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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: Boating in Bora Bora

Mr Silver always says the best way to see a country is by sailing around the coast line; I like poncing around on fancy boats and drinking champagne…so it seemed a great idea to experience the romantic sunset cruise that the Four Seasons offered as one of the items on their romance menu.



Veuve Cliquot duly poured, we set off on our sail around the beautiful island.



The mountain gave the perfect backdrop to the gorgeous stilted bungalows and with wedding fever still on my mind I was excited to see a couple posing for wedding photos at the end of the jetty.





As we sailed round the island we saw a slightly more inhabited area.
Unlike other tropical countries I’ve been to, Bora Bora remains relatively unspoilt and it is not over run with tourists.
The waiter bought over a selection of canapes for us to enjoys as we rounded the coast.
And the sun began to lower.


Just before we tucked into a bento box of goodies.
And as the sun dipped down the horizon…


It was time for dessert…
Before making our way back to the hotel.


Under a dramatic sky.


Our second boat trip saw us traversing the Pacific from the Four Seasons to our second destination in French Polynesia, La Taha’a.
Our trusty yacht was called the MY Atara Royal.



We would be enjoying a four hour trip across the ocean, starting with a delicious lunch prepared for us on the boat.




The lunch was the traditional cured tuna dish that had been a favourite of mine while staying at the hotel.


Mr Silver, was of course pleased as punch as there’s nowhere he’d rather be than on a boat.



The boat also had a large plush interior.
As well as two bedrooms downstairs.


Unfortunately, clouds started to form and it was soon belting down with rain. Not having quite the sea legs of the experienced Mr S, I started to feel the effect of the storm and the choppy Pacific. So it was a relief when our second hotel came into sight….four hours later.

And we disembarked on to solid ground ready to have an authentic Polynesian experience at La Taha’a.

How are your sea legs? Have you ever had any exciting experiences on a boat? 


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  • It looks absolutely stunning, and you two are so cute! I'm rubbish on boats – just the tiniest bumps and my stomach goes 🙁 but I still love going on them!

    Rosie xx

    • I'm really not great either!! Mr S absolutely loves them so I'm starting to get used to it!
      Lots of love,

  • Well, you read my recent experience on a boat…! This looks so so beautiful. Bora Bora looks like heaven, I am incredibly jealous and have firmly placed it on my 'To Go To' list! You both look gorgeous darling!

    Katie <3

    • Yes, I guess it depends on where you're sailing but the Pacific was very choppy!
      Lots of love,

  • WOW this is on the bucket list. Sensational Angie!

    • Thank you, lovely!

  • Ahhh you look so happy and tanned and relaxed, what gorgeous photos! I had dinner on a boat recently and found that white wine is an excellent cure for seasickness – I'm sure champagne is even better! xxx
    The perks of being a hipster

    • On the sunset cruise it was fine as we were in the Lagoon which is very still but on the other boat we were in the Pacific. I have to admit that the white wine helped me sleep through it!!
      Lots of love,

  • Incredible, simply incredible!

    • The scenery is just beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful review!

  • Boating is so much fun I have had some amazing adventures on the seas. The best santosa island in Dominican Republic and Norfolk broads. Bora Bora is on the bucket list now so beautiful. Lucy x

    • Wow, sounds like two very different experiences!
      Lots of love,

  • Ooh, I definitely don't have sea legs, especially when the water's choppy. I find it makes it worse when you lie down too! Both your boat trips look wonderfully luxurious, perfect for a honeymoon – I love the look of the onboard snacks from the first trip, especially that amazing bento box! Itching to go to Bora Bora for my honeymoon now too!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    • The food on the ship was lovely, the hotel really knew how to do great sushi! They can out iwth another board too but we turned it down cos it was so much!!
      Lots of love,

  • Jealousy doesn't even begin to cover it!! What a gorgeous honeymoon 🙂 My sea legs got seriously tested on a huge ferry in Greece once – I was so nervous that I could feel swells that big on a giant boat. The weirdest part was probably how still feel like you are walking sideways when you get off the boat…

    • I had my first 'at sea' experience on a ferry crossing! I agree it takes some getting used to!
      Lots of love,

  • loveandlimoncello.com

    Bora bora looks so so beautiful. It looks like you have created amazing memories to last you a lifetime. X

    • Yes, and it's so wonderful to have them all on my blog!
      Lots of love,

  • Wow, I can't think of a better way to see somewhere than this. It looks absolutely stunning! Congratulations on the wedding x

  • Jaxteachnyc

    My family has a boat and this summer we moored it off this beach on Long Island, NY. My parents went off to swim, I took a snooze and when I woke up, the tide went out and we were beached!! We couldn't get pulled out without there being damage to the boat, so there was nothing to do but sit and wait for the tide to come back in…8hrs! People kept coming by offering to bring us water. ALCOHOL! That's what I wanted them to bring by!

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  • Sandra Klaas

    Hi Angie,

    Romantic sunset cruise sounds great. I have a few questions:
    a) Have you ever been to Canary Islands? Can you compare it with Bora Bora?
    b) Did you like the pontoon boat you used for romantic cruise? I have online shop for pontoon boats (you can check it here http://www.pontoonboats-for-sale.com) and would like to know your opinion about it.