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Aftab’s Birthday Brunch at The Delaunay

Since starting my blog I’ve met an eclectic mix of wonderful people unified by a love of writing and photography. More than anything what brings bloggers together is storytelling; we all have experiences, whether positive, negative, personal, words of advice or just amusing tales that we want to share with the wider world. Whether you have 1000’s of reader or it’s just your family or friends there’s a joy in spreading the weird and wonderful things that happen to you. And for this occasion our group of storytellers gathered together to celebrate the birthdays of Aftab and EllieDSC_9436
The venue of choice was The Delaunay, and I can’t think of a more lovely place or group of people to enjoy my Saturday coffee with. I’ve got to know Aftab really well over the last year, and we’ve become great friends. Ellie I met more recently, but we quickly found out how much we had in common, primarily a love of food!DSC_9441
Catherine, I met right at the start of my blogging journey*, and she’s one of the bloggers who I admire the most. Her posts are always honest, and interesting plus there a great mixture of restaurant, travel and advice posts, all of which are my favourite to read. I love this photo as Aftab and Catherine look so happy!DSC_9456
Catherine chose the most attractive and Instragram-worthy dish, a plate of pancakes drizzled with cranberry and pear compote. DSC_9449
And isn’t that the best thing about brunch, that while one person has pancakes, another can have steak tartare as Felicia did. DSC_9452
My dear friend, Kiwi princess and brunch queen, Emma chose Eggs Arlington, one of the specialities of the Viennese cafe. Cake baker extra-ordinaire, Sheepa chose the same. DSC_9460
Whereas the birthday boy had the spinach option.
Ellie went for an omelette with a doughnut on the side, random but as I said brunch is supposed to be random…DSC_9443
As was my salmon tartare which was tasty and beautifully presented but a little heavy on the raw onion! It was such a lovely group of people all of whom have become friends and I love spending time with and we munched away admiring our #foodporn, Instagramming our pancake stacks and tweeting about our eggs with no judgement 😉 DSC_9475
And when our plates were taken away one of the members of staff produced a stunning cake which I assumed had been baked by their pastry chef but it turned out that the Nutella and Ferrero Rocher feast had actually been baked by our own Sheepa! I took my slice home and shared it with Mr S and I can truly say it was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. Talented lady!

With wonderful food, great company and a gorgeous venue, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.


Brunch at The Delaunay

*sorry to use such a cringey phrase but it really has been a journey