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Camel-Trekking at Sasaab, Samburu

There’s something about Kenya; somewhere where dreams unfold, experiences are once in a life time and the greatest memories are made. My trip to Kenya, confirmed that I’d fallen under the spell of East Africa; both enchanted and utterly in love.
There is nothing quite like the sheer and rugged beauty that I saw here; dusty paths, shallow waters and distant hills.luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-202luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-204
A short walk from Sasaab led us to our ride for the day…a caravan of camels. By the way who knew that ‘caravan’ was the collective noun for camels?!luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-205
I’d ridden a camel before but a long time ago and never right on their back….not going to lie I was a little nervous. luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-207luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-208
As the camel stands up they jolt forward so you have to hold on tight to avoid falling off head first…luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-209
But once we’d got our groove it really wasn’t so bad…luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-211
If you’ve never ridden a camel before, I do warn you that the wobble as they walk so it does feel a little precarious but I still felt pretty safe. luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-212
And as the hot African sun beat down on my bare legs, I felt another pinch me moment. I couldn’t quite believe we were trekking across Samburu on the back of the camel.luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-213luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-215
And then something rather unexpected happened…luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-217 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-219
A huge herd of elephants appeared in our path…
Slowly walking across the dusty ground…
luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-221 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-222
Our guides thought it best if we climbed off the camels and drove us to the the bottom of the hill that would end our trek. luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-223 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-224
Once there we clambered up a steep, rocky hillside and I realised was definitely wearing the wrong shoes…luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-225luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-226luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-227 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-228
But it was worth it to be greeted by this incredible view!luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-4
For this holiday I’d said goodbye to the trapping of London life and didn’t once blow dry my hair or wear heels. Of course, it was pretty liberating…luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-230luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-231
And it’s safe to say…
luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-232 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-233 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-234
We felt on top of the world!!
luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-236 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-240
Our guides opened up their cool box and poured us a glass of sparkling wine to drink as we watched the sun glinting off the mountains in the distance. luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-237 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-238 luxury-hotel-review-sasaab-samburu-242
And they started up a fire, cooking up some delicious sausages to nibble on. Honestly, eating sausages and drinking champagne in the wilderness was the most amazing luxury and we felt so happy and relaxed.
And enjoying views so wide that they go on forever…


We were kindly hosted by Sasaab and The Safari Collection for two nights complimentary on an all-inclusive basis. Transfers, taxes and park fees were covered by us.