stay next time we visit. I also missed out on going to the One and Only for dinner as I was hungover (!) but it looked and my friends say it was fabulous x

  • The slow pace

    Iceland is in our travel bucket list for 2017! And so is Sadinia… Let’s see if we can make it happen!
    Happy travels!

    • I think we need a big blogger trip to Iceland to satisfy everyone!

      • The slow pace

        Count us in!

  • Bon Vivant

    Where in The Maldives are you thinking of visiting? I’m trying to plan for early 2017 as well!

  • I am so pleased for you to hear you are heading out to The Maldives, you are going to love it! Iceland is on my lust list for this year too 😀 x


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  • Love the list! Iceland is up there for me at the moment for places to visit that I normally wouldn’t 🙂