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Salmon, Sushi and unlimited Champagne at Salmontini


Salmon – check
Sushi – check
Champagne – check
Make that unlimited champagne – double check
Some of my favourite blogging buddies – check
Mr S as a plus one – check
A restaurant in Belgravia – check

These are a few of my favourite things…

When I was invited to the Bloggers’ Bottomless Brunch at Salmontini, it could have been an event invented especially for me! I’d visited the salmon-focussed restaurant last year and so I already knew I loved the food and the slick interior – plus it’s walking distance from where I live.

Could it have been more perfectly planned?

Our table was made up of some of my regular dining buddies, Gary, Mehreen and Tahira and I got to chat to Snita from Her Favourite Food who I’d only met very briefly before. I also got a chance to meet Sarah from the Prosecco Diaries for the first time as well as see Angela and Hannah again. The brunch started with a nibble on some perfectly prepared edamame beans whilst we sipped our bubbles and caught up with each other.



First out was a delicious array of salads including asparagus, quinoa and an avocado and pomegranate dish. It’s not easy to convey how tasty a salad can be with a picture, but these were perfectly prepared using fresh ingredients and beautifully dressed. It was the ideal way to start the meal and the light dishes paired beautifully with the bubbles. Which were indeed very free-flowing!


Next up were a tuna tartare and salmon tartare both sprinkled with crispies creating a delicious contrast in texture with the raw fish. I’ve had this dish before here, so I was already a fan, definitely one of my top choices and you can really taste the quality as the chef uses only the best Scottish salmon.


Next some rather tasty sushi. A fusion of several different cuisines isn’t always going to work on a menu and though Salmontini is mainly Japanese cuisine there are also Moroccan, French and Italian dishes on the menu. But it is the unifying ingredient of my beloved salmon that really makes this eclectic menu work. And if salmon’s not your thing there are also plenty of veggie options, meat grills and other types of fish.


After the sushi we were offered a salmon pasta but wanting to make the most of desserts we decided to move on straight to the sweet course.

In my introductory check list, I didn’t mention that this event would also include a giant macaron. But guess what? It did!! The raspberry dessert was soft and velvety on the inside with a harder shall, just as a macaron should be. This was definitely my favourite dessert!

Chocolate melting puddings are rather de rigueur in London at the moment but a delicious pudding covered in molten chocolate can never be a bad thing and I hope this fashion trend lasts a long time!


So much love for a good tiramisu….


And apple tart another all time favourite of mine, all were prepared perfectly! All the dessert were fantastic and I loved that fact we were sharing them and could try everything.

Never wanting a good time to end Gary, Tahira, Mehreen, Mr S and I went next door to The Belgraves hotel for one final drink, the espresso martini being the popular choice!

Thank you Salmontini for a perfect Saturday with all the right ingredients, we enjoyed everything about it!

1 Pont Street

020 7118 1999

Our bloggers’ brunch was complimentary
Square Meal

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