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L’Avenue: The Top Hot Spot in Paris

If you’re looking for somewhere super sexy, trendy with a great vibe, L’Avenue is the place to go in Paris. When Andrea first suggested I try the restaurant, I googled it and found Beyonce is a fan, Justin Bieber goes there, I even found a picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bumping into Mel B while she was having lunch at the restaurant. Ok, so these celebs may not be some people’s idea of cool but it’s also the haunt of the fashionistas during fashion week and many other A-List celebrities. DSC_6791
The interior is sultry and discreet, there’s certainly no signs of anything gaudy or over the top. Instead there are soft purple velvet chairs, classic Murano chandeliers and dark wood panelling. A sexy opium den of a place, just right for a famous celebrity to hide out. DSC_6792
The restaurant is owned by the Costes Brothers who own many of the trendy hotspots in town, L’Avenue being one of the most famous. But I promise you, this place isn’t style over substance…the food is excellent too.
We arrived a little too early and the restaurant was quite quiet to begin with but as it got later, the place filled out and there was a lively atmosphere and that sought after vibe.

Now I have to say, I like to study a menu and decide what I’m having in advance but the website of L’Avenue is quite ‘artsy’ and instead of any useful information it’s basically just a video. But I was pleased to see there was plenty of choice on the menu including several of the classics that we’d been craving. DSC_6804
After some rich buttery food earlier in the day I was pleased to see a simple tuna tartare on the menu and it was served exactly the way I like, big chunks of fish in a decent dollop of avocado with a slightly sweet and spicy soy sauce. Perfect.
Mr S ordered spring rolls, though they were more like Vietnamese summer rolls. Once again a beautiful light antidote to the rich food that we’d had earlier with juicy chunks of lobster, creamy advocado, sweet mango and sauce for dipping.
I’d been craving steak tartare for the whole trip but I was yet to see it on the menu, finally I was able to fulfil my yearning at L’Avenue and the high quality steak did not disappoint, succulent, perfectly seasoned and full-on with flavour.
DSC_6820 DSC_6823
Mr S was also pleased with his choice of a perfectly cooked steak with Bernaise sauce…but I must tell you about the pièce de résistance…DSC_6815
Quite possibly the best shoe string fries in the world…honestly if you don’t come to L’Avenue for a full meal just come to snack on the fries. Hot, crisp and salty – they were absolutely amazing! The portion was huge too, we opted to have one to share but I’m sure we could manage one each they were so good!DSC_6835 DSC_6836
Light dessert were also what we fancied, vanilla ice cream with a brandy snap for me and mixed berries for my husband, a lovely sweet note at the end of a fab meal.

I really would highly recommend L’Avenue, I think we often think that the trendy ‘place of the moment’ will be pretentious and showy but actually L’Avenue is understated with good service, great food and a very fun vibe.

41 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

+33 1 40 70 14 91