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Unwinding at The Rosewood Sense Spa

So we’ve now firmly established that I’m a Type A personality and with this comes the total inability to turn off, zone out and relax. I’m honestly not someone that’s into pampering; intermittent pedicures and facials are about as far as go, out of necessity. My biggest indulgence in terms of beauty is frequent blow dries…I can’t tame this frizzy bush alone!

However, a invitation to the Rosewood Hotel for an evening of relaxation and meeting other bloggers seemed incredibly appealing, maybe I could become a Type B for the night and embrace relaxation time?


I had already fallen in love with the Rosewood a couple of weeks ago when I came to eat at the Holborn Dining Room. The hotel is beautifully modern, stylish and so luxurious, it’s the kind of place where you’d just want to live!
From the plush foyer, I made my way downstairs to the Sense Spa.
The spa was a gorgeous zen-like space with soft candle light, bamboo walls, water features and wooden floors.

There’s also a dedicated room for manicures and pedicures which I’m definitely planning on returning to! In the waiting area I got chatting to Lauren and Kristabel. It was great to meet Kristabel as I’d actually met her mum at the LK Bennet event at the Marylebone Hotel… talk about random!! We headed into the changing room where the lovely Laura was already robed up and ready to go and we were soon joined by JosieCarrie and Jen. The lovely spa therapists offered us the choice of a facial or massage, with most of us plumping for the latter.

Suitably enrobed we were led into the one of the six treatment rooms (there’s a seventh which is an exclusive couple’s suite).


With natural wood surrounds and calming green finishes, it was just a hub of tranquility.

Rosewood have partnered up with Australian skincare brand Sodashi who use natural ingredients to create products that are totally chemical free. Actually Rosewood is the only spa in London to be working with the brand that produces these pure and ethically sourced products and therapies. They are also used at qualia, a hotel in Australia which is one of the most beautiful and romantic that I’ve ever stayed in.

The spa therapist, Lara, offered me a sniff of the different pre-blended oils that she would be using for my massage, I went for the most relaxing which smelt of oranges…there was also one that smelt of balsamic vinegar…but that would have got me craving a crusty baguette with my massage 😉

Lara stepped out of the room whilst I nestled on to the heated bed and rang the bell to let her know I was ready. Lara could tell I was someone with a lot of tension in my shoulders, I sit at a computer all day after all, but her expert hands kneaded my back, neck and shoulders to perfection. To be honest, I’m a little bit pathetic when it comes to massages and I prefer a gentle pressure, but Lara got it just right. I’m not going to lie, at first I found it difficult to switch off, I was planning my next blog post, wondering if I was getting any Twitter notifications and thinking if any one had liked my latest Instagram pic. But eventually my eyes got a little heavy and before I knew it the treatment was over! It had flown by!

Lara told that I should probably come in for a few more massages as I had a lot of tension in my shoulders…well that doesn’t sound too bad to me!

I joined the other bloggers in the beautiful gold leaf and teak relaxation area…everyone else felt suitably zen and half asleep! We all agreed that the treatment had just flown by as we were enjoying it so much.



Trays of cocktails and healthy nibbles were provided to keep us in our dreamy and happy state and artist Ella Masters, was there to record the event in an extra special way by sketching our portraits. It was a lovely way to relax and as I hadn’t seen Laura in ages we were able to catch up with all our latest news, both of us were very much looking forward to trips that we have planned next week so check out Laura’s blog as she’s be jetting off to Paris while I’m in Istanbul!
I must say a huge thank you to Tribal Media for inviting me to the event, and to The Rosewood for hosting. While my Type A tendencies are fully entrenched, it was fab to have a night to unwind and spend time with some lovely ladies.
Sense Spa at the Rosewood Hotel
252 High Holborn

My massage at The Rosewood was complimentary