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Filipino Food at Amanpulo

On the peaceful island retreat of Amanpulo, the amazing food is the only thing to draw you away from enjoying the snow-white sandy beaches, gently rocking in your hammock or dipping your toes in the clear blue sea….DSC_6713
As Amanpulo is a totally secluded island and it takes an hour to get there by plane, you’re limited to the restaurants on the island. But actually you’re not limited at all as there’s plenty of choice in order to vary your time there. The hotel has four restaurants to choose from, and though one was closed for refurbishment, we still didn’t find returning to the same place repetitive. In my opinion the best quality food came from the main Clubhouse which served breakfast, lunch and dinner…DSC_6512
Every morning for breakfast I had a plate piled high with fruit, I just love mango and will eat it at any opportunity when it’s perfectly fresh. There were lots of other breakfast options of course, full English, Filipino breakfast, waffles…pretty much anything that you fancy.

The Clubhouse menu slightly varies for lunch and dinner but at both meals there are options for Western dishes, Asian specialities and local favourites. DSC_6709
In the hot weather I craved light food and enjoyed yellow fin tuna sashimi…DSC_6713
A local favourite of kinilaw, a ceviche made from marinated tuna, calamansi juice, ginger and coconut milk. DSC_6714
A fresh crab from the nearby island of Manamoc served with sea grapes and louie dressing. DSC_6707 DSC_6718
Preferring more meaty options Mr S opted for dishes such as chicken wings and Wagyu beef tenderloin from the grill. DSC_6722
Of course, every single meal was punctuated by a dish of ice cream or sorbet made from local fruits. DSC_6471
Dinner at The Clubhouse included an atmospheric serenade on the guitar and the opportunity to try more local options from the menu. DSC_6487 DSC_6489
Such as Lumplang Shanghai (crispy spring rolls) with ground pork, shrimp and sweet chilli. DSC_6495
Escabeche lapu-lapu, a whole grouper with sweet and sour sauce, caught that day by local fisherman.

Take a turn down a sandy path and you’ll find a secret Picnic Grove….DSC_6613 DSC_6616 DSC_6625
Open only for lunch, you can dine with your feet in the sand in this beautiful and relaxed restaurant. DSC_6633 DSC_6639
After devouring pizza from the wood-fired oven or fresh fish and an assortment of salad, you don’t need to put your shoes back on as you can head straight out on to the beach afterwards.
There was also the Beach Club restaurant, which we visited on our first night for sundowners…DSC_6466
The Beach Club also served breakfast, though the menu was the same as the Clubhouse and I found the fruit was better quality at the latter. The Beach House was great for lunch, serving a menu of tapas with a wide open view of the Sulu Sea.DSC_6603 DSC_6609 DSC_6611DSC_6880 DSC_6884
You’ll notice that due to the island’s size and the limited number of guests, the restaurants always seemed a little empty. But rather than feeling a cold and lacking in atmosphere, the welcome greetings of the staff and the beautiful surroundings meant we still felt a warmth and convivial ambience. DSC_6887
Daytime at the Beach Club meant tapas and tacos! DSC_6890
Soft floury wraps stuffed with shrimps and salsa and doused in citrussy lime… DSC_6892
Plump mussels served in their shell…DSC_6896
Spicy prawns in a rich tomato sauce…DSC_6898
Tuna tartare in a crisp taco shell…DSC_6899
A piquant taste of chorizo.
And a deliciously crunchy calamari.  DSC_6648
Dinner at the beach club introduced one of Mr S’s favourites: DSC_6668
Paella brimming with juicy seafood, fresh off the boat. The service at the restaurants was also excellent, extra chairs were bought for our camera and bags, fans were bought over when it was overly hot. A real testament to the care and attention given to guests was when my salad was too salty and the food and beverage manager came to talk me about it herself the next day at breakfast. DSC_6817
As well as all these amazing restaurants, Amanpulo offers the opportunity for some incredible private dinners. We had booked a sunset cruise and barbecue on our own private beach but when high winds meant our beach barbecue was cancelled, the hotel more than made up for it by moving us to one of the salas in the Clubhouse. Who wants sand in their food anyway! DSC_6823
I was worried that the privacy of our special meal might be compromised by still being in the Clubhouse but actually we were quite far from the restaurant and we had our own private chef and waiter.
Enjoying avocado ceviche…
A beautifully barbecued sea bass… DSC_6858 DSC_6860
And a whole lobster!
I was far too full to enjoy my dessert of baked bananas and chocolate sauce!

As you can see, even with one restaurant closed, in our five days at Amanpulo we were able to enjoy so much variety in food, from international classics, to Asian flavours and local specialities…there was no chance of getting bored with the food at Amanpulo.

Luxury Hotel Review: Amanpulo