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Boating in Bali

Regular readers will know, Mr Silver absolutely loves boats and the freedom of sailing the ocean wave with the wind in your hair! As a surprise, I booked a day trip on a luxury yacht to visit one of the smaller islands around Bali and to get away from the touristy areas. When I told Mr S that we would be spending the whole day breezing through the water, he was super excited!
I’d charter the yacht from a company called Pulau Luxury Charters who picked us up from our hotel and drove us to the port. And here’s our ride for day! Now if ‘boat chat’ means anything to you, I’ll tell you that the Burjuman was a 57ft fly bridge imported from Italy, and Mr S and I had her all to ourselves!
We made ourselves comfortable in the boat and headed up to the top to watch as the boat pulled out of the port and cruised through the water. We had our own hostess on board who was quick to provide us with everything we needed and the boat was fully stocked with drinks and snacks. DSC_8615 DSC_8627
After about an hour we stopped in the beautiful still clear water so Mr S could jump out and have a swim. Bali-Yacht
As I’m scared of the ocean…I stayed on board to umm…look after the boat….Bali-Yacht
I also to the opportunity to take a few snaps of the plush interior of the Burjuman…Bali-Yacht Bali-Yacht Bali-Yacht
The boat was beautifully appointed with a lounge and dining area and three bed rooms! It surprised me how big the downstairs was and how much you could fit on the ship.

Mr S obviously missed me too much as he was soon back on the boat to drink a glass of sparkling wine together. Bali-Yacht
Mr S and I have actually been to the Chandon Vineyard in the Yarra Valley so this is a bottle of bubbly that brings back some happy memories for us. DSC_8663 DSC_8670Bali-Yacht
Settling back to enjoy our bubbly as we drifted through the sea, we were in heaven! We soon arrived at our destination for the day, the gorgeous Nusa Lembongan. Bali-Yacht DSC_8684
Beautiful thatched villas were scattered across the mountain side, it was a little piece of paradise away from busy Bali. The crew of our boat transported us in a tender across to the island where we were picked up in a car and we were driven through beautiful Nusa Lembongan. It was totally different to the busy South of Bali without the commercialisation and heavy traffic. Apparently it’s become a popular tourist destination so I really hope it doesn’t get over-crowded and spoilt like some areas of Bali.
We soon arrived at Sandy Beach Club; a place of smiles and beauty.Bali-YachtBali-Yacht
I loved the rustic charm of the place which had escaped the commercial polish given to many of Bali’s other restaurants and hotels.Bali-Yacht DSC_8730 DSC_8731 DSC_8732
And just check out this view, a beautiful unspoilt beach with the waves crashing against the cliffs.Bali-Yacht
There was also a pool for when the ocean gets too rough and the staff were actually setting up for a wedding. Can you imagine getting married on a paradise beach? DSC_8720Sandy-Beach-Club-Bali Sandy-Beach-Club-Bali Sandy-Beach-Club-Bali
Happy days!
Sandy-Beach-Club-Bali DSC_8750 DSC_8751
It was a simple menu of Asian and International food and we over ordered as usual, portion sizes were massive! We chose spring rolls, chicken wings and calamari to start.
Sandy-Beach-Club-Bali DSC_8759
Mains were a seafood kebab cooked on the restaurant’s barbecue and pepes ikan, a Balinese fish served in a banana leaf with rice, Balinese vegetables and sambal.DSC_8761
And then it was back to the boat…
Bali-yacht DSC_8791Bali-yacht
And despite our big lunch, we still had space to sample the homemade tiramisu that our hostess bought out from the kitchen.Bali-yacht
Full up and drunk on wine and good times we went to bask in the final hours of sun on the front of the boat. DSC_8808
We even spotted the Bali Kite Festival, an event that started as an agricultural festival thanking heaven for abundant crops and harvests that has now turned into a major competition to win prize money.
And finally golden hour descended on our beautiful day as we drifted back into Bali’s main port to be taken home to our hotel…yes…I could definitely get used to boats…