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Oliver Maki: A Little Sushi Stop in Soho

Word of a new sushi place in London always gets me excited so when Oliver Maki opened in Soho recently, I quickly made a lunch reservation for Mr S and I. DSC_7392
A family-owned restaurant group, Oliver Zeitoun and his brother Amer already have four popular restaurants in the Middle East and this is their first restaurant in London. It’s actually Japanese cuisine with a bit of twist – this isn’t your standard sushi stop – Head Chef Louis Kenji Huang uses international flavours and textures to create innovative dishes which are rather extraordinary. Rather than starting with a hearty bowl of miso, we were given little shots that come with sweet potato crisps and bread – I’m not sure what made the bread blue but it reminded me the corn bread that you get at LimaDSC_7396
We also ordered some edamame beans to nibble on. Mr S and I often order these soybeans but I don’t always include a picture as they’re pretty standard fare but these were a bit different, chargrilled and with a touch of oil and salt they had a delicious smokey flavour. DSC_7382
Rather than a traditional menu, the food is itemised on an iPad, this I’ve seen this at a few restaurants and it’s becoming a bit of a trend. Though at Oliver Maki you still give your order to the waiter or waitress, you don’t actually order straight from the iPad.

I really liked the interior, the restaurant is very small, maybe around ten tables downstairs, but apparently more upstairs, and very simple and chic. There’s also a video display enticing diners with the various dishes that they can order, pretty useful as the menu is vast and it’s difficult to know what to choose. Which is lucky for Oliver himself, as he has eaten in a branch of Oliver Maki every day for the past decade!
Rock shrimp tempura tacos were delicious with just about the right amount of spice and a citrus twist provided by a good squeeze of lime. DSC_7402
The salmon ceviche was beautifully prepared and a good example of how the chef draws on other cultures and techniques in his menu. We loved the fresh, light flavours of the marinaded fish served with tomatoes and avocado. It reminded me that I literally cannot wait to try authentic ceviche in Peru, less than three months to go now!

I’d already seen a few pictures on social media and I was excited to try the signature sushi jewel box. DSC_7406
A perspex box packed with the chef’s special selection of sushi…DSC_7408
Each drawer contained a perfectly fashioned piece of sushi…DSC_7409
So beautifully presented and tasty! I can’t remember what everything was and the selection varies but salmon, prawn, tuna and eel were all included.DSC_7411
If you come to Oliver Maki, I’d highly recommend ordering a sushi platter, it was definitely the best thing we tried at the restaurant. And we couldn’t eat here without ordering some maki rolls too.
DSC_7424 DSC_7430
Perfectly prepared spicy tuna and avocado. The rolls at Oliver Maki are made using brown rice which gives the sushi a slightly nutty flavour and a great bite to it. We didn’t try it but apparently the signature Oliver Maki roll contains over 30 ingredients and is actually eight rolls in one! Also rather than soy sauce the chef has created his own signature blend to dunk your sushi into.
We had to order one of our faves, rock shrimp tempura which arrived as perfect popcorn sized bites in a tasty spicy sauce, while it didn’t surpass SushiSamba, it was still very good!
Finally, though I could nibble on sushi and sashimi all day, Mr S needed something more filling and meaty and we went ahead and ordered some grilled chicken. This was probably my least favourite dish, Mr S thought it was overcooked and it wasn’t as tender as the robata grilled chicken that I’ve tried at other Japanese restaurants. We still ate it all though!

Mr S and I very much enjoyed our lunch at Oliver Maki and it was very conveniently located right opposite Soho House, perfect for us to pop in for a coffee and an apple crumble afterwards.

Oliver Maki
33 Dean Street
W1d 4PW

020 7734 0408


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  • Ahhh Angie this looks amazing! Love the sound of everything you had – what a treat! Also the presentation looks gorgeous.

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • I know! I always love the presentation of sushi and this was especially good.

  • I’d seen so many photos of the jewel box on socials too, so pleased it lived up to the hype – need to add this to my sushi list!

  • Now, this sounds like a delicious lunch date (I don’t think I would have resisted the sushi jewel box either!)

  • Ooo this place sounds SO good – love that they have ceviche, sushi and rock shrimp! Sounds like ma kinda plaaaaace. Intrigued re the homemade soy sauce too! Is it expensive? Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • Umm…I don’t think they sell it but it’s a bespoke mix of ingredients. You’d definitely love it here, they’re doing something a little different.

  • How cool is that sushi box?! I’ve seen the ipad thing at a few restaurants too – it’s really quriky and everything but I must admit, the geeky medic in me can’t help but wonder about infection control with all that touching and handling and sharing of Ipads – a tad OCD of me perhaps! 😀

    • The made me laugh!! You’re right though, I guess they don’t disinfect their iPads.

  • Ohh this looks amazing! I need to get out for more sushi in London so this is definitely being put on the list!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • That sushi box is so unique! Love all the photos!

    The Style Scribe

  • Hahaha, I just bought a few perspex boxes to put sunnies in but can you imagine if you owned a perspex box that refills itself with sushi? Can’t wait to try this one out!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • Miu

    The tacos are looking great!

  • Looks like my sort of place! And I’ve been craving sushi for soooooo long! Plus those perspex boxes are seriously cool! Looks like I’ll just have to go soon! 😉

    Sandra | Cake+Whisky

    • Aren’t they cool? It’s really different and original presentation.

  • stephanie g

    How did the ordering system compare to Inamo’s?

    • Hi Stephanie, you don’t actually order from the iPad it’s just the menu. You still give your order to the waitress.

  • Lucy

    I’m not a great lover of sushi I had a few awful encounters that have put me off but this looks lovely. The constant use of technology to get rid of real people I think is sad, part of the heart and soul of a place is the staff. Glad that they still have waiters but IPads really! I go to restaurants to get away from the tech Lucy x

    • The menu was really vast so there was lots of things other than sushi.

  • That sushi jewel box looks very cool! Would you know whether they have some good vegetarian choices too? xx

  • I love the look of the perspex box, very different but beautiful! Sushi looks perfectly made and delicious and oh my, that shrimp rock tempura! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

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