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Eclectic Cuisine at Talisman, Nairobi, Kenya

One of the best things about blogging is knowing that you’ll be able to get amazing foodie recommendations basically where ever you go. For my trip to Kenya, I immediately turned to my blogger friend Binny who was born and grew up in Kenya, went to school in Nairobi and now lives in London. Binny gave a list of places that she just knew I would like and at the top of that list was The Talisman, rated one of Kenya’s best restaurants.
With all our travelling around, we really didn’t get a chance to try many places, so I wanted to make sure I had at least one restaurant recommendation for you and we managed to squeeze in lunch at The Talisman between our flights. We loved the beautiful outdoor setting of the restaurant, and shaded ourselves comfortably from the intense sun out on the gorgeous terrace. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-15 restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-16
There’s a bar and indoor area too and it had a Moroccan souk type feel to it. The carved wood pillars were actually imported from Pakistan and the restaurant features Afghan rugs, the overall feeling is eclectic whilst still being comfortable and casual. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-14
Like the dining space, the menu is also rather eclectic with a choice of classic or seasonal dishes from all over the world. With concept being a gastro-lounge there’s option of more refined dishes as well as home comforts such as burgers, fish and chips or breaded chicken.

There’s even a sushi menu and whilst I had my doubts about ordering sushi, I was missing my fix and keen to give it a try.
My Thai prawns with chilli and coriander had just the right levels of spice and the salmon nigiri sushi was beautifully made. Where possible local ingredients are used and enhanced with different flavours and there’s a definite Asian theme running through the menu.
Mr Silver chose one of his favourites; chicken wings! And he was given the option of different levels of spice from the choice ‘mild’, ‘hot’ or ‘Taliban’…there was a warning about the Taliban sauce on the menu but Mr S and I both love spicy food and always up for a challenge he had to choose the hottest option. We both loved the succulent chicken and thought the suace was just perfect, though you can cool your mouth down a little with the accompanying crudites and blue cheese and chive dip. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-7
For main course, Mr S tucked into a perfectly cooked steak and the accompanying potato bhajia, our first time trying the popular East African snack that actually originated in India. The accompanying sauce of wasabi and hollandaise seemed like an unusual combination but somehow it worked and tied together all the components nicely. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-8
A spicy seafood stir-fry was my choice and the chef easily omitted the coconut cream when I asked and I was presented with a delicious combination of prawn and calamari in a light dressing. The chef at Talisman is very keen on sustainability and most of the vegetables on my plate came from the restaurant’s own organic farm. As well as producing carrot, beetroots and other vegetables, herbs such as lemon grass and jasmine are grown in the garden. They even have their own chickens and use home-grown eggs in the dishes. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-10restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-11
And though we had a flight to catch, there’s always time for dessert and I chose a delicious affogato whilst Mr S polished off a crumble and chocolate ice cream. restaurant-review-talisman-nairobi-13
Mr S and I loved our pitstop at Talisman and a big thank you to Binny for the recommendation!


320 Ngong Road