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A Spontaneous Date Night Pachamama


Spontaneous date nights don’t happen often on in the Silver household.

Firstly, as you know I’m a type A personality and if it’s not on my spreadsheet or bucket list it’s not happening…I sound like a barrel of laughs to have around don’t I? Secondly, we are at that age (cringe) where we invariably have a wedding or christening to go every weekend. So for once we had a free Friday and I spontaneously booked Pachamama…I fancy something casual and light but with plenty of flavour.

Since first trying them in Mallorca I’ve been a little bit addicted to Padron peppers. Now I know they’re meant to be salty but I would have preferred a touch less salt, though they were cooked perfectly and I love the spicy kick!

Knowing that we’d love the sea bass ceviche we ordered a main course portion, and we were right to do so; it was gorgeous mix of the fresh fish, samphire, radish and tiger’s milk. My only criticism would be that I’d prefer the fish chopped a little finer as I’ve had at other Peruvian restaurants.

Beef short rib croquetas were a more filling starter snack.


Yellow tail tuna with pickled potato was delicious, to be honest any raw tuna is good in my book!

Seabream tiradito with white grapes and pink peppercorns.

Located in a basement in Marylebone with scuffed paint work, retro lampshades, mismatched chairs and old mirrors, the interior kind of looks like somebody’s dilapidated living room. But it’s cool, and it works, just don’t turn up dressed to the nines in a mini skirt and high heels…ooops!



In terms of drinks I was sticking to the white wine which they serve by the carafe, which I think is great if you know you want more than one glass but not a whole bottle. Mr S was enjoyed the Piscos, the national spirit of Peru, he loves them but I find them way too strong.

The waiter suggested we try his favourite dish fried aubergine with smoked yoghurt with a dusting of pecans. As a lover of both aubergine and yoghurt I was scrapping the bowl clean with my spoon, I loved this dish!

Mr S ordered pork ribs with white asparagus, the meat fell apart beautifully on this dish and it was perfectly tender.

Less popular with us was the whole sea bass, it was really beautifully cooked but included far too much chimichurri sauce, it was so garlicky! And we were on a date after all…

Our dessert came beautifully presented in a glass and was comprised of chewy white chocolate, rhubarb and basil. It was light and refreshing but the overriding flavour of basil masked all other tastes and was on the whole a little disappointing.

Apart from a few minor problems, Mr S and I really enjoyed Pachamama…maybe I should be spontaneous more often, though some how I doubt that’s going to happen ;).

If you haven’t noticed I’m pretty in love with Peruvian food and if you are too check out my reviews of LIMA Floral, Coya, Ceviche and Andina

Pachamama London
18 Thayer Street

020 7935 9393

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