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Romance in Rome: Anniversary Dinner at La Terrazza Dell’ Eden

I honestly can’t believe how quickly a year has gone and that Mr S and I have just celebrated our one year anniversary!

Before heading off to our anniversary dinner we exchanged gifts; he’d bought us dance classes at the place where we’d learnt our wedding dance. We’d loved our dance classes as they’d been something really fun to do together in the stressful build up to the wedding. For my present to him I’d collated all the blog posts that I’d written about our honeymoon and had them printed in a hard copy book. As another travel memory I’d bought us tickets to The Lion King as a reminder of our trip to South Africa.

Now some of you followed my plight on Twitter as I’d struggled to find the perfect place for our anniversary dinner. I’d had my heart set on La Pergola, Rome’s only three Michelin star restaurant, but our anniversary was on a Monday and it was closed. Sob! Anyway first world problems… instead we had dinner at our hotel’s restaurant La Terrazza Dell’Eden. Now, I don’t want to moan as it was a very beautiful setting so I’ll get the negatives over with quickly and focus on the positive.

As you can see from the photos Mr S and I had small children either side of our table, now I do think that’s it’s great that the restaurant is family friendly but crying babies didn’t make for a very romantic setting and I felt the hotel could have given us a better table as they knew it was a very special day. I also felt that the lights should have been lower to create more ambiance…anyway moan over.

The restaurant has breathtaking views over the city so you can gaze at the gorgeous panorama as you enjoy the Michelin-starred cuisine.

The interior is stylish with plush velvet chairs, silver lighting and large wall mirrors.

We started with a delicious and elegantly plated amuse.

Mr Silver first course was veal tartare with black pepper cream including a twist on the classic with the inclusion of Dijon mustard ice cream. It really was a beautifully prepared dish with every element combining perfectly together. Rather interestingly, despite serving fantastic food from his native Italy, Chef Fabio Ciervo actually perfected his experience at one of the UK’s best restaurants, Michel Roux’s Waterside Inn in Bray.

My starter was red prawns, artichokes, burrata and olive oil, it was totally stunning and looked like a beautiful garden on the plate. We were really enjoying the food and soon my initial worries about the ambiance started drifting away.


I really can’t get enough of pasta when in Italy, it’s just tastes infinitely better than in the UK. Once again we shared a pasta dish and plumped for the Calamarata which included delicious shellfish, Roman courgette, lemon balm and sun-dried Vesuvio Piennolo tomatoes. Ok, so we couldn’t quite get involved Lady and the Tramp style but Mr S kindly let me have more than my fair share!

The service was fantastic too, our waiter was friendly without being too intrusive, he even suggested an absolute gem of a place for lunch the next day.

My main course was a rainbow of colours: a beautifully plated and perfectly cooked red mullet with a Mediterranean crust served with seaweed tartare and olives.
Mr S went for all-out luxury with the perfect food of love, a smoked lobster with wild black rice. The Mediterranean sauce was beautifully light so as not to detract from the succulent lobster.


Mr S chose a light and delicate raspberry souffle for his dessert but for me there was only one possible choice…


Tiramisu with a twist! Definitely not average your coffee sponge, but perhaps the best tiramisu I’ve ever had and definitely the best dessert of the holiday.



The restaurant didn’t have quite the romantic ambiance that I was looking for but the view, food and service were spot on and by far the best of our trip. With slightly dimmer lights, and some twinkling candles it would the perfect spot for romance.

La Terrazza Dell’Eden
Hotel Eden Rome
Via Ludovisi 49
00187, Itay

+39 06 47812752
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