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Meet the Flatmates at The Little Yellow Door

Flat shares make me think of university…after I graduated from Warwick University I headed up to Leeds for a year to do a Masters. It was pretty scary, I knew very few people and was living in a city that I’d barely ever visited. 
That said I embarked on a house share with six total strangers…it turned out to be a nightmare, they were hugely into drugs (drugs are bad kids, don’t do drugs), smoked in the house, were incredibly messy and played hard house music at million decibels. Needless to say I moved out after a term to a house down the road with four lovely girls. 
Now I just live with Mr Silver, he’s pretty tidy and doesn’t listen to loud music, though he does swear at the TV when Tottenham are losing…but I’ll let him off for that 😉

Anyway…that introduction is a round about way of telling you about a bar launch I went to last night which was themed around a flat share.

Based in Notting Hill, rather appropriately the bar is called The Little Yellow Door. As I entered and headed up a dark and narrow staircase… feeling like this place should be in Shoreditch, I felt a little apprehensive.

But when I entered the bar, I was really impressed with how unique it was.

It really looked like someone’s living room with eclectic mismatched furniture, a fireplace and even a hoover propped up by the wall. The ‘flat share’ is actually a pop-up restaurant open Thursday, Friday and Saturday where the five ‘flatmates’ will invite people in for dinner parties and drinks. 
The great thing about coming to events like this is that even if you come on your own, you’re likely to see a familiar face of another blogger.
I soon got chatting to Beth from The British Girl and Charlotte Webb (best name ever!!) from The Countrified Londoner. As we chatted blogs, boyfriends and holidays, we admired the bars quirky interior. 
The bar is from team behind Roxx, Press Play and The Wandering Chef, and the guy’s have all contributed some of their own personal belonging such as photos, DVDs and games so it really does feel like a flat share. You feel like you could be in one of friend’s homes!

Magazines lay on the coffee table which actually concealed the menu and Cameron, one of the ‘flatmates,’ explained that the cocktails were based on his fellow flatmates favourite TV shows such as the My Name Is Earl containing gin, citrus, egg white and sugar.

On Fridays the Wandering Chef will host a supper club with food reflecting the nationality of one of the flatmates, while the Thursday and Saturday are more party nights with bar snacks.

The Little Yellow Door will also be the first place to offer a booking service via WhatsApp. I felt really quite at home at The Little Yellow Door and it’s a bar that I would urge you to try for a unique experience… if you head there often enough you’ll even get your own key to the flat!
The Little Yellow Door will be popping up for nine months with a menu changing quarterly. 
The Little Yellow Door
68 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3HT

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