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Bloggers’ Double Date at Bob Bob Ricard

Mr S isn’t used to meeting bloggers, so I eased him in gently to this crazy blogging world of mine and introduced him to fellow blogger Ashleigh, along with her boyfriend, Seth for lunch at Sake No Hana. But this time he would be hearing BlogSpeak in stereo on a double date with not one, but two bloggers!

That’s right…we were going on a double date with blogging power couple, Katie from Kalanchoe and Ben from Twenty-First Century Gent. Fortunately, Mr S is an honourary blogger: he often takes my photos, participates in OOTD and gives me ‘constructive feedback’ on my blog posts. He is also a skilled eater, so he always comes in useful when I’m reviewing restaurants.

We wanted somewhere super glam for our restaurant of choice and we settled on…

Bob Bob Ricard! Now BBR has been voted one of the 30 most Instragrammed Restaurants, and rather like a reality TV star the ‘Press For Champage’ button has got rather over-exposed on social media. Now, I have to admit, this put me off going a bit, but it shouldn’t have. Bob Bob Ricard is one of the most beautiful and fabulously glam restaurants in London. The restaurant is all booths which makes for an intimate dining experience and gives the feeling of being on the Orient Express.

I honestly couldn’t help myself and pressed the button almost straight away…champers arrived almost instantly and it was poured into these beautiful cut glass flutes.

Katie and I hadn’t had a proper catch up in ages so we started talking BlogSpeak…leaving Mr S and Ben to chat. Fortunately, Mr S has a great talent of getting on with any other male as long as they like football, boxing, rugby etc…you get the picture!

We sipped our champagne and studied the menu of English / Russian food…Raw dishes were a popular choice among us.

Mr S chose a seabass ceviche with avocado, cucumber, tomato, jalapeno and lime. I loved the beautiful presentation on the glass plates, everything was just so pretty and elegant.

A delicious salmon tartare garnished with fennel, cucumber and horse radish for me.

Venison steak tartare with raw quails egg and croutons for Katie. Look at Katie’s manicure, perfect for hand-modelling in a blog. Her’s is a rather fabulous lifestyle blog: she’s super-stylish, knows her stuff when it comes to beauty and she knows about food and travel too!

Ben went for the veggie option with wafer-thin beetroot and goat’s cheese salad. Ben’s actually very new to blogging, having only started his blog six weeks ago, but it’s already proving incredibly popular. It’s actually become one of my favourites, and I never thought I’d be reading a blog about male grooming but it’s so well written and the photographs are gorgeous. Well, he’s fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who’s an excellent photographer. I also really enjoyed his travel post on Croatia and I’m looking forward to reading more, especially as Katie and Ben have just booked a trip to Hong Kong later in the year.

Katie and I kept it light for main course and I chose a perfectly cooked grilled turbot with beurre noisette, capers and parsley.

Katie chose the pan-fried fillet of sea bass.

But the top choice of the night was made by both the boys.

The chicken, mushroom and champagne pie was not only hearty and delicious but looked gorgeous with the restaurant’s initials etched in the top. You can see why this restaurant features so frequently on social media.

I even loved the presentation of the fries in the pink cardboard box.

Now the last dish which I’d seen so often on Instragram was definitely the one I was most excited about…

BBR’s signature dessert, the Chocolate glory! Just look at that gorgeous golden orb…

Our server began to pour hot molten chocolate over it…
Which drizzled deliciously down the side…
And pooled lusciously underneath….

Opening up to reveal chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, meringue and passion fruit and orange jelly.

Fortunately, as I had my own cameraman (Mr S), I could film on my phone while he took photos:

But it didn’t end there! We also ordered the Eton Mess en Perle.
This time a perfect pink sphere…
¬†As the pink cream was poured on top…
We all took advantage of the perfect photo opportunity….

Before diving in to devour that delicious meringue full of strawberry sorbet, raspberry, marshmallows and cream.

I think that BBR is quite possibly the most photogenic restaurant I’ve ever been to…perfect for three bloggers and one honorary blogger.

The four of us absolutely loved Bob Bob Ricard, it really is one of a kind with food, that is delicious and beautifully presented and a gloriously glamorous atmosphere. Mr S did very well on his night out with three other bloggers…I’m definitely excited to introduce him to more of the lovely friends I’ve met.

Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James Street

0203 145 1000

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