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Soho Lunch Club: Blanchette

I’m always looking for interesting little places in Soho and when I heard the amazing reviews Blanchette was getting, I was keen to visit. Blanchette has even described as ‘incredibly likeable’ by famous food critic, Jay Rayner, praise indeed.So one sunny Saturday Mr S and I headed down to the French bistro with the hope of having a similar experience to Jay. When I walked in I knew I was going to like the place.


Exposed brick work gave it the feel of a rustic French Kitchen.
Artifacts scattered around the room made you feel like you were in the warm and welcoming heart of someone’s home.
And there’s one thing that bloggers love…

Tiles…and Blanchette had some very pretty brightly coloured tiles behind the bar.

And some cute ones on the floor. Personally I’m more interested in food than tiles…but each to their own 😉



Crusty French baguettes were served in a paper bag with a good slab of butter.


Fab to start nibbling on while we looking at the menu made up of charcuterie plates and French tapas, made for sharing.


A warming bowl of steamed mussels was our first dish, perfect for dipping in our crisp bread and mopping up all the delicious garlicky sauce.

My one criticism of the otherwise brilliant Blanchette was that we received the mussels first and we took our time to enjoy them, but then the next three dishes came out all at once. I would have preferred a more staggered service.

Salmon tartare is a firm favourite of mine, and Blanchette’s is served with cucumber, dill and creme fraiche. A lovely, light and refreshing dish.


Chargrilled beef fillet with courgette and peppercorn sauce, was delicate, soft and rare with perfectly crisp potatoes.


Seared tuna with broccoli and ratatouille was our other perfectly cooked seafood dish. We loved the food so much and were feeling a little greedy so we ordered one last plate.

Grilled chicken with puy lentils and wild mushrooms was the perfect final choice. I don’t often order chicken in restaurant because it just seems a a little unexciting and can be overdone. But Blanchette’s chicken is lovely, succulent (never, ever use the word moist…) and perfectly paired with the accompaniments. It made a very satisfying end to a lovely meal.

I definitely agree with Jay Rayner on this one, Blanchette is a fine French gem and the marvellous food comes at a very reasonable price tag.

9 D’Arblay Street
020 7439 8100
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