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Home is Where the Heart is

Have you ever visited a place that you loved so much that you thought that you could call it home? There have been so many places that I fell in love with.

Australia for the food, scenery, laid back attitude and high quality of life:  IMG_1611 IMG_1659IMG_2863
South Africa for the landscape, wine and wildlife: DSC_6825 IMG_2639
Italy, well let’s face it for the food. Especially the three p’s (pasta, pizza, prosecco) DSC_0629-2 DSC_0639-1 DSC_1411
Of these three of our favourite countries, it was Australia that really captured our hearts. Spending the day on the beach before having a glass of wine at a beach bar seemed so much more enticing than London weekends spent in the pub while the rain drizzled outside. Catching a boat across the bay rather than being crammed in the tube, eating fresh salads made with local produce rather than grabbing a sandwich for lunch and a laid back attitude that contrasted so strongly to the stressed out London mentality.
As we sat with a drink at The Opera Bar, a clean, warm breeze touching our skin and the smell of the sea in the air, Mr S and I looked at each other…’I could really live here you know?’….’Yeah, I know’….
Despite my love of travel, wanderlust mentality and cravings for adventure, I’d never lived anywhere other than UK. Nor had I ever spent my life as a wandering nomad. Could I do it? Could I really make somewhere else my home? We talked about it but of course Australia was just so far away from my parents, sister and nephew and Mr S’s large extended family…a twenty-four hour flight was a long way. And isn’t home so much more than sunshine and sea air? Home is where the heart is….a place doesn’t make a home, it’s the people that do. IMG_2798
And though it might rain a lot, there’s a high cost of living and we may not love every political decision made. It’s my home country and I love it…a place with a vivid history, a stiff upper lip, a love of tea, dislike of awkward silences, fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, the NHS, the queen…remember what made Britain great. It always will be.

  • I really needed to see that last paragraph after a week of me and many of us wondering what kind of society we are living in – but you’ve reminded me why I don’t think I’ll ever jump ship either and why this will always be home for me too….though the prospect of seeing a cute koala in real life could perhaps tip me over the edge!! And I can’t tell you how happy you made me by including the NHS in your last paragraph 🙂

  • There are so many amazing places in the world. I love travelling but it is always nice to come back to London – this is definitely where my ♡ is 🙂

  • You summed up why I love England so much pretty well right there! Despite the horrors of the past couple of weeks, I still think it’s the best country in the world. I also sat at Opera Bar and thought I could live in Sydney though!

    Polly xx

  • lovely post!

  • I agree! Home (for me too!) definitely isn’t the most exotic place but it’s still home!

  • Aftab Pathan

    I totally agree, home definitely is where the heart is. Family play a huge role in that for sure.

    A x

  • I’ve got a friend who is moving to Melbourne with her husband and a bit apprehensive – great to hear that you loved Australia so much

  • I think Australia has a strong pull for anyone! It’s the spiders and snakes that stop me!

  • This is interesting because we’ve written quite similar posts but come to entirely different conclusions!

    Seeing as I like Australia so much, do you think I’d like South Africa too? I’ve never been but I’m thinking that a lot of the things I like about Australia seem to be true of SA as well…

    • They are similar in so many ways, great food and wine, beach culture, wildlife etc. But the major difference is SA has a high crime rate and can be dangerous whereas I felt very safe in Australia.

  • TravelWithNanoB

    What a beautiful post, Angie! I can feel how much you love Britain even in difficult times. And You made me want to travel to Australia even more! 🙂 xoxo, nano

  • Australia looks beautiful – I have friends who moved out there with the intention of staying a couple of years but haven’t looked back and don’t intend on returning. They are really loving out there but it’s tough on their families. Hopefully you and Mr S will return for an extended vacation some point soon!

  • I’ve never been to Australia but I’ve heard great things and this made me want to move there even more! I have to say I am getting quite tired of the stress of taking the tube every morning… I’d love to try Australia for a year or two. xx

    City Cookie

  • This is lovely! 🙂 What great highlights of some of your travels. It’s fun to think of the things that are appealing in different countries. But, you are right; in the end, it always comes back to the people!

  • What a great post, Angie! Thanks for sharing all your favorite places with awesome photos!!

  • I still remember reading about your Oz trip and then finding out Charles proposed! I definitely wouldn’t mind going back to Oz myself, it’s such a laidback, chilled out country and the peeps are so nice!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • I love the place, and obviously it was such a place in my heart after the proposal.

  • Rachel Warren Wilson

    Have to agree with you about Italy, I’ve just been to Bologna and spent most of my time eating pizza and pasta and drinking aperol spritz!
    Rachel xxx

  • Ahila Thillainathan

    Lovely to read about the different places you could potentially call home but that its the people who make a home a home. #travellinkup

  • Love how we all seem to come to the same conclusion – it is the people that count. Sounds like you’re pretty tempted by Aussie though! 🙂

  • could you do 6 months in each country a year?…

  • Jaklien van Melick

    Absolutely true.

  • somehow convince all family members to move with you. Job done.

  • Home is definitely where the heart is as the old saying goes!

  • I always feel like I could call four different places my home. Slovenia, where I come from, London, where I now live, Val Thorens, which is where I’ve spend most of my spring breaks, and Australia, which stole my heart in an instant. Ahh, the magic of travel. <3

  • Great post, as always. I loved Australia too – such a beautiful country, but you’re right, it’s just so far away. Thanks for ending on a positive note too – I think we all need a reminder at the moment of why the UK is still a great place to live! X

  • You seem to love so many of the same places as me! Ahh and Italy. Love those three P’s!