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A Special Birthday Celebration at Sexy Fish

Mr Silver knows he has a rather demanding wife who has high expectations for everything, particularly her birthday. Well, he married me and now he has to put up with me…
He’s well aware that the choice of venue for our special birthday date night is an important decision that rests heavy on his shoulders and fortunately as his birthday is only five weeks before mine I’d already set the standard by taking him to Zuma. But this year ‘the boy did good’ and booked the hottest ticket in town. The latest restaurant by Caprice Holdings: Sexy Fish. And with a name like that you know they’ll be setting the bar high.

And talking of the bar…
I loved the design with water cascading down the wall and rather abstract fish sculptures suspended from the ceiling. In fact I loved the overall design of the place, with a name like ‘Sexy Fish’ I had feared the interior would be obnoxious and blingy but actually it retains the classic look characteristic of Caprice Group restaurants such as The Ivy and Scott’s but sexed up with a funky mermaid mural by Damian Hurst dominating the back wall and a glittering crocodile on another. Sexy-fish
The place was packed, with just the right amount of people and music at just the right level, Sexy Fish has that ‘vibe’ that is impossible to fake and hard to create. Mr Silver and I exchanged knowing glances, so far it was living up to some of our favourite places.IMG_5385
My birthday fell conveniently on a Saturday this year but we decided to save that for the party night and have our date night on my birthday eve. With Sexy Fish being such a hot ticket, our reservation was a late one, 10pm. I don’t mind a late dinner but I hate sitting at home and waiting to go out, so a few drinks at the bar were a prerequisite. Always keen to cut the calories I went for a Skinny cocktail containing prosecco and yuzu, which had a bittersweet flavour that I loved. Mr S’s choice, a Kalamasutra Martini, bore a strong resemblance to a Porn Star Martini, a passion fruit cocktail with a shot of champers. DSC_3256Sexy-fish DSC_3265 DSC_3269 DSC_3270
My next drink was a glass of champers but Mr S went for a Bruce Tea, a smoky Tequila-based drink served in a teapot. It was too strong for me but Mr S enjoyed it as we chatted to the bar man about the innovative cocktail list which is inspired by four corners of Asia. We also discovered that the restaurant has the largest Japanese whisky collection in the UK, encompassing 130 bottles, making it the third largest in the world.DSC_3276
When 10pm struck, I was more than ready for food and as soon as we sat down our friendly waiter supplied us with some much needed edamame beans…Sexy-fish
And we quenched our thirst with a bottle of Ruinart, though there are an impressive 32 different bottles of champagne available by the bottle. Food at Sexy Fish is Asian inspired and as you might imagine, the menu is dominated by seafood. The waiter advised that around three dishes each for sharing would be about the right amount and I quickly fixed on ordering the Sexy Roll from the raw section of the menu.
Sexy-fish DSC_3278
I was prepared for a sushi feast and so I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more sushi options on the menu and Sexy Roll was actually just three types of fish in Vietnamese rice paper. Low Carb, yes. Tasty, yes. But Sexy? I’m not sure about that.
We nearly always order a sashimi selection and we received beautiful prepared raw fish on ice. The salmon and yellowtail were delicious but the tuna stood out for the buttery flavour.
Crab salad was light and prettily presented in a silver fish dish though once again, I’ve tasted some truly stand out Asian salads and this one didn’t have that little something extra that I was hoping for.
Lobster tempura was beautifully prepared with a light, crispy and non-greasy batter but the side of mayonnaise was rather unexciting. I would have loved to taste something spicy and a hint of yuzu in the dressing, like the delicious tempura shrimp at SushiSamba. Where was this extra dash of ‘sexiness’ that the name of the restaurant promised? sexy-fish
Much better were the scallops with jalapeno and pickled apple, a more innovative dish with punchy flavour and a huge injection of sex appeal. sexy-fish
Miso-glazed Chilean sea bass is a favourite of ours and at Sexy Fish it’s served with artichokes, it was very tasty and not a combination I see often in Asian restaurants. It was beautifully cooked and preparation and execution are not the problem it’s that the dishes don’t live up to anticipation. They called the restaurant Sexy Fish not Quite Nice Fish.

My mind had been on the chocolate fondant for dessert which I’d read about in Mehreen’s review, but my choice had already been made when our chirpy waiter bought out marshmallow concoction bearing birthday greetings!
Bless Mr S for incorporating the blog name into my tasty birthday treat!

So in summary what did I think to the London’s latest hotspot? I so wanted to love it, I’m even a fan of the rather brazen name of the place. Service, atmosphere and decor definitely lived up to the promise but the food needs a good injection of sex appeal and innovation to live up to rivals such as Roka, Zuma and Hakkasan. That’s not to say it’s bad…it’s almost there; I don’t usually give scores or ratings on this blog but to give you an idea of what I mean I’d say its 7/10. I would I go back but I hope some of the other dishes on the menu will give it that punch of excitement present in all other aspects of the place.

Sexy Fish
Berkeley Square House
Berkeley Square

020 3764 2000

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  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Happy Birthday. It looks like you had a lovely night. I love the drink in the teapot, so unusual

    • Thank you so much. I love it when drinks are served in innovative ways.

  • Happy birthday! Looks like this place fits its name – very sexy interiors and I must say you’re looking rather sexy yourself Mrs S! It’s difficult to live up to the standards of Roka, Zuma & Hakassan, i reckon almost there would be enough for me! Definitely want to try this out.

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

    • Thank you lovely, I had a new pink dress. I agree, I would definitely go back for the atmosphere. Save it for a date night 🙂
      Lots of love,

  • Mehreen A

    Happy Birthday Angie 🙂 You and Mr S look fab as usual, and I’m glad you liked the ambience of your bday restaurant. I agree with you about the food not being as good as expected, and thanks for linking to my review 🙂

    Miss you lots gorgeous x

    Mehreen A | wrapyourlipsaroundthis.com

  • Happy birthday! It looks like a lovely way to kick off your birthday celebrations!

  • What a shame Angie!! It just looks so perfect in all the photos.. But at least a good chance to dress up and enjoy being taken out in style!!…

    • Exactly, amazing food isn’t everything about a restaurant experience.

  • It does look pretty funky and sexy even if the food isn’t quite there yet but I’d settle for a 7/10 & those interiors that’s assuming I could ever get a reservation that is!

    • Agreed the interiors are brilliant. The difficulty is paying 9/10 prices for 7/10 food :/ I’d love to know what you think.

  • Catherine Lux

    Oooh I love all of the attention to detail in the design of everything! The food looks gorgeous, but such a shame that it didn’t live up to expectations. I still really want to check it out, I just need to find a free date in my diary :/ ugh, the Christmas season. Haha!

    C x | Lux Life

    • I know it’s been really well thought out. I know what you mean I don’t think I’m free til the end of January 😉
      Lots of love,

  • Happy birthday! It’s a shame it didn’t have that va va voom wow factor about it, but glad it was enjoyable all the same x

  • Happy Birthday! I don’t think I could wait until 10pm for dinner, I don’t care how good the restaurant is. I’m such a hangry old lady like that XD

    • Fortunately I was messed up and jet-lagged so Mr S didn’t feel my wrath too much.

  • Happy Belated Birthday you glowing beacon of fabulosity! Despite the food not meeting your exacting standards it still looked like a very glam date, and props to Mr. S for making your blog a part of the happy occasion.

    Also..’Sexy Fish’ makes me think of Kanye West and THAT South Park episode…

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Thank you so much lovely! It was a lovely date night. Umm…I’m going to have to go and google the Kanye thing….

  • Anna

    Happy Bday, looks like a great date night! Although the food wasn’t quite up to standard, they look so good, especially the scallops!

    Anna xx


  • Aah such a shame that the dishes were a bit ho-hum. But agree that Sexy Fish is as much about the vibe, service & ambience! Would definitly go back just for cocktails and dessert by the bar … xxx

    • Ooooh the cocktails!!! I need to go for the chocolate pudding too.

  • I’m pretty sure the standard marriages vows go something along the lines of ‘To love, to cherish, to spoil rotten on birthdays…’ 😉

  • I love the Damian Hirst mural and the place certainly has a sexy vibe about it, am hoping to check it out soon. Glad that you had a fantastic birthday

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • I hope you enjoy it when you go lovely, definitely get the scallops 🙂

  • Looks like an amazing way to celebrate your birthday! Mr S definitely did good 😉 I love the look of the cocktails, as well as the food! xxx

  • Sexy Fish is definitely one of the hottest places in town right now so it’s great that you got to try it out on your birthday eve (good on Mr. S!) You have very exacting standards so it’s a shame that the food wasn’t quite there, but those scallops look wonderful and all the cocktails look and sound scrumptious! I’m sure the issues at the moment are just teething problems and the food will improve – it looks like it’s nearly there! Happy belated birthday and I hope you had a lovely day on Saturday 🙂 xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

    • Yes, Mr S did do very well ;). I do have high standards but I don’t want people to be paying high prices when they could be getting better food elsewhere. It may have just been the dishes that we tried though.

  • What a treat! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy belated birthday! It looks amazing to me~~lobster tempura?? Yummmm


    Pink Wings

  • It’s a shame it wasn’t amazing although hopefully it’s just teething problems. Can’t believe you didn’t get the four chocolate fondant – I wan’t to go for that baby alone! Happy birthday!!! 🙂 Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Lucy

    Mr Silver is definitely a keeper what a perfect birthday dinner reservation. Shame that it didn’t live up to your hopes hopefully they will add more sushi and fish dishes in due course Lucy x

  • Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great rest of your birthday weekend. Despite a few issues the food looks amazing! Cocktails though, top notch cocktails help!

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  • Wonderful celebration! He did well, even if it only gets a 7/10. And happy birthday!