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Childhood Memories at The Grill at The Dorchester

Why do I love hotels so much? No matter how plush they are inside, it’s really just four walls made of bricks and mortar just like an other building. But for me a hotel is where you can build some incredible memories, whether it’s at home or travelling. When I look back at some of my favourites such as Singita Boulders, Post Ranch Inn and the Four Seasons Chiang Rai, I remember some of the incredible experiences that I had and the amazing time Mr S and I shared together.

When I was younger, The Grill at The Dorchester was a family favourite… of course back then it was the retro eighties / early nineties classics: prawn cocktail, beef wellington, black forest gateau. There was the infamous bread trolley and the Sunday roast with a Yorkshire Pudding the size of my head!
Fast forward to 2015, and just like I’ve long said goodbye to ra-ra skirts, crimped hair and acid washed jeans, The Grill has also done away with anything old-fashioned with a brand new sparkling interior and menu of modern classics.


Actually this is the second time The Grill has been reincarnated since we used to visit when I was younger. The former Scottish theme and Argyll patterns have been replaced with an incredibly glamorous interior including the stunning hand-blown Murano glass chandelier.



The sparkling room is characterised by gleaming metals and shimmering glass set against the butterscotch leather chairs. It’s a dining room with true wow-factor from the ornate ceiling to the pivoting wall panels that give the restaurant a different look from day to night.

At the back of the room the kitchen is open for you to witness the chefs at work with a back drop of copper pots and vessels.


For our aperitifs we tried both the rose champagne and a glass of our favourite, Laurent Perrier.


And we nibbled on a delicious salmon pate as we perused the menu…

Once again my dad would be disappointed as the bread trolley still hasn’t made a reappearance but I loved the thick slices of fluffy bread slathered in butter.

Perhaps this is my happy bread smile…it really is one of my favourite things!


Mr S’s starter harked back to the retro days of The Grill, his chilled langoustines with Greek-style vegetables was rather like a deconstructed prawn cocktail. I really enjoyed the light dish particularly as Mr S and I are watching our figures with our trip to Cannes approaching.

I also enjoyed my starter of crab on toast with grated horseradish. I liked the fact it was kept very light with only a small amount of bread and the option to add more mayonnaise but plenty of succulent crab. The menu at The Grill is uncomplicated I wouldn’t come with the expectation of Michellin-starred food as at Alain Ducasse, The Dorchester’s signature restaurant. But expect a menu of comfort food and classics such as lobster chowder, smoked salmon and chicken Caesar salad.

Sticking to our healthy goals, we opted to share a grilled whole seabass…



Which was beautifully carved at the table – I love a bit of tableside theatre!


The sea bass was served with a mint jus and we also ordered a side of seasonal vegetables and some steamed spinach. #NoCarbsBeforeCannes ummm….unless it’s a fluffy slice of home made bread 😉

Though I enjoyed the light, fresh flavours of the fish I thought it could have been further enhanced with more herbs or garlic but it was beautifully cooked and pretty guilt free.

For dessert Mr S had strawberry and rhubarb shortbread which was perfectly portioned for someone that just wants a taster for a dessert.


I chose caramelised pineapple, exotic fruit and coconut sorbet based on the fact it was fruit – and fruit is always healthy right? It was a good choice as it definitely wasn’t too sugary!


Attempts at being healthy were thwarted when the staff offered their cake of the day, a slab of chocolate tart, to try. It was totally delicious and certainly the best dessert that we tried. Alternatively The Grill actually offer a whole souffle menu of chocolatey or fruity choices, so definitely one to bear in mind for next time!


And finally we cleansed our palate with a light strawberry and meringue dish.

The Dorchester Grill is the perfect place for a glamorous night but without overly fussy food, it’s even possible to keep it (reasonably) healthy. Mr S has even vowed to return to try their set menu Sunday roast and that epic Yorkshire pudding…perhaps after our holiday though!

Are there any hotels or restaurants that have special childhood memories for you? 

The Dorchester Grill
Park Lane

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Our dinner at The Grill was complimentary
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