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64 Degrees of Separation

It’s a small old world…and going by the six degrees of separation theory we are only six steps away from any person in the world…I wonder who will eventually introduce me to George Clooney?

Since starting my blog, I’ve met so many new people and discovered lots of connections, people in common and shared friends. When I started reading Zoe’s blog I knew her name sounded familiar, and I’d definitely heard her boyfriend’s name before. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I stalked her on Facebook to jog my memory…ahhhh…that was it.

When I met my ex-boyfriend, Anthony at university (we’re talking quite a while ago here by the way!) he was a few months away from going on a big travel adventure…we were in very close contact while he was away and he was fortunate enough to meet lots of people including Zoe and her boyfriend, Andrew…how random is that?

After I told Zoe about our connection we were keen to meet up but kept missing each other at dinners and events. I was due to meet up with Rosie for dinner, and it seemed a great time to invite Zoe, and also Emily to finish the quartet. Rosie loves the restaurant 64 Degrees in Pimlico and with such an apt name, and it being so local to me, it seemed the perfect meeting place.
The restaurant is located in the Artist Residence Hotel, and both the hotel and restaurant are imported from the original Brighton location. There is an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work…
Or you can sit in one of the more cosy wooden booths.


With light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, bare brick walls and wooden benches to sit on the restaurant has a very industrial feel – it’s not your average hotel restaurant and it’s definitely not the sort of place that you usually find in Pimlico.

And downstairs is a rather cool cellar cocktail bar with prints from Basquiat and Banksy…seriously you just don’t this level of cool in Pimlico…it had more of a Soho feel to it.

Soon the other ladies arrived and the waiter explained the concept of the menu, it was made up of small plates for sharing and they recommended that we order four plates each. Well as there were twelves items on the menu…it wasn’t difficult to decide that we would have everything!

The tone of the meal was set with the amuse bouche, a deep fried scallop roe that was just totally gorgeous, hot crisp and moreish. Rosie explained to us that she’d first fallen in love with original Brighton restaurant and was so happy that there was now one in London. As there was so much food coming I won’t bore you with long descriptions, I’ll just say everything was incredible. Actually, I’ve been to a few Michelin star places recently but I thought 64 Degrees was better than some of those.

Haddock gyoza with pear and fennel.

Oysters with fresh cucumber just for Rosie and Emily, as Zoe and I aren’t keen on oysters. Strange for me as I’m such a shellfish lover but I had a bad experience once!

Beef tartare, cured yolk and gherkins.

Romanesco, pineapple, bergamot and granola.

Everything was just incredible and the waiter was bringing them out at the perfect pace so that we didn’t feel at all rushed. We were enjoying chatting about Zoe’s upcoming wedding and all her planning for the big event in August. Rosie was telling us more about her pop-up supper club which we’re hoping to visit in April. I always look at blog posts featuring Rosie’s supper club with delight, her food just looks incredible and I can’t wait to try it for myself.

Leek, shallot and garlic ganache. Rosie used a little light on her phone for brightening up some of the pictures and I can see a huge difference in the colour of the dishes that caught the right light. Definitely something I’ll think about doing in future.

The waiter slipped us a little extra dish that wasn’t on menu…I’m afraid I didn’t note down what it was but it involved foraged herbs and bacon and we loved that the chef whipped up something that was off the menu.

Espresso pearl barley with buttermilk and cauliflower was the only dish that divided us. The other girls weren’t sure but I am a coffee fiend and love the strong taste of espresso in the dish, I thought it was very innovative too.

Octopus with daikon, garlic and saffron.

Scallops with butternut squash, almond and roe.

Chicken wings with Brighton blue and kimchi. I have to bring Mr S back here for this dish alone, the girls and I couldn’t get enough of the blue cheese sauce.

Knodel with cos and smoked butter. I’d never had knodel before but they were a little bit like gnocchi, Rosie told us there was an excellent version in the Brighton restaurant.

Pork belly, apple, black pudding and lonzu (cured pork slices).
Venison saddle with beetroot and olive, kind of looked like someone had been involved in a bad accident but it was so perfectly cooked and tasted amazing.


Rum gummy bears were so cute!



But the chocolate brownie with ice cream was the total winner for me. We’d eaten a fair amount of food but it was so well-portioned and paced out.

After dinner we popped down to the bar to carry on the night…I had a wonderful night with some lovely ladies bloggers and it was brilliant to finally meet Zoe and talk about our connections.

Are there any bloggers that you have a random connection with? I’d love to know!

64 Degrees, Artist Residence
52 Cambridge Street

0203 2623 0501

(64 Degrees has now closed)

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