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A Night at The Ritz

Well, you don’t get much more glamorous than the Ritz do you?
My lovely Mr Silver knows me so well and for Valentine’s day this year he gave me the perfect present: a night of dinner and dancing at the world famous Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly.
I was so excited to go, but once again our wedding, honeymoon and various social engagements got in the way of our big night out. But finally, we booked in a date nine months after he originally gave me the voucher!*
The lobby of the Ritz is just stunning and the grand staircase was the perfect place for Mr S and I to model our OOTDs.


¬†Apparently the phrase ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ means to dress fashionably…so, of course we adhered! Actually The Ritz have a very strict dress code so it’s suits for men and evening wear for ladies. My dress is Gucci and I’ve had it for about seven years, I tend to buy a few things (honestly), but make sure they’re good quality so I can keep them for ages. My shoes are a pair of my favourite Jimmy Choos. Mr S is modelling his Dolce and Gabbana suit which he picked up at the same time as his wedding suit.





We made our way past the gorgeous Palm Court, where the iconic Ritz afternoon tea is served. I’ve tried the tea a few times, it’s incredible but you need to book well in advance as it’s very popular.
The dining room of the Ritz is probably one of the most beautiful dining rooms I’ve ever seen. Windows are floor to ceiling with heavily draped curtains, mirrored walls, neoclassical statues and colossal marble columns reaching up to the beautiful, ornate ceiling.
And hanging from the painted ceiling are garland chandeliers so that you feel you’re sitting under a sky of stars..
The table is of course beautifully set with a silver tray for the salt and pepper….


And the plates are a beautiful bluish-green colour with gold edging and a Ritz stamp on them.




Our gorgeous champagne glasses also had the special stamp of luxury on them.

I knew the bread here was going to be amazing and Mr S and I shared the white sourdough and a bacon and onion brioche style bread.
Before I move on to the food, I want to tell you a bit of history behind the marvellous hotel. The hotel is now over a hundred years old, first opening in Piccadilly on the 24th May, 1906. Famous Swiss hotelie,r Cesar Ritz collaborated with two architects: Frenchman Charles Mewes and Englishman Arthur Davis.
The Ritz was constructed in a neoclassical style with the intention of replicating a stylish Parisian block of flats over the arcades so that it would resemble the Rue de Rivoli. Many of the additions to the Ritz were innovative and ahead of their time such as a bathroom in every guestroom, double glazing and brass rather than wooden beds.


Some gorgeously melt-in-mouth amuses arrived including a savoury salmon macaron, a shrimp rice crispy and a gorgeous cheese gougere.
Mr Silver chose red mullet with fennel, onion and bouillabaisse jus to start.


I was excited to see one of my favourites on the menu: a raw salmon with cucumber and creme fraiche.
When the hotel was first established Cesar Ritz hired world-famous chef Augustus Escoffier, one of the most important leaders in the development of French cuisine, to create a menu that would be in keeping with the opulence of the hotel. Acclaimed executive chef, John Williams has now been at the helm for over ten years and he has created a modernised menu that draws inspiration from the classics.

Hen’s egg with spinach and truffle was our next course and perfect for dipping our delicious bread in.

After which I wondered down the hallowed corridors to the ladies loo…

And took what is probably my poshest toilet selfie ever (if you ignore Henry the Hoover). Even the loos are grand and sophisticated, pretty and pink with perfect little spots to sit and powder your nose.

Back in the dining room, a pianist plays gentle tunes and couples started to dance…later a live singer came out to entertain us

Soon the main courses arrived…

Loin of lamb with artichokes and black garlic for Mr S.


Halibut with sweetcorn, oxtail and samphire for me. Both dishes were delicious, though in all honesty, the food isn’t the best I’ve had, but it’s the whole experience that truly exquisite.

Not only experiencing it for myself but looking back on the history. The Ritz has attracted so many famous people throughout the years: King Edward VIII stayed here. Churchill, de Gaulle and Eisenhower met in the Marie Antoinette Suite for summit meeting during the Second World War. It was Charlie Chaplin’s favourite London hotel, where Noel Coward wrote songs and where Margaret Thatcher was convalescing when she died…

It’s a hotel completed tied up with the rich history, politics and culture of Britain and well and truly one of the most incredible hotels in London.



Mr S adored his Apricot souffle with almond ice cream, and I agreed it was light a feather, though I could taste the raw egg a bit too much, this didn’t bother my husband.


I chose a heavenly blackberry parfait with yogurt and orange as the perfect end to the meal.
Mr S and I took dancing classes for our wedding, so we are clearly pros (!) and got up and had a little slow dance, unfortunately (read with sarcasm) there was no photographic evidence so I’ll just let you imagine our graceful moves.

And as we enjoyed a coffee and a gorgeous tray of petits fours, the professional dancers came out to entertain us…



As you can see the dancers were incredible and Mr Silver and I were totally mesmerised by their moves. Our own dancing shoes had come off by then but we relaxed and enjoyed the strictly fabulous dancers in the plush surroundings of one of London’s most luxurious hotels.
Mr Silver and I had the most incredible night at the Ritz, it really is hard to beat a night like that.
The Ritz London
150 Piccadilly
020 7493 8181
*For clarity this was just over a month ago and for once, nothing to do with my birthday celebrations!
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