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Twilight in Paris: An Evening of Discovery with Renaissance Hotels

Despite our early start, we were having such an incredible time in Paris that the adrenaline was pumping and resting wasn’t exactly at the forefront of our minds! Even so I was excited to check in to our hotel and take a moment to reflect on the morning’s activities and quickly check my emails!

We would be stayed at the five-star Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel, one of the four Renaissance hotels in Paris.

I loved the modern design of my super-slick Architectural room with it’s white and grey colour palate and huge floor to ceiling windows looking out on to the busy streets of Paris. 
Clearly they know me as they’d provided me with a cocktail that I could mix myself before going out! It was non-alcoholic though, which was pretty lucky as there was plenty of drinking to come… 
The hotel has a great location being only a few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe itself and the famous Champs Elysees Avenue. 

The huge windows and big mirrors meant the room was so light and bright! 

Worse for wear after the very hot day, a long shower, a pair of straightening irons, plenty of make up and a little black dress later…I was ready to party!!

We’d be starting the night by drinking champagne and mixing with the beautiful people on the hotel’s outdoor terrace.

By Who Tattoo were providing temporary foil tattoos to get us on the mood for experiencing the Paris nightlife! Of course I got one and sent my mum a picture of my new arm candy to scare her! Nice daughter, aren’t I?

We were also luck enough to have Kevin D’Andrea, runner up in the French Top Chef competition, cooking for us!

Flying out from an open kitchen set up at the side of the terrace were the most decadent dishes such as this truffle soup with bacon sprinkles.

And for the canapes, only the finest ingredients, such as these foie gras bites…

…and these salmon pieces wrapped in Nori that had my name all over them…

But the best was yet to come! The Renaissance Navigators had organised for us to party like rockstars visiting a series of pop-ups throughout the city. 
At this point I said goodbye to my DSLR camera and collected my handy Sony RX100, I didn’t know what lay ahead and I thought it may be best not to risk bringing my prize possession!  

Nicole and I couldn’t believe it when our mode of transport turned up and we excitedly piled into the stretch white limos!

Champagne was popped and poured and we were on our way, super excited to be drinking champagne while being driven around the City of Lights!

For our first stop we had a chance to experience a third Renaissance hotel: The Renaissance Vendome which is situated close to the River Seine and the Louvre. Here we relaxed and listened to the mellow tunes of The Groovy Project, a talented trio of soul singers who wowed us with their voices.

But we weren’t in one place for long and our limos soon whisked us to away to a bridge – not the Love Lock bridge which is apparently collapsing under the weight of all the locks, but it did have locks on it.

On the other side of the bridge were troupe of Hip-Hop dancers called Move and Art.
We watched in awe as the dancers moved and grooved…

…and spun and slid…

Before pulling us all to join in! 
After a rather energetic stop it was time to move on to the next one…excitement was building and building, it such an intense experience! 

Our next stop was Faust, a huge river-side terrace that also encompasses a restaurant and club. The air was still warm and balmy in the night and it was great to take a moment to catch up with everyone whilst chilling outside.

The whole night was passing by so quickly and it was almost like a dream! Our final destination was celebrity favourite nightclub, L’Arc. A fabulously fun venue owned by Lenny Kravitz and frequented by Mick Jagger, Katy Perry and Donatella Versace. Whilst we were there the legendary band Kool & The Gang turned up and even did a set. The night just kept getting better and better, it was almost too good to believe. And as it was getting later and later, Nicole and I decided it was time for one last picture with the Arc De Triomphe in the background.

One lovely part of the trip was getting to know Nicole better, as we’d only met very briefly at an afternoon tea before. We partied until three in the morning before heading back to our deliciously comfy bed at The Renaissance Arc de Triomphe. 
Clearly The Renaissance know how to look after people who have partied all night, with a buffet of croissant, muffins, mini-doughnut, charcuterie and fresh fruits all available to help ease any hangover pain. 
Breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant, Makassar, a stylish black and red space, serving contemporary French food for lunch and dinner. Sadly, we didn’t get to sample the restaurant’s food as it was nearly home time. 

It was almost like last night had been an amazing dream as it was now time to head home, back to reality. No more private celebrity chefs, champagne limo rides or meeting rock stars…

Thank you Renaissance Hotels for giving me an incredible two days! Every activity chosen was so innovative and exciting, the food was incredible and the memories will last forever.

Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel
39 Avenue de Wagram

My experience with the Renaissance was complimentary