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Celebrity Spotting at Manicomio

As we took our seat in the buzzy surrounds of Manicomio in Duke of York Square, I literally expected someone from the cast of Made in Chelsea to step in the door at any minute…it had that perfect location, look and atmosphere that you see on the show all the time…

Mr S and I had come down to the King’s Road at the weekend to pick up any last minute new shoes / dresses / bikinis necessities for our trip to South Africa. Honestly, I was so excited for our trip that I was nearly bursting at the seams. I have a countdown app on my phone that I looked at everyday, as well as checking the weather for our destination and looking at the different hotel websites about 500 times!

I’d booked Manicomio for our shopping day owing to it’s perfect location, the calm oasis that is Duke of York Square, plus I fancied Italian food. For starter, Mr S chose smoked tuna which was delicious, light and not overly salty.

No, for once that’s not salmon that you see, but a trout crudo served with a Sardinian flatbread topped with smoked aubergine, it was my favourite of the two starters.

With the upcoming trip firmly on our minds, it was all we could talk about it… what we were thinking of taking, which bit we were most excited about and what I was scared about…

Though there were no members of the Made in Chelsea cast, Calum Best and a rather gorgeous blonde girl were sat at the table next to us. As a huge Big Brother fan, I was pretty excited (and he was ridiculously hot) but rather annoyingly Mr S had the best view of them. Would it be too obvious if we swapped places? Also I can’t pretend that I didn’t try and listen in to their conversation just a bit as well as see what they were eating 😉

Main courses arrived and Mr S had chosen a seafood taglioni made with the most beautifully fine pasta and perfectly cooked seafood.

Perhaps my concentration was elsewhere as I didn’t get a great picture of my swordfish served with crisp broccoli and a topping of zesty blood orange.

Calum and his companion left and Mr S and I had a coffee and resumed conversation before finishing up and heading off to the shops of King’s Road and Sloane Street.

I’d definitely recommend Manicomio, we loved the food and the atmosphere…and it’s in a great location…you might even see a celebrity or reality TV star!

83 – 85 Duke of York Square

020 7730 3366

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